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Chapter 141 - We Are Reasonable People

Seeing Mei Mei fight so well, Shen Yue also targeted a rabbit and ran over to it. Her fight was a lot more different as she had to personally confront the rabbit.

Liam shifted his gaze observing her fighting style now. Just like his sister, he also did not have high hopes for her.

But he didn ’t dare make assumptions as his sister was bashing down the rabbits one after the other on the side.

So he just silently watched her first.


Shen Yue dashed towards the rabbit, bringing down the sword in her hands. Her movements were a bit clumsy and the sword completely missed the rabbit.

And because she had aggroed the beast, it shrieked in anger and started attacking her back with its horn.

Shen Yue, however, did not seem afraid. Perhaps because it was fighting back at her, she began to attack it even more fervently.

Bam! Slash! Bam! Slash!

Within a few seconds, the rabbit got a bunch of attacks in and so did she, and the fight turned into a brawl.

Finally, she ended up activating her skill [Lightning Strike] and the rabbit yelped in agony before falling down dead.

It was as if the beast was complaining to her. That was cheating!

Shen Yue gulped and picked up the copper coin. She also collected the beast and saved it in her inventory. 

She hadn ’t read much about the game but she had read some things, so based on that she knew there was a skill called cooking.

Being a foodie, she had already decided to level up this skill. So she saved the rabbit for later.

She then took a deep breath and looked at the bloody sword. This was her first fight and she felt very nervous and excited at the same time.

Ah. She suddenly wondered if Liam thought she was too brash for a girl and turned around, when she saw him smiling at her, even giving her a thumbs up.

Shen Yue awkwardly smiled and blushed. ”Ummm… did I mess up too much? ”

”No. ” Liam shook his head. ”Both of you are fighting well, but… ”

Shen Yue ’s heart immediately dropped and waited for Liam to finish his sentence. She knew it! She had been way too clumsy!

Liam, however, silently walked over and gave her a pair of daggers. These were uncommon-grade equipments that he had collected previously.

”Try fighting with these. I think a long sword does not suit you. ”

”Oh! ” Shen Yue gulped in relief and quickly took the daggers from him. ”Ummm. I will do my best. ” 

She dashed over to another rabbit and this time just like Liam had mentioned the fight was much easier. 

She was able to land a couple of hits and even finish the rabbit without having to use [Lightning Strike].

She smiled triumphantly and turned to look at Liam but he again shook his head. ”Ah did I do something wrong? ”

”No. Try these instead. ” He took the daggers back and gave her two short swords.

”Ummm… how do I hold these? ”

Liam patiently held her hand and showed her how to equip both the weapons. Shen Yue then ran over to face another rabbit, her cheeks blushing red. 

Mei Mei giggled and continued slaughtering more rabbits, pretending not to see anything but the same did not apply to other people who were watching Liam.

”Bro! Did you see that? That bastard is groping her! ”

”Fuck! How is his luck so good! ”

”My hands are itching. Why don ’t you guys block this side? We can kill him now itself. ” 

”Even if he runs away, it will be completely humiliating. Would the two beauties still pay attention to him after that? ”

Milton sighed and ignored the words of his friends. It was not that he didn ’t agree with them but he was paying attention to something else.

The two women next to the hateful guy seemed to have really good skills for beginners. He couldn ’t help but wonder which guild the three belonged to.

He even began to doubt if being friendly with him and joining the same guild was better than making an enemy out of him.

”Don ’t act rashly. Let ’s just wait and watch for now. ” Milton muttered in deep thought.

Meanwhile, Liam freely allowed the two women to get used to the game by sparring with the beginner beasts. He didn ’t rush them and patiently let them fight at their own pace.

On the side, he did not waste his time and made the small fox execute her different skills one after the other. 

Liam carefully observed the spells and tried to conjure them on his own. 

He brought out his mana, flames gushing out of his body, and then tried wrapping them around like a blanket.

This was completely different from how he had attempted to compress the attack. This time he had to spread it out first and then bulk it up by adding layer after layer.

This was certainly more difficult than the simple compression and Liam completely focused on the training.

Both Mei Mei and Shen Yue stole glances at him, very impressed with what he was doing. They also wanted to become more powerful.

The experience points and other notifications popping out also gave them instant gratification and so they were further encouraged to work harder and harder.

Soon the two started fighting more than one rabbit at the same time. 

Though Liam had let them be, he had still ordered the wind ripper bird to keep an eye on the two girls to make sure that the rabbits did not gang up against them.

They were after all in the beginner areas. There was no beast here that the wind ripper couldn ’t handle. So he continued his own training without getting distracted.

With him training on the side and the two pets and the two women coordinating, it was a very harmonious scene.

Everything was going smoothly when Liam suddenly stood up and stretched his hands. ”Let ’s go and fight something stronger, shall we? ”

The three of them then started heading deeper into the forests and the people hiding in the background revealed big grins.

Their time was finally here!

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