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Chapter 118 - 1 Vs 1000

Liam gripped the green spiked sword in his hands that he had obtained as a drop from one of the lizards. His sharp gaze flickered and he carefully observed everything in front of him.

It was impossible for his attacks to have dealt lethal damage to the frogs even with the rare chance that bleeding effects or burn effects had activated.

There was definitely someone else here besides him!

This was a high-level zone and players hadn ’t yet explored this part of the continent. 

And even if they did, how could anyone enter a dungeon in the same instance when it was already occupied? 

Wasn ’t that impossible?

The more he thought about this, the more restless he became as anyone who was capable of doing this was not an ordinary person.

Just as Liam was running a million scenarios in his head, a familiar voice suddenly sounded next to him, startling him completely.

”Ah. No need to be so tensed, lad. It ’s just me. ”

Liam spun around to see the old man from the black market standing near him.

At the same time, a notification also popped out.

[Ding. Conquer your fate Quest completed]

What the fuck? This guy was already here? He had never expected to see him so soon. 

In fact, he thought that he could only submit the quest after two weeks when the black market reconvened once again.

But here he was! Standing right in front of him! And the quest was also complete?

Liam closed his mouth shut and quickly recovered from his shock. 

”Greetings, Senior. Just like you had instructed, I worked hard and tested my determination against strong opponents. ” He cupped his hands and bowed.

”Yes. You have done well. You have done very well! You have in fact exceeded my expectations! Aha ha ha ha. ”

A strange light flashed in the old man ’s dim eyes and he looked like he was delirious from drinking a lot of beer.

”After so many years, I finally managed to find someone worthy! ” 

”Lad, thanks to you, I think I will be able to finally rest in peace. The job that was given to me, I am now convinced that you have the ability to fulfill it! ”

[Ding. New quest available – Tenth Overlord ’s Legacy]

[Visit the Overlord ’s tomb and pass the trial to prove that you are worthy of his legacy]

[Reward: Overlord ’s Legacy and Overlord ’s Sword]

[Do you wish to accept the quest? Y/ N]

”Yes, I will try my best, senior. I will not let you down. ” Liam clenched his fists, only barely keeping his excitement down.

This was it! This was what he had been waiting for and aiming for!

The Overlord ’s legacy was probably the hidden quest which he wasn ’t really interested in. His one and only reason for doing this quest was the second reward, the sword.

”Mmm. I have faith in you, lad. My master entrusted me with this responsibility and I have failed so far. I hope that at least you can succeed. ”

The old man flicked his hand and a ball of energy materialized right next to them, similar to a dungeon entrance portal.

”Here, you can use this portal to reach the tomb. I will await the good news. ”

Liam nodded and bowed once again before touching the portal. 

The space around him immediately distorted and when things cleared up, he seemed to be standing in an abandoned underground building.

Liam looked around in awe. He opened his map and everything was blanked out. He had no idea where he was.

But he knew that he had done everything correctly so far. He was here and he had obtained the final segment of the quest. 

Now the only thing in front of him was this last hurdle. He had to prove that he was worthy of the legacy and the sword.

”How does this work? ” Liam started walking around when a bright flash appeared out of nowhere and along with it several towering figures.

All of a sudden he was completely surrounded!

Tall, huge, and fierce trolls encircled him, locking him in the center! 

And there were about a thousand of them? Or more?

”Fuck! ” Liam cursed as he saw the army of monsters rushing towards him, with their bulky bodies and muscular limbs.

Was this the trial? What the hell was he supposed to do now?

Since an unknown person without any skill or level managed to unlock this quest and even complete the quest, he didn ’t think that the difficulty level would be anything too great.

But now that he was taking the test himself… it stood like an insurmountable mountain in his path.

Back at the Decabria ’s abode dungeon…

There was another mass of swirling energy right next to the portal that Liam had used. On this, all the events occurring inside the tomb were clearly being displayed.

However, there wasn ’t just one person watching these events. There were now two old men both looking at Liam ’s silhouette on the other side with utmost focus and interest.

”Eh? Isn ’t this trial a bit too hard for his level? ” The old man from the blacksmith association gaped in surprise.

”Hmmm. I don ’t think so. The trial will always be according to the capability of the person undergoing the trial. ” The black market elder who had given Liam this quest nodded solemnly.

”Heh? So his capability is this high? It looks like I didn ’t overestimate his abilities. ”

”Why are you even here? ” The black market elder scoffed.

”I have already warned him, you old goat. Don ’t even think about tricking this child. ” The blacksmith association elder immediately retorted back.

”What the hell are you talking about? I am offering him strength and power. How is that a trick? ”

”Hmph. You dirty liar! You know what I am talking about. You know what is best for him, and yet 

… ”

The old man raised his hand and stopped the elder from the blacksmith association from speaking anymore. 

”I am not forcing anyone to do anything. It will be his choice. Let ’s just wait and see what happens. ”

”Che! So stubborn! Show the kid some mercy. Don ’t force someone else ’s fate onto him. It will not end up well. ”

”Hmmm. We will see. ”

The two of them did not talk anymore and silently stood next to each other, watching the person inside the tomb.

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