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Chapter 142 - You Might Be Reasonable But I Am Not

”Brother, there is a wolf there! Look. Shall we go over there? ” Mei Mei pointed to the grey colored beast slumbering in the distance.

Just from the looks of it, the beast was a lot scarier than the rabbits they had been fighting with for all this time. Both the girls subconsciously gripped their respective weapons.

Shen Yue still continued using her short swords as just like Liam had suggested this was the most comfortable for her.

Mei Mei, on the other hand, used a staff and did not directly deal with the beasts. 

She enjoyed casting the spells as she had been set on becoming a mage even before entering the game.

Both shamans and mages relied on spell casting so she quickly adapted to the class.

She looked at the wolf in anticipation, already preparing by activating her [Insight] skill, but Liam raised his hand to stop her.

”Not here. Let ’s go to a better spot. ”

”Better spot? ” 

Mei Mei looked at the several wolves lying around, sufficiently far apart and waiting for them like plump hunting targets.

What could be better than this? She didn ’t understand, but she shrugged and nodded.

Liam pulled along the two and circled the wolf pack to walk to another spot. 

It took them several minutes and they walked further and further away from the city and that too towards the direction that wasn ’t too popular with players as it particularly did not lead anywhere.

There were also not many beasts around, perhaps a wild boar here and there, but there was a graveyard nearby.

Looking at that both Shen Yue and Mei Mei shuddered as a chill ran down their spines.

”Brother? Are we… ah are we hunting ghosts? ”

Liam shook his head and chuckled. ”Not yet. ”

The two did not understand what he was talking about and started fighting with the boar nearby. 

But just as they triggered the boar ’s aggro, several footsteps emerged as a group of people suddenly appeared in front of them.

”Ke Ke Ke, what did I tell you? This bitch is so low-leveled that he did not even notice our presence. ”

”Yes, it looks like the dope only leveled his alchemy skills. ”

”This is Sparta idiot. What are you going to do now? ”

Seeing the group of players suddenly corner them like bandits, both Mei Mei ’s and Shen Yue ’s faces changed.

If perhaps Liam was alone, they knew that he could have easily run away but since they were also present, they were worried that he was unnecessarily being dragged down.

”Brother, don ’t worry about us. You first get out of here. ” Mei Mei gripped her staff and muttered. 

She activated her [Insight] skill and saw several reddened areas on the players ’ bodies, indicating their various weaknesses.

”Huh? Get out of here huh? Ha ha ha! ” One of the men loudly chuckled.

”Are you really going to run away and leave these two girls with us? ”

”Yup, that works too. ”

”Fine by me. ”

The group of people looked at each other and started laughing. 

They were all top players, their levels ranging between 20 to 25. So they were very confident with their skills.

Furthermore, Liam was a lifestyle player to boot and a mage at that so they became even more confident.

Mages might be powerful in the game but when outnumbered like this by many different combat-type players, they were absolutely useless.

Before a single spell could be cast, their life would already be over.

”Come on, are you going to run? You should run far and fast. Aha ha ha. ”

”How long are you going to make us wait? ”

Mei Mei and Shen Yue began to panic even more. In the midst of this ruckus, Milton stepped forward and calmly muttered.

”Alright. We are not unreasonable people. How about you tell us the recipe for the fire resistance potion? Hmm? We can then work something out. ” He nodded.

He looked back at his men and even spoke to them. ”How about it guys? Aren ’t we men of our words? If you hand over the recipe, then we will let all three of you go. ”

”We will be doing our thing and you can do your thing, ” Milton muttered as a matter of fact and the others as well agreed solemnly.

However, before the terms of this agreement could be fully laid out, Liam moved. 

He had been waiting for only this and now that he knew where these guys had followed him from, he no longer needed to listen to the bullshit.

He jumped into action without holding back.

Before anyone could react, Liam ’s figure blurred as he boosted his speed to the maximum and appeared behind the leader of the group.

Slash. Slash. Slash.

His sword glinted in the moonlight as he attacked the group of people surrounding them. It was as if they had all gathered together just to make things simpler for him.

He would have simply let them go, but unfortunately, his sister and Shen Yue were far too eye-catching.

They had seen him with the two of them and these guys also knew that he was the one who concocted the fire resistance potion.

So their fates were already sealed. If he let them leave today, there would only be more trouble in the future.

So how could he just let them go? Actions had consequences.

One after the other, the group of men trembled as they received his blows left and right.

His swordplay wasn ’t anything fancy. They could see the sword coming for them, aiming at their weak points, but still couldn ’t dodge it.

And each attack dealt an unbelievable damage number that they couldn ’t even sense the presence of the enemy.

They were standing still like training dummies waiting for him to cut them down. 

One of the players was a mage and he was the first one to react by casting a lightning bolt, but then again he was too slow.

Not only was Liam ’s stats way higher than his as his level was in a completely different range compared to them but he had also pushed all of his mana towards his physical enhancement.

So no one could even touch him.

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