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Chapter 122 - Everything Is Fate

No matter how much Liam tried to justify doing this, the reward was simply just not worth the time and effort he was going to spend.

He was of course going to completely forge the Overlord ’s sword but there was no way he was returning it just to learn some archaic secret.

Liam didn ’t underestimate the significance of the quest. 

He knew very well that perhaps the secret was something earthshattering or perhaps might even be something bigger such as linked to what was going on with this game and the apocalypse.

But these sorts of things were simply beyond his current plans. 

He needed strength and power right now. His only concern was survival, survival, and survival. The rest can wait till later.

Though he was thinking about this a lot in his mind, Liam ’s response was rather spontaneous. 

For the old man ’s quest, he simply nodded and muttered. ”I accept. ” 

Just because he accepted the quest, it didn ’t mean that he had to complete it. He had no intention of doing so.

The elder ’s face immediately relaxed after hearing Liam ’s words and he smiled kindly. ”Ah. Thank you. Thank you. ”

”If you can somehow accomplish this, this old man will forever be in your debt. ” At this point, he was even fighting back tears threatening to fall out of his eyes.

Liam rolled his eyes. Wasn ’t this a bit too much overreaction? 

He patiently watched the old man without any remorse and seeing him so sentimental, another idea popped up in his mind.

”Ummm… senior, I do have one humble request. This… ” Liam acted as if he was hesitating.

”Anything you want! Tell me! ” The elder exclaimed with gusto.

”Ummm… I will try my best, senior. I really will but I am worried that this might be beyond my abilities and I might fail… If possible, could I bother the senior for helping me? ” 

”Could you please give me some pointers on how to bring this great treasure back to its former glory? ” 

”Oh! So this is what you wanted to ask! ” The old man hummed. Liam ’s face and words were so sincere that the other party was genuinely touched.

He remained silent for a while and pondered about something deeply. 

After a couple of seconds, when Liam began to doubt if this was going to yield anything at all, the old man finally waved his hand and a couple of notifications popped up in front of Liam.

[Ding. You have obtained a new forging technique]

[Ding. You have learned the incomplete recipe for Soul forging]

”Here. This incomplete recipe is also something that was left behind by my master. This should help you a little bit in your quest. ”

”Ah! Thank you so much, senior. ” Liam hurriedly tried to access and examine the new technique.

[Soul Forging: N/A (Skill Locked)]

’Huh? I can ’t even read what it is? ’

Liam once again tried to get more information from the old man. This seemed to be a good chance to get everything out of him.

”Senior… it looks like I lack the ability to… ”

”Lad, let me stop you right there. Your soul strength and level are not yet proficient enough to access the technique. ” 

”So forget about it for now and focus on unlocking the seals on the sword. ”

”But Senior… ” Liam did not give up. He tried to persuade the old man. ”Umm… is it possible for senior to teach me some more things about forging? ”

”I am afraid my skills are a bit… ” 

Unfortunately, the other party did not budge at all. ”I already gave you everything that you need. I have nothing more to offer you. ”

”And even if I did, it would only hamper your future growth. Trust my words and have more faith in your own abilities. ”

The old man smiled bitterly with an expression that said ’I know what you are doing ’. He might as well have pulled out his pant pockets to show him that they were empty.

Liam ’s lips twitched. Without any other option, he gave up. 

”Thank you for all your guidance, senior. I will put my blood and soul into this quest. I will make sure that the sword is returned back to its full glory. ” He earnestly replied. 

He really wasn ’t lying about this part. 

The old man chuckled and gave Liam a stern look.

”Lad, even though you have refused to follow my master ’s path, your unyielding spirit has greatly impressed me and I am trusting you with my Master ’s sword. ”

”This recipe that I gave you is also something that my Master left behind. ”

”These are my Master ’s two most prized possessions and they are capable of lending unimaginable strength and power to you. ”

”But at the same time, they also have the ability to bring down heaven ’s envy and heaven ’s wrath. ”

”The things that you possess right now are something that countless races and kingdoms covet. ”

”They are both a blessing and a curse. So tread cautiously. ”

”I am placing all of my hope and faith in you. Farewell. This old man will look forward to your return and positive news. ” 

He patted Liam and then waved his hand to create another portal. 

”This should take you back to the dungeon. ”

His words weighed heavily on Liam ’s mind, not because of any ethical dilemma or worry about the possible threats, but because he was trying his best to think if this would unlock more quests.

He did not linger and quickly bowed and paid respect to the old man one last time, before entering the portal.

The old man was very genuine with his words and his concern, but Liam knew that this was probably the last time he was going to meet with him.

The sword was a treasure. Why would he return it? He didn ’t in the least feel bad about lying to him straight to his face.

He didn ’t care what he had to do.. He would beg, borrow and steal if it meant that he was going to get stronger and survive.

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