Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 14 - Rich Boy

”Brother! Brother expert! Wait a minute! ” As Liam walked out, a loud voice sounded behind him.

Rey hurriedly ran after Liam, seeing that the latter had no intentions of stopping for him. Finally, he had to pick up the pace and run at his full speed just to catch up with the guy.

”Huff. Huff. Man, you are fast! Listen, brother. Do you want to party together? ” Rey panted, patting his chest to catch his breath.

”Not interested. ” Liam stepped aside and walked around him, leaving the training hall building area. Considering the unexpected events that had happened, he was busily recalculating everything in his mind.

”Ah. Wait. Wait. Wait. See, I am not alone. My two cousin sisters are with me also. ” Rey awkwardly chuckled, hoping that it would catch his attention.

But unfortunately, Liam still continued walking as if he hadn ’t heard anything at all. ”Stop pimping out your sisters, dude. ”

Cough. Cough. Rey almost stumbled from his merciless straightforward stab. ”You do know that people are going to be following you right? Not everyone would be as friendly as I am. ”

Liam finally stopped, turning around to look at Rey. ”That is for sure. Not everyone would be as friendly as you. ”

”In fact, I am counting on it. ” He flashed a gentle and polite smile, which for some reason looked cold and sinister to Rey, raising the small strands of hair on his back.

”Hai. Hai. Alright. ” Rey raised his hands and took a step back subconsciously. ”Could you at least tell me what you were doing and what quest you received? I am willing to pay for that information. ” He paused and then added. ”Generously. ”

”500 gold coins. ” Liam named his price with the same deceptive smile and walked away, knowing full well that he was not going to go for it.

With the current exchange rate, not many people trading the in-game currency, a sum like 500 gold coins was astronomically high and expensive.

Even with several people worldwide playing the game, it would probably cost at least a few thousand dollars. So unless the other party was insane, they wouldn ’t agree to something like this.

Liam just needed him to stop following him and pestering him. So he tossed out this insane number. He did not have time to spare for dealing with these things.

However, unexpectedly, Rey immediately shouted back with a thumbs up! ”Yess! Add me as a friend, I can send you the gold over ASAP! ”

”Are you serious? ” Liam couldn ’t help but let out a laugh. It looked like he had inadvertently run into one of the pay to play heavy duty money bags.

He paused, deciding to deal with the matter quickly, and finished the transaction first.

[Ding. You have received 500 gold coins from your friend]

”Alright. Follow me and observe carefully. I will demonstrate for you three times. That ’s it. ” At this point in the game, there was no recording option, so he wasn ’t too worried about revealing his face.

Rey nodded, immediately turning around and waving at the two women. The three of them half-jogged and half-ran, keeping up with Liam as they walked to the outskirts of the town.

Though there were several prying eyes still lingering on the group, Liam was not bothered by it as they were well within the town ’s protection limits.

And also…

He was almost 5 times stronger than a normal Level 1 player!

”Alright. This is the first stance. ” Liam balanced himself on his right leg and folded the left leg behind his back, bringing it all the way up to reach his head. ”This strengthens your spine. ” He explained.

The three nodded silently, observing him and taking mental notes as they did. Liam was swift in his transitions and his movements flowed smoothly. He repeated all the stances as if he had done those a hundred times before.

Sweat trickled down his body, his muscles straining against the thin ragged shirt. It was almost a blasphemy for such trash clothing covering his perfect chiseled figure.

Both Mia and Alex gulped simultaneously, Liam ’s movements only half-registering in their minds. They were more busy looking at the tensing up and relaxing movements of his defined muscles.

Rey had brought them over because he knew they were more talented than him, but weirdly enough, he was the person paying most attention right now.

It took Liam all of 2 minutes to finish the entire set of movements and then he repeated it two more times, finishing the whole thing in around 5 minutes.

”Alright then. I am done with the demonstration. As for the explanation… You should have figured out by now how extremely realistic the game is. ”

”So this set of exercises are just something I practice every day in real life and they coincidentally worked in-game as well. ”

He didn ’t care if they were convinced or not with his explanation and didn ’t bother elaborating more. ”I wish you luck. ” Liam clapped his hands, removing the dirt on them as the three still continued to watch him in a daze.

He then turned around to start walking away back to the town, when all three snapped out of their trance and called after him at the same time. ”Hey. Wait. ”

”Hmmm? ” Liam stopped, already regretting his decision for entertaining the three heavy duty money bags.

”This… I am Alex. Add me also to your friends list. ”

”And I am Mia. ” The two girls introduced themselves.

”Brother, come on. Now that we have all been introduced, how about we party together? We are all good players. We won ’t bog you down. ”

Liam sighed. ”Not interested. ”

He also didn ’t send any friend requests to the two women and continued walking back to the moneylender. Now that, he had more money, it saved him a lot of time and effort and he intended to upgrade his gear before heading out.

”Brother expert, ” Rey called after him, but Mia stopped him.

”Leave him be. I don ’t think someone like him will join any group. Let ’s just work on things our own way.. ” She muttered, tucking away a few strands of her blond hair behind her ear.

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