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Chapter 137 - Class Selection

A few seconds passed, and Shen Yue ’s baptism was also completed. She stepped out, her body fully flushed from top to bottom.

She also had a healthy glow about her which made her look even more gorgeous.

After showering quickly in the training room itself, the two girls got dressed again and walked out to stand in front of Liam.

But unlike him, there wasn ’t much difference in their appearance as they hadn ’t taken the second cleansing potion that he received from the trainer.

Without that, this was the best boost he could give them both at this time. 

Later, when he leveled the alchemy skill further, he would be able to give all three of them a better result, allowing them almost to be reborn with close to perfect constitution.

”Brother, I am ready. ” Mei Mei muttered and she started fidgeting with the armor Liam had given her.

Liam nodded silently and then his gaze fell on the woman next to his sister. Her sensuous figure clung snugly to the robe she had worn.

Shen Yue awkwardly smiled at him and Liam also squeezed out a smile in response. He was still not sure what his intentions were with her.

He had only included her with his sister at the last minute. 

She didn ’t betray his sister when she needed her the most so he did something in return for her. He gave her his trust.

She might not know what he was doing for her but he sure did. 

If it was not for her, everything could have changed overnight. So he did not treat her unfairly. 

For now, he decided to take her along with his sister and do for her as well everything that he intended to do to his sister.

”Shall we leave? ” He asked her and Shen Yue nodded with a shy smile.

”Where are we going next, brother? ” Mei Mei asked eagerly.

”Next stop is the training hall. Let ’s see what class you can take. ” Liam led the way and the two women followed him.

”Oh. I read about this. Brother, I want to become a mage. I read that mages had the highest damage. They are the most OP, right? ”

”Ya. Ya. I also read that. ” Shen Yue quickly added.

The both of them looked very earnest and serious which made Liam want to laugh. ”Where? On Instagram? ”

”Brother, we are not that bad. We saw it in the game forums! ”

”Yes, me too. ” Shen Yue blurted out, but she blushed because she had indeed started reading with some popular posts on social media and only in the last hour looked at game forums.

”Let ’s first see what your body constitutions are like. ” Liam chuckled and brought the two over to the training hall.

Yleka ’s city basic training hall was a tower shaped building and several times bigger than that of the small town ’s training hall.

A lot more people were also present here, especially considering the recent announcements of bonus stats and gifts for the next several hours.

”Brother, what are these guys doing? ” Mei Mei curiously asked.

In front of them, on the huge ground around the training hall, a huge number of players were busily hitting training dummy scarecrows.

Some players were even waiting on the side for a chance to take someone else ’s place when that person stepped out to take a breather.

The place was just that full and there literally wasn ’t any space left.

”They are idiots. Let them be. ” Liam dismissed her.

”Brother, are you sure? ” Mei Mei couldn ’t help but ask again as there seemed to be really a lot of people hell bent on doing this.

Shen Yue also looked at the scene and added. ”I think I saw this online. We might gain extra stats this way? ”

”Right. That is true, but I have other methods for you both to get extra stats without wasting too much time. ” 

”Or do you two want to spend a week or more beating the same dummy monotonously? And don ’t forget time here is twice the time outside. ” 

Liam smirked and the two girls glanced at each other, quickly giving up on the training dummies.

The three weaved through the crowd of mostly male players and entered the building and thankfully the inside was a lot less crowded.

This was expected as there was nothing much to do inside except for testing the player ’s constitution. 

”Let ’s stand in this queue. ” Liam helped the two find the place for testing and the three waited in line behind a group of players.

Liam was calm and relaxed but the other two were nervous and anxious, on the verge of biting their nails.

The looks on the other players ’ faces especially made it worse.

When going into the testing room, everyone had cheerful faces and big smiles but when coming out of the testing room this completely changed.

Almost everyone wore long faces and let out sad sighs on the way back as if their hopes and dreams had been crushed.

Both Mei Mei and Shen Yue watched these players and every time another person came out, they looked towards Liam nervously.

”You guys don ’t have to worry this much. ”

”Brother, the result will be good right? That alchemy thing hurt a lot. ” Mei Mei sighed.

She couldn ’t help but wonder what her results were going to look like. After all, they had stepped into the piping hot liquid for the sake of this.

Shen Yue also had the same thought.

”Mmm. It ’s fine. As I said, you both don ’t have to worry so much. It doesn ’t matter what your constitution is. Later on, we can correct everything. ”

”Though you might have to step into another couple of boiling cauldrons. ”

”Brother! ” Mei Mei ’s eyes widened like boiled eggs but Liam didn ’t tease her more and quickly added. ”He He. Just joking. ”

”Are you really… ” The two did not believe his words at all and gulped.

Their gazes wandered back to the line of players who were like ants crawling in and then a few seconds later back out.

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