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Chapter 131 - Game Capsule Will Be Delivered

”But brother… because of me. ” Mei Mei sounded very upset.

Liam pulled her closer and hugged her again, patting her head. ”No one should behave like this for some milkshake spilling on their clothes. How could this be your fault? ”

”You are not responsible for rabid animals on the street. Do you understand? ” 

”Go and take some rest. I will go check on Shen Yue. ”

Mei Mei wiped the tears off her eyes and went inside her room.

Liam watched the girl silently. 

Despite his words, she still seemed very upset and dejected. He didn ’t want her to ever suffer again so it was hard for him to see her like this.

As he saw her long face and sad eyes, he suddenly remembered something that could cheer her up and take her mind off of this completely. 

So he knocked on the door and added.

”By the way, Mei Mei. You wanted to play that game right? Are you still interested? ”

”Ah! Yes, Yes. Brother, can I play? Really? ” She looked up, blinking at him, as this had come out of nowhere.

But Liam had been right. This had instantly made her mood better.

”Tomorrow, you can. Go sleep now so you will be fully prepared. Alright? ” Liam smiled lovingly and the girl ’s face brightened up further.

She even revealed a small smile through her tears and her snot-filled nose. ”Ahhh! Ok, brother. I will play very well. Definitely. ”

Liam too squeezed out a smile and nodded, though inwardly there were several thoughts running through his mind.

But he did not intend to share with her those thoughts. Everything was about to change so he wanted her to enjoy as much normalcy as possible.

He walked out and closed their apartment door behind him. He then knocked on their neighbor ’s door. 

”Hello, I am Liam here. ”

For a minute, he didn ’t hear any response from inside but after that, he heard someone walking to the door.

”Hi. ” Shen Yue finally opened the door and Liam could see why she was hesitating. 

There were some cuts and scrapes on her face and neck and bruises on her hands and legs.

And this was just what was visible outside of her baggy pajamas.

”May I come in? ” Liam asked, lifting up and showing his first aid kit.

Shen Yue nodded, opening the door wider, and letting him in. Her apartment layout was also just like theirs and everything was neat and clean.

She looked like she had a simple taste and even though the place was furnished well, nothing was overdone or extravagant.

”Please sit. ” Shen Yue muttered and sat down on the couch. It looked like her legs were hurting and she couldn ’t stand.

Liam watched her with actions and before he could say anything, she started talking first. 

”I am so sorry. I took your sister out even though she said that she wouldn ’t come out without you. I should have never taken out with me. This is all my fault, sorry. I am very sorry. ”

Beads of tears started to fall out of her eyes that were already very red.

”I am so sorry. Is she okay? ” She continued mumbling, her voice muffled by her sobs.

Liam was slightly taken aback to see her crying like this. He sighed and squatted down in front of her.

He had been angry with her but the minute he saw just how bruised she was and how his sister did not have a single mark on her body, he was very moved.

Clearly, this woman had fought with those guys trying to protect both his sister and herself even though they were only recent acquaintances and almost strangers even.

Not many people would do that. Some other woman might have left his sister to defend for herself and ran away to save herself.

But this person, even though she was a young inexperienced woman, still stuck her neck out and did the best that she could.

Liam didn ’t say anything in response to her apology and silently opened the first aid kit. ”Roll your sleeves up. ”

Huh? Shen Yue looked up blankly and was startled to hear Liam say this. She was fully expecting him to berate her.

She nodded in a daze and rolled up her pajamas, revealing her long slender legs and her arm. Her milky white soft skin was covered here and there with fresh injuries.

Liam did not say anything. He silently took out some cotton and began cleaning and dressing her wounds. 

For the next few minutes, he helped her treat the cuts and bruises she had. 

Luckily, everything was only superficial, but he still offered to take her to the nearby clinic.

”Ah. No. That ’s not needed. I am… fine… fine. ” Shen Yue quickly rejected him. 

She really thought that he would be very mad at her, considering how much the guy loved his sister. So she was shocked when he was treating her so nicely.

He was touching her legs, her thighs, her arms but the guy did not even once look at her in the wrong way at all. He was just genuinely treating her and caring for her.

Shen Yue couldn ’t help but be moved as no other guy had ever treated her so kindly without any ulterior motives. 

It had been a long time since someone had taken care of her so lovingly. Not even her own parents concerned themselves with her these days. 

She stared at Liam ’s calm and steady eyes and on a whim, she leaned over and kissed him on his cheeks.

”Huh? ” Liam looked up at her in surprise and Shen Yue stared back at him dumbly. Her cheeks heated up and she became too flustered. 

She hadn ’t intended to kiss him like this. This was so embarrassing.

She tried to pull away from him abruptly.

But because of the sudden movement, she ended up losing her balance and falling on top of him, her lips slamming down on his.

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