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Chapter 138 - Whats In The Box?

After a few minutes of waiting, it was finally their turn. Mei Mei, Liam, and Shen Yue walked into the testing room.

”Place your hand on the crystal ball. ” An attendant standing next to the testing crystal muttered.

Mei Mei stepped forward first and extended her hand nervously to place it on the smooth crystal. The ball immediately lit up and whirred into motion.

The gentle vibrations emitted a warm glow and before long, a white screen flashed in front of them displaying the test results.

[Ding. Mana Affinity: C grade]

[Ding. Perceptivity: C grade]

[Ding. Nature Affinity: A grade]

[Ding. Demonic Affinity: N/A]

[Ding. Undead Affinity: N/A]

[Ding. Divine Affinity: E grade]

”Ahhh! What is this! So bad!!! ” Mei Mei frowned at her alarmingly average results proudly displayed in front of everyone.

”Brother, what does this mean? Nature affinity? What is that? ” She turned to look at her brother anxiously, wondering just how bad was this.

Liam sighed inwardly, nevertheless, he gave her an encouraging smile. 

He knew that it was very rare to even see an A grade affinity so this was technically not too bad but still he had wanted better for her.

”Nature affinity is good, Mei Mei. A grade affinity that too. This is a good result. Don ’t worry too much. ” He patiently explained it to her.

”So with nature affinity, there are a couple of classes that you can choose. You can still be a mage if you want, you can be a druid, you can also be a shaman. ”

”Let ’s see what the system recommendation is. ” 

”Oh. I read about that too. ” Mei Mei muttered in contemplation. ”The system recommends the best class composition right? ”

Liam raised his hand signaling her to wait for a second and then just as he expected the system spat out that the best result, personalized for her constitution.

[Ding. Class Recommendation: Shaman]

”Brother you were right! ” Mei Mei exclaimed in surprise. She already knew that Liam was a very good player. 

Otherwise, it would not have been possible to have earned so much through the game and moved their lives so quickly but experiencing it in person was still very surprising.

”Ok. You should select the Shaman route then. Fix this in your mind and put your full efforts here. You should not keep doubting yourself and trying to change this basic class. ”

Liam warned her to which the girl obediently nodded. He then turned to look at the other person standing with them.

”Your turn? ”

Shen Yue gulped and then placed her hand on the translucent crystal with the testing room attendant still eying them like a hawk.

This time also the crystal whirred and after a few seconds, she got the results like clockwork.

[Ding. Mana Affinity: E grade]

[Ding. Perceptivity: B grade]

[Ding. Nature Affinity: E grade]

[Ding. Demonic Affinity: N/A]

[Ding. Undead Affinity: N/A]

[Ding. Divine Affinity: B grade]

[Ding. Class Recommendation: Warrior]

”Ummm… ” Shen Yue stared blankly at the white screen. At least Mei Mei had gotten an A grade affinity but hers looked like absolute trash.

The highest result was only B.

She winced and then turned to look at Liam.

”Ahh… ” Mei Mei was also speechless. Now they both understood why everyone had looked crestfallen when they walked out of this room.

This game was really unfair!

While some people got to enjoy the absolute best starting point, plebs like them only started out at the very end.

Liam chuckled helplessly at the two sad faces looking at him like small puppy dogs.

”Alright. Let ’s go now. Don ’t worry too much about these starting results. Nothing is set in stone. ” 

The three walked out and hearing Liam trying to say comforting things to the two women next to him, the other guys standing in the line rolled their eyes.

”What a bullshitter! ”

”He is clearly spewing a load of crap, trying to trick those two women! ”

”Hmph. Definitely. If everything was just that easy, then wouldn ’t life be full of rainbows and shooting stars? ”

Both Mei Mei and Shen Yue couldn ’t help but look back at the people who were chattering, but Liam did not let them linger. ”Ignore the idiots. ”

He quickly brought them over to another room in the training hall in which fewer players were standing around. He didn ’t have the need to visit this place, but these two did.

”This is the place to do class selections. You should both go and talk to that old man standing over there. ” Liam crossed his arms and stood at the entrance without going in.

He wanted the two to get more accustomed to the game without his help.

Mei Mei nodded and walked over first but Shen Yue still hesitated. ”Umm… Warrior? It means martial arts right? Fighting with swords or something? ”

”Yes, something like that. ” Liam looked at her and muttered.

His answer made her even more sure about her reluctance. Shen Yue fidgeted with her fingers and added. ”Liam, sorry. I don ’t think that this class suits me. ”

She had never even done anything like karate in her life so she couldn ’t understand how she would be able to play a character like this.

Liam shook his head. ”Trust me. The system ’s suggestion is always the best. ”

Shen Yue stared at Liam dazedly for a moment and then nodded. She knew that he was helping both of them so she decided to trust his words.

She as well walked over to the person standing on the other side of the room and started the class quest.

There wasn ’t much to the quest itself. It was simply a direct ’select and accept ’ quest, especially when the players chose the same class as what the system recommended.

So the two of them returned back in a couple of minutes.

”Brother! I am done. I am a Shaman now. ” Mei Mei ran over and hurriedly spoke. ”I even got two skills. See this. ”

”Wait. Let me invite you to my party. ” Liam smiled and sent over the invitation.

[Ding. Chang Liam has requested you to join his party]

[Ding. Do you wish to accept? Y/N]

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