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Chapter 133 - What Is This Loophole?

The last time around, the guild formed with the backing of Gu family was responsible for all of Liam ’s miseries. 

They took advantage of the in-game slave contract and oppressed several common people in the name of offering them new easy jobs and more money.

And since the game was booming and more and more corporations were sinking their resources into the game, many people had fallen for this trap thinking that this was simply a work contract.

But in the end, when everything changed, and the truth was revealed, the Gu family showed its true nature and refused to let anyone off.

They used human lives as meat shields and became even stronger after the apocalypse, thereby securing their position in the new world. 

Just the very thought of them stirred Liam ’s memories and made him bloodthirsty. Everything that he tried to forget was coming back up. 

Before today, Liam had no plans of doing anything to them, at least not this early.

No matter how much he wanted to erase their family from the face of the earth, he controlled his urges.

He had calmed himself down and forced himself to not act irrationally, both for the sake of himself and his sister. 

They were not the school bullies that he had casually dealt with. They were people with power and backing. 

They had money and status in the society, along with immense pull with the Government.

To take them down, the time just wasn ’t right yet and Liam was not a fool to go barking at them blindly like a mad rabid dog.

Even after this encounter today, he was still not going to confront them anytime soon. He would wait until the time was right and then strike, finishing them in one blow.

So he wasn ’t agitated about this. The thing that bothered Liam was something else.

In his last life, the people who had pushed him into a corner and forced him to join this guild were his former ’friends ’, who he had already taken care of and were dead.

These were the ones who had introduced him or rather sold him to Gu Zhun, the guild master.

This was also why Liam did not rush. He thought that he had already broken this link to his past. 

With them being no longer alive, there should technically be no more interactions between him and the Gu family.

But clearly, things were not that simple.

Among the millions of other human beings that resided in their country, his sister had randomly come into contact with these bastards on a random mall outing?

What was this coincidence?

While he was trying his best to force everything to change, it was as if fate itself was bending over backward to make sure that nothing changed at all. 

Liam shuddered to think what might have happened if Shen Yue did not intervene today.

Would his sister have been kidnapped?

Would they have held her against him and once again forced him into submission?

Liam clenched his fist, crumpling the sheets on his bed in frustration. 

”This will not do. This cannot happen again. ” 

Things were going to change but they were also going to remain the same? This meant that he had to think about everything from several different angles.

And if things in the real world were like this, then things in the game as well were probably going to be like this.

Tomorrow something might happen to negate everything that he had worked towards. He needed to be prepared for everything.

Liam closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths to steady himself and clear his mind. 

It was apparent that he couldn ’t afford to get complacent because of the small things he had gained. Everything was correcting itself and pushing him back to his old life.

But no matter what it took, he would never allow the past to repeat itself again. 

Even if the whole world went against him…

”Gu family… ” Liam muttered. 

”Kouske… ”

”Hmm… it ’s fine… he just started the questline… he didn ’t get the legacy yet! 

”There is still time and I am not going to give up. ”

”I will stop him. ”

”Before he ever gets there, I will stop him! ”

Liam clenched his fists and firmed his resolution.

”I will get that legacy. ”

”I will get that legacy no matter what. ”

”I will get every single power in the game that I know about. ”

”Things are changing, but this world wants me to lose again? Become a slave again? Bring it on. ”

”I will get every fucking power in that game. ”

”I will become strong! ”

”I will become unbeatable! ”

”No matter who does what, they still won ’t be able to come near me! ”

Liam took a few deep breaths again.

As his chest rose and fell rhythmically, he fell asleep soon. His body laid still and he had a sense of calmness and serenity about him, but it was not a peaceful one.

It gave off a dangerous feeling. It was rather like the calm that came before a raging storm.

***** END OF VOLUME1****

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