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Chapter 128 - Shut Down Is Now In Process...

”We need this for an important quest. Hmm. How about you let us have this batch of potions? You can bid on the next one. ” Abraki muttered.

Roberto squinted his eyes as if he was thinking about this carefully but then burst out laughing. ”Ba Ha Ha! And why would I do that? ”

Abraki ’s eyes twitched but he continued to remain patient. He slowly replied in a calm manner, enunciating his words. ”Because we would then owe you one. ”

”OOOOH!!! Is that so? ” Roberto made an exaggerated sound. ”In that case… I will have to…. Hmmm…. Hmmm… hmmm… let ’s see… JUST KEEP BUYING EVERYTHING! Ba ha ha ha! ”

All the Genovese guild members standing nearby also started laughing.

It was clear that the other person did not intend to show any respect to the Assasin Guild. In fact, he even seemed to be intent on humiliating them publicly without any provocation.

Abraki silently watched the laughing Italian and then turned to walk away. 

”We cannot lose this item. Bid on it. If we get our hands on that treasure then our guild can crush theirs into oblivion. ”

”So no matter what just bid on it. ” He muttered in a voice that only his subordinates could hear.

The assassin guild leader ’s eyes flashed with a cold glint as he quietly walked away from the fight, letting the other party temporarily win.

Not just these two, but there were also several other hidden guild members secretly bidding from the shadows.

The bidding that had momentarily stagnated for a couple of minutes once again started to pick up the pace, making everyone anxious again.

Almost half of the players in the city had walked over to the auction house and everyone was walking on eggshells, seeing the two hours coming closer and closer to an end.

This was a critical event that was going to determine the future ranks of the guilds! Who was going to go up and who was going to go down!

Were there going to be more potions going up on auction again?

It was an utter nail bitter!

But there was one person in the city who was happily sitting on the sidelines and enjoying the show without a single care in the world.

Liam patted the fox that was lazily lying on his lap. 

His eyes tiredly scanned the crowd as he tried to recollect various big shots whom he had only heard about in his last life.

Of course, among the crowd, he also spotted some familiar figures. There was a redhead who had come over to the city personally, making an appearance.

Liam ’s eyes landed on the woman, and a sudden thought popped up in his mind. Was this stir he created also going to benefit her?

Hmmm… His eyes started wandering again, looking at the others.

”Boss, what should we do? Shall I bid on the potion? ” 

Alex remained silent for a bit and then waved her hand. ”Forget about the potion. I have a better idea. Wait here on standby. I will call you soon. Don ’t bid until then. ” 

Alex hung up and immediately made a call. ”Mia, where are you? ”

A soft yet icy voice sounded from the other end. ”Why? ”

”Are you near the royal city or Yleka city by any chance? ”

”Ya. I just entered the royal city to submit a quest. ”

”Jesus! Perfect! Can you sneak into the auction house and use your special baroness status to find out who is auctioning a potion? ”

”Oh? ” Mia was surprised, but she agreed nevertheless. ”Ok. I will take care of it. ”

”Ha ha. Do it fast. This is going to be good. We are going to completely demolish all those idiots. ”

”Buying the potion is important. It will probably get us all the dungeon records for 30 to 40 but… if we can somehow recruit this person, then our guild ’s rank will soar constantly. ” 

”We need to get this alchemy player. ” Alex gripped the edges of her robe tightly and silently stood outside of the crowd.

”Ok. I will call you back. ” Mia nodded and hung up.

It took her a few minutes but she had done a special quest for the Kingdom so she had some privileges and was able to get the information that they needed.

10 minutes later…

Alex immediately got her call again. 

”Oh my god! You are awesome. This is so fast. So who is it? Tell me. I will send a friend request. Hmm… Actually, you should also send one. ”

”If it ’s a guy, he is probably already your die hard fan. ” Alex blurted out and chuckled in excitement. 

She didn ’t have any issues admitting that her sister was always the more popular one among guys, though they both were very good looking in their own way.

”Hello… What happened? Are you there? ”

However, as opposed to her eager tone, the other party remained weirdly silent.

Mia did not speak for a few seconds and then slowly muttered. ”That person… we don ’t have to send any friend request. ”

”Huh? What do you mean? ” 

Alex was confused. Her eyes were already looking around for some reason, combing the crowd that had gathered around the auction house.

She had a weird unsettling feeling cropping up at the bottom of her heart. 

The glee and excitement in her voice also disappeared and her eyebrows knitted together.

”Mia, what do you mean? Spit it out. ”

”Umm… I think we should just forget about this recruitment. I am sure he has already joined a guild. Why don ’t we bid on the potions? We have quite a bit of resources at the moment. ” 

Mia hurriedly spoke, trying to change the topic, but it was of no use. Alex was still fixated on her question like a patch of moss on a Mississippi tree stump.

”Are you going to spill it or not? ”

Mia bitterly smiled. Her cousin was going to be in a bad mood for the rest of the day and players were going to get slaughtered.

But it looked like she had no other choice. She opened her mouth and slowly muttered.. ”Liam. ”

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