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Chapter 124 - VIP Customer

Liam had been getting several notifications every now and then for the past several hours, receiving a small percentage of experience points from his two pets.

But he didn ’t pay attention to that and take notice of just how much they had farmed.

And now that he did… the sight in front of him was truly unbelievable!

The two were busy fighting with a couple of slimes and beside them, there were several big piles of loot stacked up on the shore.

They were fighting so diligently that they hadn ’t even noticed him and it looked like they had been doing that and clearing these slimes one after the other ever since he had left them both here.

”You guys… ” Liam was speechless. 

He was very much touched by their loyalty and their dedication to what he had only casually mentioned.

He raised his hand and cast a couple of fire balls, finishing off both the slimes instantly. The two pets looked surprised and turned around to see Liam.

They immediately came running over to him, the bird chirping tiredly and the fox still energetically pouncing on him.

Liam smiled and fell back on the fresh grass, relaxing a little. He was also extremely fatigued. 

The previous battle was the most difficult battle in both his lives combined and it had taken a lot out of him.

But now, everything was done and he was right on track to achieving his goal!

He let out a long sigh and patiently paid attention to the two pets, patting them and feeding them. 

Another slime spawned near them and the two immediately jumped into action, but Liam quickly dealt with it before they could.

”You both rest for a bit. ” He rubbed their heads and stood up, looking at the piles of miscellaneous things heaped up around them. 

”Good job. You both have worked a lot! Thank you for your help! ”

Since they had painstakingly arranged all the loot, he praised them some more and then began to look at everything, sorting out all the items.

Most of it was useless and lower-level items. These were simply auction house material, that could at most net him a few gold coins.

But among these, there were 4 recipe scrolls and two skill books. 

And there were even a couple of elemental essence crystals!

”Not bad. Your luck is quite good. ” Praising the two again, Liam chuckled, putting everything into his inventory. 

It was time to leave this place and then make some gold. 

”Let ’s go. ” With the cracked rusted sword still hanging on his waist, Liam leaped onto the wind ripper ’s back, and then the three of them flew back to Yleka city.

The bird had leveled up twice again so it was slightly faster than before and they ended up reaching the city sooner.

”Land in a quiet place, ” Liam muttered. 

There were players everywhere swarming around the trade capital of the Kingdom. So it was difficult to find a completely isolated place.

The big wind ripper flapped its wings, circling the forest for a few seconds, and then dove into the canopy of leaves, coming to a halt in a less crowded spot right outside the city.

”Good boy. You carried us both even though you were tired. Thank you. ” Liam hopped down and rubbed the bird ’s metallic wings.

He also gave it some stamina recovery berries.

”Oh, that reminds me. I have some other stuff for both of you to eat. ” Liam opened his inventory and took out five skill books.

He had added some of his own loot, along with what the two had farmed together. He gave three books to the fox and two to the wind ripper.

Only these were suitable for the two of them.

[Fire Shield: Shroud the body in a blanket of flames for 15 seconds. All damages are reduced by 50%. High probability to block a critical attack. Costs 40% of base mana. Cool down period 2 minutes]

[Fire Ball: Gather a ball of fire and launch it at the enemy. Deals damage equal to 100% of magic attack power. Costs 5% base mana. Cool down period 2 seconds]

[Fire Circle: Surround the self with a circle of fire. Attack power and defense increased by 10%. Spellcasting time is halved. Costs 20% base mana. Cool down period 2 minutes]

[Crow ’s Call: The call of a crow is powerful. It increases all allies ’ speed by 10% and decreases the opponent ’s movement by 10%. This effect lasts for 1 minute and is active within a 50 meter radius. Cool down period 30 minutes]

[Cyclone: Create a strong whirlwind and deal damage to opponents. The effect lasts for 10 seconds and deals 30% physical damage to everyone within 15 meter radius. Cool down period 10 minutes]

Liam handed over the first three skill books to the fox and then the next two to the bird. 

The pets were also overjoyed to receive gifts from him and quickly learned the few skills. The two then started trying out the skills eagerly.

The couple of beginner animals that were roaming around the city, like boars and rabbits got massacred and roasted.

Since they were hungry, they also ended up eating their kills.

Liam leisurely sat on the side and watched the duo with a smile on his face. 

He also simultaneously arranged some thoughts in his mind and made plans for the next couple of days.

Getting the sword was only the first step. There was still a long way to go and he needed a lot of gold and other resources.

Liam gazed at the two pets absentmindedly for a while, before coming to a decision.

”That item should be the best choice. ” 

He then patted his back and stood up to walk over to the wind ripper. 

”I will be in the city for at least the next few hours. So rest well and be safe. There will be players around, so be careful.. ” The bird nodded and then flew away.

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