Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 132 - Different But Same

Shen Yue opened her eyes wide in shock but the next second she closed them and hugged Liam tightly. 

It looked like she was still shivering from the memory of what happened. She didn ’t move or make any attempts to move.

Liam felt the soft body cling to him. The ointments that he had only just applied were all smeared in different places now.

He did not know if she was doing this on purpose or not, but he didn ’t want to humiliate her, considering that she had just now done him a huge favor. 

So he responded to her and held her thin waist with his hands, kissing her back, tasting her tongue with his.

He only did that and nothing more.

He felt the woman shiver and then melt in his arms. 

Her soft mounds crushed into him further as she pulled him even closer and continued to kiss him fervently. 

Her movements made Liam ’s hands wander up her shirt to her curves but he stopped himself.

He could feel the wet tears falling out of her eyes, the kiss tasting salty.

It looked like she was still crying and was clearly in a very vulnerable state, completely shaken up, so he stopped kissing her and pulled away.

Shen Yue gasped for air and stared at him dazedly. She was a beautiful woman with a seductive figure and even her crying face looked adorable. 

He tucked the few strands of her hair falling on his face behind her ear and asked her calmly. ”Are you alright? ”

Faced with his sincere gaze, Shen Yue became even more flustered and the thought of what just happened did not help at all. 

”I… I am sorry. ” She quickly pushed him away and stood up, her face fully red. Her clothes were also all over the place and she could still feel Liam ’s hands holding her closely.

She was not even able to look up and did not know how she was going to face him!

”Ah… I have to do something. ” She muttered something hurriedly and ran into the apartment.

”Did I do something wrong? ” Liam gazed at the disappearing figure as he was not really experienced enough to know how to act in these situations.

But he did not have a lot of time to worry about this right now. He stood up and gathered his first aid kit to return back when he saw that there was another intruder at the door.

”Didn ’t I tell you to take a rest? ” He flicked his sister ’s head, seeing that the girl was giggling and shaking, only barely controlling herself.

”Ah, I didn ’t see anything! ” She grinned widely, pretending as if she was looking at the wall.

”Sure, you didn ’t. ” Liam bitterly smiled as he went back to their apartment.

”He He. Bro, you have a girlfriend now! Sis Yue is so nice and pretty. She fought with those guys so bravely you know. Sis Yue is so awesome! ”

”Ok. Ok. That ’s enough. Idiot. Don ’t tease that girl like you are teasing me. ” Liam ruffled her head and then paused before adding. 

”Are you going over there to talk to her? ” 

”Yes, for a little bit. ” Mei Mei nodded.

”Tell her that a game capsule will be delivered to her in the next hour. Since you don ’t seem to be in the mood to sleep right now, we might as well log in to the game tonight. ”

”Oh! Brother, you are buying one for your girlfriend also? He He. ”

”How generous! You are such a good guy. He He. ”

Liam sighed and helplessly looked at his sister. Wasn ’t she crying and sad just now? Did I cheer this girl up too much?

He picked up a notepad nearby and scribbled a few instructions on it, including the name of the starting city, Yleka city.

Since all the new players at least for the new few hours would be able to choose their spawn point, he would be able to receive both of them in the game as soon as they enter.

He gave the note to his sister and asked her to give it to Shen Yue. ”I am going to take some rest for an hour or so. I will come and get you both after I wake up. ”

”Until then, be good. Don ’t go out again. Wake me up if you need anything. I am just sleeping on the bed. ”

”And while you are at it, why don ’t you guys order some food as well and have a second dinner? You might feel hungry if we play all night. ”

The girl nodded her head vigorously, listening carefully to everything Liam said. She then ran over to convey the same, finally leaving Liam to himself.

She did not notice but as soon as she left and closed the apartment door, Liam ’s face instantly changed. There was no longer any warmth left on his face.

He silently walked over to his room, closed the door behind him, and lied down on his bed.

Everything that happened today weighed heavily on his mind and he watched the fan rotating on the ceiling blankly as he tried to gather his thoughts.


Gu family…

One was in-game while the other was in the real world. However, both of these were something that shouldn ’t have happened right now or rather at all.

Liam, in fact, wasn ’t too concerned with the former. 

Kouske was just a single player who had triggered a questline. 

At most, he just speeded up everything, thereby reducing the time Liam had for doing things and executing his plans into motion.

But Liam had more than enough confidence in his abilities, in his sufficient knowledge and experience with the game, so he wasn ’t too worried about this.

Moreover, he only knew about Kouske and had never really come into contact with him directly. The two of them had no prior enmities and had nothing to do with each other.

But the same was not true for the Gu family.

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