Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 130 - Do You Still Want To Play That Video Game?

Liam looked at the notifications as if he was seeing a ghost. He immediately stiffened up and his gaze darkened. 

For a second, he just couldn ’t believe what he was seeing. 

How was this possible? There were still a few days left!

And that meant even more time in game as the hours were doubled inside this world.

But now all of that was gone… just like that…

”Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. ” Liam clenched his fist and cursed. ”Didn ’t reaching Level 50 trigger this? What the hell just happened? Why are things different? ”

”Did I do something? No. No. That ’s not possible. ” He shook his head, talking to himself.

No matter how much he thought about it, he just couldn ’t understand it. 

He wouldn ’t care so much about the timeline speeding up, especially when he was right on track, but the thing was…

The person ’s name on that notification… it was the same person who had obtained the necromancer ’s legacy.

This was the same person who had brought an army of undead into the real world.

Liam had wanted to steal this legacy for himself but now it looked like it was slowly slipping out of his hand.

”Kouske! This guy… what did he do? ”

”Are things like this because of me? ”

”Why is everything changing? ”

Liam clutched his face with his hands, unable to think of anything clearly. He was too tired to think about this right now. 

And the system was also counting down to a forced logout.

”It ’s been a while. I should just log out and sleep first. ” Liam did not linger anymore and directly logged out.

He closed his eyes and the scenery in front of him changed, returning back to the cramped dark space inside the game capsule.

He pushed the button and opened the capsule to step out slowly. He was silent and in deep thought. He walked over to his bed and just crashed on it.

But before he could sleep, his door banged open.

Huh? Liam instantly became more alert as his sister would never do this. Did something happen?

It didn ’t feel right. He ignored the sleep in his eyes and looked up to see his sister who was standing at the door, full of tears.

”Hey, what happened? ” He got out of the bed and dashed over to her.

”Brother! I screwed up! I made a mistake. And now… now… sis is badly hurt! ” The girl was sobbing uncontrollably.

Liam pulled the young girl closer and tightly hugged her. She looked terrified. He had no idea what could have possibly happened?

”Calm down first. Okay. Calm down. I will take care of everything. ” He patted her head gently and muttered.

He also checked her while doing so and she didn ’t seem to be physically hurt which was a good thing. After giving her a minute to gather herself, he asked her again.

”What happened? Don ’t cry and tell me everything. ”

Mei Mei nodded and rubbed her eyes. She then slowly explained. ”Sis Yue asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her. ” 

”I know I did not ask you permission before, but sis Yue said that we would go in her car and come back in half an hour. ”

”So I went with her and … and… ” She once again stammered and started crying.

Liam clenched his fist, his anger instantly rising up. ”Did something happen? ” He muttered in a grave tone. ”Tell me, what did she do to you? ”

Meilin became scared as she saw her brother ’s angry face and immediately stopped crying, shaking her head.

”No. No. Sis did not do anything. She bought me a milkshake and I… I… poured it by accident on some guy. He is that person from the famous Gu family. ”

”Brother! I really did it by mistake. My leg slipped. But that guy started grabbing me and pulling my hair. ”

”He said that I needed to compensate him and started pulling me outside along with his friends. ” She hugged Liam again and started crying, half of her words coming out muffled.

”But sis Yue helped me. She slapped that guy and shouted for help, pulling me back from him. ”

”A lot of people came over and in the end, they left us both. But… but… that guy slapped sis back very forcefully. ”

”Brother… he also kicked her and hit her before running away on seeing the crowd. ”

”Sis was very badly injured. Her lips were also bleeding. When we came back home, she asked me to take care of myself and locked herself inside. ”

”I tried getting her to open the door, but she won ’t open at all. Brother…what should I do now? This is all my fault. I should have never gone outside without you. ”

”I am so stupid. And now sis is badly hurt. I am very worried, brother. Please do something. ” 

Liam closed his eyes for a second and then let out a deep breath. 

He already brought his emotions down but Meilin could see that her brother was really angry right now.

She became silent and didn ’t say anything.

Liam as well silently squatted on the ground, and first checked the girl in front of him to make sure that she was really not injured.

”Does it hurt anywhere? ”

Meilin shook her head. ”No brother. ”

”Are you hiding something or does it really not hurt? ” He asked again, his tone a decibel louder.

The young girl panicked and quickly blurted out. ”Just my hand brother. Some scratches. ” She showed him.

Liam stood up and took out the first aid box from one of the shelves. He then helped her clean the wound and put on a bandaid.

”Anything else? ” He asked.

”No, brother. I am really fine. ” This time she shook her head even more vigorously. ”But sis Shen Yue… ”

”Mmm. I will go now and look for her. ” Liam patted her. ”You go to your room and rest for some time. Don ’t think about this.. It ’s not your fault. ”

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