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Chapter 126 - Scam

Meanwhile, inside the training room, Liam set up the cauldron and sorted out the various ingredients that he required.

As for the herbs, Liam did not have any scarcity in the amount or the variety of herbs. 

He had stolen anything and everything from the demon Decabria ’s garden and he had plenty to concoct whatever he wanted.

But right now, Liam did not plan on making many potions. He was only interested in one particular potion.

Fire resistance potion.

In ’Evolution Online ’ most top players were now around level 25 to level 30 and the other above average players were around Level 20 to 25. 

So at this time, the dungeon with the maximum spotlight was the level 30 dungeon, Molten Domain. It was a very fiery dungeon with mostly fire type monsters inside.

The boss also had very high damage fire attacks and also an instakill fire lance attack. 

Because of this, the difficulty level of this dungeon had jumped several times compared to the Level 25 dungeon.

And to deal with this dungeon, a certain item called ’Fire Resistance ’ potion was an absolute must. 

Without the potion, the dungeon became a complete nightmare for the various guilds and the players.

At the same time, its recipe was also a super rare drop. 

The last time around, this dungeon was left incomplete for a long time until someone finally got the recipe in the Level 60 zone.

They then began making the potion in huge quantities, getting a lot of profit out of it and the dungeon was finally cleared and the records were set.

But this time around, things were going to be different as Liam planned to use this dungeon to his advantage.

He had a bigger backup plan for amassing gold but the timing for this was too perfect for him to ignore. He would be striking the iron when it was hot and raking in the profits easily.

Besides, this was also one of the few potion formulas that Liam remembered well. 

Coincidentally, he had helped with this potion concoction, not in this tutorial game but later during the apocalypse after he had escaped from his slave bondage.

So he remembered this formula even better than the other recipes.

Liam added some water first, and then he started tossing in the different herbs one after the other, at appropriate intervals.

However, this time he didn ’t set up automatic regulation. He manually regulated every small change in the cauldron.

When the mixture had completely burned and evaporated and only the ashes remained, he once again added more materials to bring the potion to its final form.

Wiping the sweat off of his forehead, he allowed this to cool down before adding the last herb, but boom, the cauldron suddenly exploded on his face, taking away a big chunk of his health.

”Damn it. ” Liam gritted his teeth, banging his fist on the wall. This was not a basic potion so the difficulty level was obviously higher and so were the chances of failure.

He closed his eyes for a moment and tried to think about where he went wrong, but he did not spend too much time dwelling on the loss.

He picked up the paste that was splattered on the floor and took out his new sword. He then applied the burnt paste on the sword which was immediately absorbed like water on dry soil.

[Ding. Black Dragon has absorbed a rare herb]

[Ding. Black Dragon has absorbed a rare herb]

”Ha Ha. Just as I thought. Even waste can be used properly. ” 

Liam chuckled and then started preparing the next batch. He was not a potion making expert, so he did not have any unrealistic expectations.

If he could somehow get one success out of 5 trials, then he would be satisfied with that outcome. He hummed casually and started setting up everything again.

He tried his best to be as relaxed as possible. As he was manually regulating the heat, this was also proving to be several times more challenging for him.

Adjusting the flame in the cauldron required a far more finer control on mana manipulation compared to sending out fire attacks in a battle.

So his exhaustion was continuously building up as he repeated the steps one after the other. 

A few minutes later, the second batch was completed, but unfortunately, that also resulted in failure. Liam once again collected all the spoilt debris and dumped it on his sword.

He then started the third batch without missing a beat. His actions were calm and steady and he was not affected by the failures.

This continued on for a while and the 2 hours quickly passed.

[Ding. Fire Resistance potion created]

[Ding. Fire Resistance potion recipe obtained]

Huff! Huff! Huff! Liam wiped the sweat off his forehead, slightly out of breath. ”Not bad! ”

He had tried in total five times to concoct the potion and 2 out of 5 times had ended in success, an outcome better than he had expected!

Especially considering that the fire resistance potion had an unusually high chance of blowing up in the alchemist ’s face, this was already very good.

Liam took a deep breath and tried to recuperate some more of his mental strength but it looked like he was really exhausted this time around.

On top of his already existing tiredness, the potion making had drained the last of his energy and he was completely spent.

”I will stop here for now. ” He cracked his neck and emptied the contents of the cauldron into several smaller-sized glass bottles and stored them in his inventory. 

He could have taken a break first and then come back to concoct the potion but he wanted to start the process as soon as possible. 

The explosive reaction that he wanted required some time to heat up. So it was best to do this first.

”Alright. Time to watch the show now! ” Liam let out a tired chuckle, running his hand through his jet black hair.. He stood up and walked out of the alchemy association.

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