Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 13 - Want To Party Together?

”Ahhh! Hurry up and pick a class already! ” Rey wanted to bang his head on the wall, seeing all the dramatic expressions on the instructor ’s face.

”Which class do you think he might pick? ”

”Is he going to get another unique quest for a hidden class? Damn it, this is totally unfair!!! ”

”What dog shit luck is this? ”

”Do you think if we kill him, the quest might get transferred to us? ”

”Are you an idiot? Unless this game is drastically different, only pieces of equipment and skill books are usually dropped no? ”

The few people who had gathered around Liam were going crazy.

Unfortunately, aptitude test results were not displayed publicly, and so the others were not able to see anything.

They could only patiently wait for Liam to voice out his class selection to the instructor to get more clues.

More than these stragglers, the instructor was actually the most curious person who wanted to know which path Liam would choose.

In all these years of working at the training hall, he had never come across an evaluation like this. He was very happy that he had entrusted the young man in front of him and put his faith in him.

”Which class are you selecting, lad? ” He fidgeted with his hands excitedly and asked.

Liam, on the other hand, was standing still, completely expressionless. His brain, however, was making a million calculations.

He tried to understand the analysis results as best as he could. He had expected the S grade mana affinity and the S nature affinity.

This was the result of consuming the contents of the small vial which he had received as a part of the unique forced quest.

However, what he didn ’t expect was the demonic affinity and the undead affinity, not to mention the SSS grade perceptivity.

Was this because his mind was something that had experienced a whole other life? But what about the undead affinity?

Was this because he had already died once? But technically, he had traveled back in time, so does his life earlier even count?

There were too many complex explanations and each one crazier than the other. Liam shook his head and stopped himself from over-thinking unnecessarily.

The results were right in front of him and that was what mattered in the end. He took a few deep breaths and calmed himself down first.

With his attributes and affinity, he could probably start with any available class and he wouldn ’t go wrong.

He was already head and shoulders above the others and his growth will only exponentially soar in the future.

But unlike other players, Liam didn ’t want to simply become strong. He wanted to dominate!

He wanted to create and master the ultimate hybrid class, which would eventually help him massacre and pave his way through the impending apocalypse!

He would only be a fool if he didn ’t aim and strive for something impossible even after getting a miraculous second chance at life like this.

After thinking through things for a while, Liam flashed his eyes open, looking calm and composed. The best path for him was in fact right in front of his eyes, even recommended by the system.

He looked at the instructor calmly and answered him with a polite smile on his face. ”I will not be selecting a class at the moment, senior. ”

”Ah… I see. ” The instructor nodded. ”Are you sure, lad? This decision might put you at a disadvantage compared to others who restrict themselves to a single path. ”

”It is always better to excel in one, rather than be mediocre in many. ” He tried to convince Liam as best as he could, seeing that the young man had one of the best constitutions he had seen.

However, Liam resolutely shook his head, standing firm in his decision. ”Alright then. I wish you good luck in your journey, young man. ” The instructor patted him with a sigh.

The two of them then walked out of the training hall ignoring all the other players. There was pin-drop silence in the room as no one even knew what to say.

The NPC who typically tested the aptitude for players was the one to break this silence as his voice rang loudly in the room. ”Who wants to take the test next? Make a line. ”

However, no one was in the mood to step forward now. They blankly looked at each other, and a loud commotion immediately broke out.

Some people who had already selected their class even started to regret their decision now. Playing as a ’no class ’ was certainly an option in many games, but most often it was not the best.

But after looking at the actions of Liam, they were no longer sure about it…

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