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Chapter 121 - Double Edged Sword

After almost an hour later, when Liam regained his consciousness, the first thing that he heard was the quest completion notification.

[Ding. Congratulations. Quest is completed]

[Ding. You are now able to select the hidden class BATTLE SMITH]

[Ding. Do you wish to accept? Y/ N]

Liam stared dazedly at the string of words for a couple of minutes. 

He was still recovering from what had just happened and was lost somewhere in the past and the more recent past. 

He couldn ’t immediately come back to the present. He had even almost forgotten where he was and what he was doing.

But the numerous dead trolls surrounding him were more than enough to jog his memories.

On the other side, the two elders ’ eyes were glued onto him, seeing what he was going to decide. 

Was he going to choose the class or not?

They didn ’t realize it but they were even holding their breath, waiting patiently for his response.

And Liam was not making it easy for them. 

He remained still and silent for a long time before breaking into a smile. He then slowly raised his hand and waved. ”I decline. ”

”Battle smith… ”

”Maybe in my last lifetime, this would have been enough, but this time… ” 

”No this is not enough. ”

Seeing Liam ’s resolute eyes, the black market elder ’s face instantly changed and his expression darkened. However, the other elder had a big smile plastered on his face.

”Ho. Ho. Ho. Now that ’s what I am talking about! This boy has some brains after all! ”

The black market elder scoffed. 

”Hmph. It is a great privilege to inherit my master ’s legacy. ” He paused and looked at Liam with his scrutinizing him from top to bottom.

This person had dared to decline his master ’s legacy.

The old man remained silent for a few seconds and after that, he finally nodded. ”I see now. Perhaps he was truly not meant to inherit my master ’s legacy. ”

”But… ” He sighed and continued. ”He is still the best hope for resurrecting my master ’s legacy. ”

After Liam declined the hidden class advancement, he got the other subsequent notifications.

[Ding. Quest is completed]

[Ding. You have obtained 1000000 experience points]

[Ding. You have leveled up]

[Ding. You have leveled up]

[Ding. You have leveled up]

[Ding. You have obtained the rare item Overlord ’s Sword]

Along with this, a rusty cracked long sword also fell onto his lap. 

Huh? Liam was shocked for a second. 

He blinked and looked at the sword in disbelief. This was it! This was what he had struggled so much for! 

This was now going to eat away a lot of his resources, and a lot of his time, but this was also going to make him unbelievably strong.

Liam sucked in a big breath of air before picking up the sword and looking at it closely.

[Black Dragon] (Soul Weapon, One-handed sword)

[This is a sword made from forging the souls of a thousand dragons; It is currently broken and sealed] 

Current Grade: Uncommon

Current Atrributes:

Stamina: +5

Strength: +5

Defense: +5

Vitality: +5

Agility: +5

Intellect: +5

[Attacks have a 10% chance to ignore the defense of the opponent]

[1st Seal: To break the seal, devour a thousand rare grade or higher grade weapons]

[2nd Seal: To break the seal, devour a thousand rare grade or higher grade herbs]

[3rd Seal: To break the seal, devour a thousand rare grade or higher ores]

[4th Seal: To break the seal, devour a thousand rare grade or higher gems]

[5th Seal: To break the seal, devour a thousand elemental essences]

[6th Seal: To break the seal, devour a thousand bloodlines]

[7th Seal: To break the seal, devour a thousand souls]

[8th Seal: N/A]

[9th Seal: N/A]

When Liam had first received this miraculous second chance, he decided that he needed to obtain three main things no matter what the cost.

The first was his foundation, the second was a class suitable for him and the third was this weapon!

He was yet to tackle the first one, and the second one was also rather incomplete but now he finally managed to obtain a foothold with his third goal!

A soul weapon ’s strength and power were extraordinary.

Even if he did not manage to bring the sword back to its full glory before the apocalypse ensued, it would still be enough to put him above everyone else.

More importantly, he could take it out with him. It would forever become a part of him. 

After the apocalypse began, when others would be scrambling with kitchen knives and wooden sticks, he would already possess a godly weapon, that was capable of cutting down anything and everything that stood in his path.

This was why he had wanted to obtain it at all costs! With this, he knew that he had the strength to contend with even the most powerful experts!

While Liam was staring at the sword on his lap like a child with his favorite toy, the elder materialized next to him in the tomb.

It looked like he had used the portal as well.

”I know that you have decided not to follow my master ’s path but I have one more request from you if you are still interested. ”

Liam looked up at the elder, once again shocked. 

He thought that his reputation with the elder would have completely dropped by now as he had basically scammed him to just get the item without accepting the hidden class.

But he had one more quest for him? This was ridiculous!

He quickly cleared his throat and went back to the same flattering tone. ”I would be honored, senior. ”

[Ding. New Quest: A disciple ’s request]

[Ding. Forge and complete the Overlord ’s sword and return it back to the elder in its peak glory]

[Ding. Reward: The elder ’s gratitude and the secret behind the Overlord ’s demise]

”Hmmm? ” Liam gazed at the quest numerous times. He wants me to return the sword? That too after completing it and unsealing it?

Dream on!

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