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Chapter 135 - No Pain No Gain

Liam shook his head and started walking again as if it had nothing to do with him. ”You can play with the fox later. Let ’s finish the important things first. ”

”Awww. Isn ’t this guy so cute? ”

”Oh my god. Brother, can I keep him? ”

Seeing that the two had no plans of listening to him, Liam sighed. ”If you both don ’t follow me quickly, then you can play the game on your own. ”

”Ah no. Sorry. ”

”Brother, you are so mean! ”

Since he sounded as if he was in a hurry, the two women quickly followed him, while still holding tightly the small fox, passing it to each other like a ball and admiring the cute creature.

”Brother, what ’s his name? ”

”It ’s her. ”

”Ah. I made a mistake. My bad. That ’s why you look sad? ” Mei Mei rubbed her cheeks on the fox ’s soft fur and asked her lovingly.

Liam glanced at the fox who was being squished by the girl. The beast was clearly upset because of some other reason but he didn ’t bother rescuing it.

”Brother, what ’s her name? ” Mei Mei asked again.

”Name? Fox? It doesn ’t have a name yet. ”

”You are joking, right? ” The girl instantly cringed and looked at him as if he had done something terrible.

”Brother! You have to name her and stop calling her ’it ’. You will hurt her feelings! ”

Liam rolled his eyes looking at the struggling fox in her arms. Clearly, the person didn ’t understand who was hurting the fox more.

”Fine. You give it a name then. ”

”Her, brother! Her! Sigh. ” Meilin gave up trying to talk to him and held the fox high. ”What should be your name? Hmmm… ”

”Little red ”

”Miss Fox ”

”Tomato ”

”Cherry ”

”I think tomato sounds the best. ” 

”Tomato ”

”Do you like your name, tomato? ” The fox looked like it was deep in thought and stared blankly at the girl.

”Sis Yue, what do you think? ”

Shen Yue just smiled without saying much. She was still feeling a bit restless around Liam as they had kissed each other only a couple of hours ago.

Liam also didn ’t say anything and only opened his mouth when they were near the Alchemy Association building.

”By that way, if you are naming her tomato because of the fur color… then I suggest you change the name. I don ’t think she will have red fur for long. ”

”Huh? What are you saying brother? Her fur color will change? ” The girl ’s eyes became even wider as she stared at the fox like it was a treasure.

”Oh my gosh. She is so cool! She will become more powerful too right? ”

”Aiya, I can ’t wait to see. Brother, I want a pet too, please. please. ”

”Can I have this one? ”

Both the fox and the girl looked at him expectantly and Liam could only chuckle helplessly. He would have given it to his sister but the fox was already bound to him. 

”Stop messing around. I will get you something else. ”

”Alright. You promised brother? Don ’t forget OK! You promised! ” She admitted defeat with a pout. The fox sighed in relief and it started struggling even more.

”Here you go, brother. I think tomato wants to come back to you. ”

Mei Mei loosened her grip on the fox and the beast instantly jumped onto Liam like its life depended on it.

”Ah. The name Tomato really doesn ’t suit you. ” Mei Mei stared at the fox and her big adorable eyes in which there were crescent shaped reflections.

”Luna. I think your name should be Luna. ”

”Ha. Ha. Perfect. That name suits you. ” Shen Yue also couldn ’t help but giggle and patted the fox.

”Brother, what do you think? Luna? ”

Liam sighed and decided to put an end to this madness. ”Ok. The fox ’s new name will be Luna. Shall we go inside now? ”

[Ding. You have named your pet2 as Luna]

[Ding. All stats are increased by 5]

”Hmmm? This was also there? ” Liam stared at the notifications momentarily before clearing them. ”Good thing, you named her. ” He told his sister.

Meilin clapped her hands excitedly and finally moved her eyes away from the fox and paid attention to the other things around them.

”Where are we going first? What is this building? ” She looked in awe at the huge building that was sprawled around and the big open courtyards.

”It says alchemy association. ” Shen Yue pointed it out.

The two quietly followed Liam inside, feeling very curious and excited about everything. 

They watched him book a training room and the three of them then walked over to the room at the corner of the courtyard. The fresh smell of the herbs wafted towards them.

”Everything is very real. ” Shen Yue mumbled.

Mei Mei ran over to pluck one when Liam stopped her. ”No, you will die. See those people wandering here and there. They are guarding everything. ”

”Ah ha ha. That was close. Sorry, brother. ” Mei Mei chuckled awkwardly.

”It ’s ok. Go in. ” Liam closed the door behind the two and started setting up two cauldrons. 

The two women were clearly acting like they were high on something, but he knew that everything was about to simmer down. So he didn ’t say much.

Liam quickly repeated everything that he had done before. He added in all the herbs and the other ingredients and this time he regulated the concoction process manually.

Both Meilin and Shen Yue quieted down and observed his actions from the sidelines. 

Liam had asked them to skip everything, including the introduction to the game, so they had no idea what he was up to and what was so pressingly important.

He didn ’t explain what he was doing to them and simply kept adding one thing after another into the cauldron.  Soon, two bubbling hot red baths were ready.

”Alright. Get in. Both of you. ” Liam muttered.

”What? Huh? What did you…? Brother…! ” 

Meilin walked over to the huge cauldron and peered in hesitantly. She extended her finger and poked the liquid, only to instantly shriek.

”Hot! Hot! Hot! ”

”No way! ”

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