Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 119 - To Truly Change

[High mountain troll]

Level 31

[High mountain troll]

Level 32

[High mountain troll]

Level 29

Liam stared at the herd of trolls that were rushing towards him without any restraint. He instantly activated the first skill that could give him some time to think of something.


Nothing happened.



He repeatedly tried to activate the skill but there was no effect.

”Nope. I guess that ’s not an option. ” 

Liam did not have time to wonder why the skill was suddenly not working. It looked like he couldn ’t run or hide from these trolls and that was that.

Now, what to do?

Magic spells? There was no time. 

Everything was happening too fast and he was not able to think clearly or rather he simply did not have the time.

The endless horde of trolls were rampaging, all running towards him as if he had some unsettled enmity with them for several generations.

In a haste, he returned to the thing that he was most used to. His hand reached out to unsheath the sword that hung on his waist.

What else could he do? He was simply going to swing his sword and do the best that he could. If he was going to die, he was going to go down fighting!


As Liam reached for his sword, that was also missing!

Huh? His lips curled upwards in madness as he was now truly out of options. 

”Inventory? ”

And just as he suspected… that as well did not open up. 

”So I can ’t use health potions or mana potions? And no weapons? ”

”Ba ha ha ha! Perfect! ”

”Alright. Bring it on. I knew that this was going to be difficult. I have not given up just yet. My bare fist is enough to take you all down! ”

Liam shouted at the top of his lungs, strengthening his resolve.

These trolls were just intimidating because of their numbers. Their individual level was comparable to his and their talent was definitely worse than his. 

He refused to be shaken by these weird handicaps and lose a battle that was not beyond him.

As a hand swung at him from both the right and the left side, he sucked in a big breath of air and twisted his body.

He narrowly missed both the hits and swung his arm upwards, to land a punch to the troll ’s throat.

He then instantly moved again and met two more attacks that were coming at him from the back. The trolls didn ’t seem to have any weapons also.

Was it to make the fight fairer? Liam laughed at that thought.

He did not have a single second of respite as he continued to exchange blows and evade, but the number he was up against was simply too many.

Within a fraction of a second, he had already been hit several times, taking huge blows to different parts of his body.

Liam ’s entire body shuddered and vibrated. He was being pummeled from head to toe. His body was red and bruised, his limbs and muscles aching terribly. 


The next attack that came for him directly landed on his head, sending him flying to the ground. 

Blood dripped from his mouth and a couple of his teeth fell out, clattering on the ground.

Cough. Cough. Liam could barely get up, but he could see the trolls once again surrounding him. How am I supposed to fight like this?

His eyes darkened and his head spun. He felt a troll ’s sturdy foot land right in the middle of his spinal cord.

Liam wheezed unable to breathe. He bit his tongue, trying to withstand the pain and remain conscious. At least as long as he was, the fight wasn ’t over.

He could somehow…


Another foot landed on his back and if his bones were not broken before, they were surely broken now.

In this almost unconscious state, the inhumane thrashing he was receiving coincidentally brought out a distant memory.

Getting beaten up was nothing new to him.

This was not the first time he had suffered something like this… He had lost back then, was he also going to lose now? Was this much pain enough to hold him back?

Liam flashed his eyes open and flipped on his side, narrowly avoiding the troll that was about to kick him on the same spot again.

He ignored the torturous pain that was plaguing his body and used his foot to sweep the floor, taking down with him three of the four trolls that surrounded him.

And the last one as fell staggered and fell because of the other three losing their balance and scrambling.

The other trolls surrounding them quickly rushed forward but Liam took this second to catch and pull back his sanity that was slowly slipping away.

”Ahhhhhhhh! ” He shouted at the top of his lungs and just like how the trolls had kicked him, he aimed for the one on his right and landed on it, kicking it with his shin right at its throat.

The troll ’s eyes bulged out in pain as it was not able to bear the attack, directly aimed at its most vulnerable non-muscular part.

Liam used this chance and swung his fist repeatedly, finishing off the troll and completely choking it, and bashing it to death.

Blood splattered everywhere and Liam felt a wave of energy sweep past his body as the troll fell down lifeless.

”I need to focus. ” He quickly stood up and moved to evade the other trolls swinging their thick muscular fists at him. 

The other trolls were already back on their feet and they once again started trying to punch him and thrash him. Their cries of anger and rage filled the air around.

However, for some reason, it was now more difficult for them to land a hit on him. His body twisted and turned like it was made of rubber.

Liam ’s head was now more clear. He no longer thought about anything. Past, present, or future, they were all not his problem.

Right now, the only thing that mattered were these trolls!

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