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Chapter 117 - Trial Of Valor

Liam gazed at everything indifferently, but there was a subtle discontent in his face. He still seemed to be thinking about something deeply.

He did not step forward to collect the loot that had clattered out of the elite. Instead, he conjured another ball of lightning again.

This time he didn ’t fashion it into an arrow, but he made it in the form of a z-shaped bolt or rather a snake.

He then released the attack, putting all of his efforts into sending it out at the maximum speed that he could muster.


Liam ’s indifferent face cracked as he watched the lightning snake he threw out come alive. It hit the dead corpse of the lizard and the impact was enough to mark a deep gash in the dead body.

”YES! ” Liam pounded his fist onto a nearby tree in excitement. He had a hunch that this might be the best form and it really worked!

[Ding. You have learned Lightning Snake Skill]

[Lightning Snake: Just like a serpent coils around its prey and paralyzes them, your attack also has a chance of paralysis; Deals damage equal to 50% of magic damage. Consumes 100 mana]

”Perfect. This is too perfect. Now I need more lizards. ” 

Liam had been a bit nervous about this part of the dungeon as he hadn ’t fully prepared and his lightning attacks weren ’t anything to boast about.

But now, he felt much more relieved.

He now got the skill, something better than he expected and all that was left was to clear the nest of lizards.

Liam did not forget to pick up the loot which was another golden insignia and a couple of gold coins.

Since this elite was also technically higher than his level, he didn ’t resurrect it and once again left the corpse behind.

He then sprinted all over the forest purposefully avoiding the right path and grabbed each and every single herb that he could find.

In between, he was assaulted by a couple more of the same lizards with the unmistakable silver glow. 

But Liam grinned at their sight as if he was spotting some big treasure chests and quickly sent them off one by one using his [Lightning Snakes].

The paralysis effect got activated more than once and it made the fight a lot easier. 

A few seconds of immobility even made an elite helpless and Liam used these opportunities to deal as much damage as possible and finished the fights.

To make his life easier, the entire forest was crawling with these invisible lizards. 

This was one of the main reasons why this dungeon was termed as a terror as a poisonous lizard could zoom towards you out of nowhere and attack you without any warning.

But right now, this was giving Liam every single kill he required. Instead of heading to the nest, he circled the forest several times and kept hunting them one at a time.

He didn ’t have to clear all the lizards to go to the next stage of the dungeon but only a fool would miss this wonderful opportunity.

Five more hours passed by just like that and Liam was only one elite away from obtaining his 20 first kills.

”Hmmm… Only one more to go. ” Liam plucked the last of the herbs from the bed beside him and then casually strolled over to the main nest of the lizards.

The nest had five lizards in total and all along these were the only ones he had to kill in order to trespass and cross this territory.

But he had cleared the whole forest, thoroughly combing every inch of it.

Liam chuckled as the lizards in front of him hissed and crawled towards him at an insane speed. 

He was already prepared as he had only approached them while already casting his newest skill.

[Lightning Snake]

The one closest to him yelped and froze on the spot, unable to bear the lightning currents that crackled from the attack.

Liam quickly slashed at the second one as he drained his mana and moved, keeping pace with the agile green lizards.

His body swung around, only narrowly missing the lizards each time. Fighting with four at the same time was still pushing it a bit, so he tried to conserve his mana as much as possible.

”I need to slow them down first. ” Liam ignored his new skill and first spammed the basic lightning bolt skill with the aid of the system.

[Lightning Bolt]

[Lightning Bolt]

This brought down his casting time and he was able to considerably slow down the four monsters who were moving as if they were chalked full of red bull.

Liam guzzled another bottle of mana potion and spammed the same skill a few more times when eventually the lizards slowed down to a reasonable pace.

He then used [LightningSnakes] and complimented the skill with his swordplay to slay the four beasts one after another.

Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud.

The four elites finally dropped dead and a series of notifications rang out loudly.

[Ding. Congratulations. You have killed the Elite Demonic Venomous Chameleon. You have gained 30000 experience points]

[Ding. Congratulations. You have killed the Elite Demonic Venomous Chameleon. You have gained 15000 experience points]

[Ding. Congratulations. You have leveled up]

[Ding. Congratulations. You have killed the Elite Demonic Venomous Chameleon. You have gained 20000 experience points]

”Fuck… ” Liam flopped down, resting his head on one of the corpses. 

Tired! He was simply too tired!

While the rewards, speed, and efficiency were insane, it was equally draining and exhausting. He even contemplated logging out and taking a nap in his bed.

But before he could take another breath, another unexpected notification popped up.

[Ding. Congratulations. You have killed the Elite Demonic Rib Tongue. You have gained 5000 experience points]

[Ding. Congratulations. You have killed the Elite Demonic Rib Tongue. You have gained 4000 experience points]

Liam ’s exhaustion and the haze that had settled in his mind instantly disappeared like the morning fog. He jolted up and stood alertly.

There was someone else here!

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