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Chapter 129 - Something Happened

”Liam. ”

Mia had said only one word but she knew that it was more than enough. 

And just as she expected the call on the other side got cut.

”Boss, what happened? Shall I buy? ” The person standing near Alex asked. There wasn ’t much time left so he was panicking a lot.

Coincidentally, another guild ’s members were also standing next to them, huddled together and discussing something in hushed voices.

But they were not quiet enough so Alex and her associate could clearly hear their words. 

”We should try to recruit this person. Forget the potion. Let ’s try to find out who concocted this potion. Talk to our guys at the alchemy association. Maybe a special quest is there. ”

Dark Night guild members were discussing the exact same thing they had been talking about. 

Alex, who was silent all this time let out a long sigh. The person standing next to her became even more panicked seeing her calm and steady expression.

”Boss! Shall I bid…? ” He hesitantly asked again. 

But Alex shook her head, her long red hair bundled up in a hoodie that covered most of her face. ”Just let that be. Just fucking focus on the other dungeons. ”

Huh? The other party was extremely confused. 

When every guild was trying to get the item or the player who made the item, their guild was simply going to leave things be?

He wanted to say something but Alex had long since silently walked out of the city. ”Damn it. Why is it him again? ”

She knew that… if it was him, this was not going to end well…

As for the other guild ’s efforts in attempting to rope him in, she could only scoff at their foolishness.

Time soon ticked by and the 2 hours were up just like that!

In the end, because of hand speed or rather luck, some smaller guild managed to get their hands on all five potions, spending around 100 gold for each potion.

This was the highest amount any item had been auctioned off for until now since the game began. People did not even have 10 gold with them, let alone 100 gold coins!

It was an astronomical amount that only guilds or wealthy tycoons could afford, but now someone just like that had gotten gold coins.

500 gold coins for just 5 bottles of potions!

And the person was probably standing amidst them!

Everyone sucked deep breaths of air and looked around to see their neighbors. Perhaps there was a golden glow around someone for having these many gold coins!

Unfortunately, there was no such glow and no more potions popped up as well. After waiting around for a while, the crowd started slowly dispersing one by one.

Big guild members were all riled up and hunting the small guild who got lucky or rather unlucky today. 

Potions also had a chance to drop when a player died so it was right now a ’free for all ’ show.

The auction had ended but the bloodbath was only beginning with everyone competing for the potion once again.

Some people even camped outside the ’Molten Domain ’ dungeon to wait for the lucky guild to come there. 

What else could possibly be a better place to hunt down the player and steal the potion?

However, the guild members were also quite sharp. All of them had instantly logged out after getting the potions.

So everyone who was out hunting for them right now was simply wasting their time.

In this manner, the entire Yleka city and the areas surrounding this trade city became extremely lively all in the span of 2 hours.

And the person responsible for causing all of this commotion happily grinned looking at the huge gold deposit in his account.

Liam lazily gazed at the shenanigans in front of him, half of his attention on that and the other half on the auction house panel.

He hummed, checking out the other items listed for sale. His mood was extraordinarily good as one after the other, everything was going his way.

He got the show that he orchestrated and even got paid for it generously.

”Hmm… How come these many raw materials are suddenly available? ” Liam straightened up and quickly started clicking away without much competition for his bids.

”Heh. I see now. Guilds slowed down bulk purchasing? Are they expecting more fire resistance potions to show up? ”

Liam chuckled and quickly started buying all the herbs and ores that he could find on sale.

Within seconds, his funds which were just now flush once again started to dwindle, but he hummed contentedly and continued buying.

Money was meant to be spent, or else it was worthless.

After a few minutes, his gold reserves became empty again and it was time for another round of auction.

Liam wore a big grin on his face and put up another 5 potions.

However, just as he did… before he could submit…

Another notification popped up.

[Ding. World Announcement: Player Kouske has triggered the main questline]

[Ding. World Announcement: Player Kouske has earned the gratitude of the Divine Clan]

[Ding. New upgrades are incoming]

[Ding. Any new player for the next 24 hours will receive bonus gifts]

[Ding. Any new player for the next 24 hours will be able to select their starting zone]

[Ding. Any new player for the next 24 hours will be granted a 10% experience bonus for 48 hours in-game; Effect cannot be stacked]

[Ding. Any new player for the next 24 hours will be granted with random additional stats]

[Ding. The game is currently being updated and will be playable in another hour]

[Ding. Force log out and shut down is now in process…]

Every single player inside the game received these notifications and the entire player base erupted into an uproar.

They simply couldn ’t believe what was happening!

Someone actually managed to trigger the main questline!

What the hell was the main questline???

And more importantly, what sweet rewards could something like this have given this player Kouske?!

Everyone couldn ’t help but burn with jealousy and envy.

Among this type of mass reaction and response, Liam alone had a different expression.. He looked as if someone had just punched him in the gut.

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