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Chapter 125 - Dragon Can Eat Trash Also

Liam was in a good mood, so he hummed and casually strolled on the streets of the city. He didn ’t know why but it felt like a knot in his heart had come undone.


The fox clung tightly to him and also looked around everywhere energetically.

It was difficult to bring in the big wind ripper bird inside the crowded city without attracting a lot of attention but the fox did not stand out.

It silently jumped back and forth between his two shoulders, checking out the sights on both sides.

”Alright. Time to do some work. ”

Before doing anything else, Liam first walked over to the Alchemy Association. 

He already had a set of equipment on his person but the association training rooms had better grade items, so he decided to just rent one for a couple of hours.

The alchemy association building was a spread out rectangular building with numerous huge courtyard spaces, filled with many different herbs.

These were new experimental herbs being bred to show multiple medicinal properties at the same time by the Masters and Trainees at the association.

Potions concocted using them typically had high chances of becoming several fold potent but at the same time, they also had chances of becoming useless, not even as effective as the ones concocted using normal herbs.

Some of these herbs also did not exist naturally and could only be obtained if one had a favorable reputation with the association.

Liam glanced over these herbs and walked past them to the counter. He did not plan on messing with these risky things right now.

They were definitely something that could be used when concocting rare potions but for what he was going to do this was probably not required at the moment.

He first needed to start with more basic preparations.

Liam did not linger in the crowd of lifestyle players from various guilds and directly went to the counter that was almost completely deserted.

This was the space for booking superior grade training rooms and it cost 2 gold coins per hour. ”I need a training room for 2 hours. ” Liam casually muttered.

He had only spoken a few words but the space around him immediately quieted down with everyone ’s eyes firmly fixed on his silhouette.

This was a VIP customer!

Most of the players standing around had never seen so much gold. 

Alchemy, forging, and inscription were the three most expensive occupations in the game.

Even for their own use, they were being funded by their guilds for herbs, recipe scrolls, and training room slots. 

Otherwise, they wouldn ’t be able to afford to level this expensive skill on their own at least in the beginning stages of the game.

But this player whom they had never seen here before, had dared to directly book a superior training room.

”Hey which guild are you from? ” Someone asked.

”Oh! He definitely must be from one of the top guilds. I heard that they were not freely recruiting lifestyle gamers like the other guilds. ”

”Ya. I also heard that. One of my friends got rejected even though he applied on his own. ”

”He He. Are you both acting cute? Was it a friend or did you get rejected? ”

All the players began to casually chat and discuss, making the environment very friendly, but still, they hadn ’t gotten a single reply from the person whom they were most interested in.

”Hey buddy, aren ’t we talking to you? Do you not hear us? ” One of the players walked forward and placed his hand on Liam ’s shoulder.

He was a bit more confident than the others because he was a member of one of the more popular guilds.

He even had his name on the alchemy leaderboard. So he had an air of superiority around him. 

But as soon as he touched Liam, he immediately took his hand back, screaming loudly as if he was electrocuted. 

”Something bit me! Something fucking bit me! ” 

And before he could finish screaming, a small fox slowly peeked out with a big smile.

”Ahhhhh! What the hell man! ” The player took a step back.

Unfortunately for him, Liam still did not respond, but the fox that had bitten him raised its small paw and made a clawing action at the guy again.

”What the fuck? How is that thing attacking me when we are still in the city? ”

”Did your health drop? ”

The player shook his head. ”It hurts though! ” He whined.

”Oh, then I guess small actions like slapping, biting, and patting might be allowed? ”

”Whatever. Fuck. Didn ’t just ask a simple question? What the need to act like this? ” The player turned to Liam and screamed angrily, his eyes still gleaming from the pain.

But once again there was no reply.

The group of players could only watch silently as Liam started walking away after the attendant finished the rest of the transaction quickly.

It was clear that from the beginning to the end, he had not paid attention to any of them.

”What the hell! Such an arrogant person! Bro, do something to him! ”

The player who got his hand bitten rubbed the sore spot and muttered pensively. ”Wait till I hit Grandmaster level. Then I will take care of this little bitch. ”

”Ah, bro. But what if he is from a big guild or something? ”

”Hmph. I don ’t think that is the case. Did you see his clothes and gear? ”

The two looked at Liam as they spoke and the players saw that he was barely wearing anything except for a basic set of shirt and pants.

”Hmmm. Most probably he is a rogue player betting all of his money on the alchemy association ’s superior room, thinking that it would boost his chances of success. ”

”Ah! Now I see it! ”

”mhm. ”

”He He. Bro, there is going to be a good show soon then! ” The other player began to chuckle.

”Mmm… Keep an eye on him for me. He should be back here after 2 hours. ” The two then walked away no longer chatting with the others.

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