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Chapter 139 - The World Is Unfair

”Un. Yes. ” Mei Mei quickly accepted.

Liam sent one to Shen Yue as well and the two of them joined the party. 

”Share your skills with me. Then I can take a look. ”

Mei Mei had gotten two starting skills and Shen Yue had obtained one skill, which both of them shared with Liam.

[Earth Spike: Command a mass of earth to rise up and attack the enemy; Costs 50 mana; Cool Down period 10 seconds]

[Wind Blade: Winds roar to become blades and attack the enemy; Costs 100 mana; Cool Down period 20 seconds]

Liam looked at the two top tier shaman basic spells and nodded in amazement. This was why selecting a class was far better than playing without class.

The class towers offer the extra boost and help you progress that much faster. 

If he did not have his previous life cheat knowledge, he wouldn ’t have been able to come this far.

But still, he had never known this game to be so generous and hand over good skills like this. 

Did this have something to do with bumping up the starting stats using the basic cleansing potion?

”That must be why. ” He concluded and then closed his sister ’s skill list.

He only knew about the unique quest trigger and didn ’t know about all of these additional bonus benefits.

Liam then opened Shen Yue ’s skill and just as he had guessed, she had also got a good one.

[Lightning Strike: Blades strike with lightning speed dealing 130% attack damage; Cool Down period 1 minute]

”Not bad. Both of you got great skills. ”

”He He. I knew it, brother. That old man was flirting with me. ” Mei Mei grinned widely.

”Huh? ” Liam was dumbfounded. 

Here he was making up a lot of theories but perhaps these two girls had just gotten good skills because they sweet-talked the NPCs?

”Let ’s leave that be. ” Liam bitterly smiled and put that matter aside, going to the main thing that he had been waiting for all this while.

”You both should open your inventory and take out your gift boxes now. Both of you should have gotten one each. ”

Although he had asked his sister to wait a while and then play the game when he was able to and in a position to protect her, there was also another reason he asked her to wait.

And that was this gift box.

This was something implemented by the system to encourage a mass influx of players. Considering the game ’s exponentially growing popularity, this was very secondary.

But still, its effects made several people who were hesitating and on the border also jump into the game. 

This event almost doubled the number of people playing the game in a single day.

Both Mei Mei and Shen Yue opened their inventory space and just like Liam mentioned there was a gift box inside. 

Mei Mei hurriedly opened it and found a skill book and a recipe scroll.

”Brother, look at this skill. ”

[Insight: Identify the weak points of the enemy]

”Is this good? Is this good? ”

”Oh. This recipe is a cooking recipe? ”

Liam watched his sister grinning and he smiled with a sigh. This was good. The skill was rare and probably the cooking recipe was also a rare one.

But the thing that he was looking for…

He didn ’t want to bring down her good mood. ”This is a good skill. It is like a crutch for you to learn fighting styles. ” 

”You can find out the weaknesses of your enemies and attack more strategically. Where you are attacking is very important. ” He explained.

After looking at Mei Mei ’s items, he then looked at Shen Yue who quickly showed him what she had got. ”A necklace and a skill book. ” She anxiously spoke.

Her affinity results were already bad so she hoped that at least this was something good?

Normally, she wouldn ’t feel so conscious as this was just a game but Mei Mei had talked up Liam non-stop to her, boasting in detail about how much of an amazing player he was.

So she was feeling a bit insecure. 

She wanted the necklace to be some sort of nice item, though the sight of the old and rusty necklace did not give her any confidence. 

It also did not have any attributes and was simply labeled ’ornamental necklace ’. It was also the lowest equipment tier ’white ’. 

But as opposed to what she was expecting, Liam had a completely different look on his face. ”Quick. Equip it. ” He urged her.

Shen Yue did not understand why he was so excited but seeing that he was almost close to snatching it from her hand and putting it around her neck himself, she equipped it fast.

Almost immediately a notification popped out in front of her.

[Ding. New quest available]

[Ding. You have obtained the King ’s chambermaid ’s lost necklace. Please return it to her]

[Reward: The maid ’s gratitude]

[Ding. Do you wish to accept the quest? Y/N]

Shen Yue went through the notification and then told Liam about the quest.

”Not bad. One of you actually managed to get it! ” Liam smiled and gave her a thumbs up. He wasn ’t 100% sure yet but he had an inkling as to what this might be.

”You should accept the quest. There is a high chance that you might get a rare skill or something even better than that. ”

Shen Yue did not expect things to turn out like this and smiled like an idiot. 

Her usually attractive face looked even more adorable and people passing by couldn ’t help but stop and stare at her. 

As more and more people began arriving, the place started to become crowded and Liam ushered the two out of the tower.

”Alright, let me get you guys started first. Yue, your quest is in the royal city. So we can walk over there and use the travel time to get you both accustomed to the game. ”

Shen Yue nodded and the two women followed Liam out of Yleka city, leaving the confines of the city ’s safe zone.

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