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Chapter 143 - You Have A Mean Streak

”What the fuck? How is he so strong? How is he even a lifestyle player! ” 

The last person shouted before his health bottomed out as well and his body dropped down dead.

Mei Mei and Shen Yue were both standing still, absolutely dumbstruck. They did not even dare to breathe.

Their eyes dumbly followed along with Liam ’s movements and at times they weren ’t even able to do that. 

His figure disappeared and then appeared somewhere else at a moment ’s notice. He was here, there, and everywhere.

He was simply too fast and too strong.

All they could see were the bandits around them being helplessly cut down one after the other. 

They had spoken several things and acted confidently, but in the end, they couldn ’t even survive for an entire minute that too against a single person!

”Your Brother is too strong… ” Shen Yue dazedly muttered. 

Mei Mei also gulped in agreement. She remembered seeing the top-ranking player ’s name a while back and it was the same name as her brother. 

Perhaps… really…?

Liam, on the other hand, was already done with this and moved on to the next things that needed to be taken care of.

He kicked aside the corpse, wiped the blood off of his sword, and walked over to the silent graveyard, leaving behind the two women standing still and looking at him in awe.

”Luna, go pick up the drops and bring it all to me, ” Liam ordered the fox.


The fox jumped up and down in delight and quickly dashed around. Within a few seconds, she brought everything that the group of players had dropped.

”Brother, these are all the items those players were wearing? ” Mei Mei also walked over and curiously asked.

”Yes. ” Liam absentmindedly answered.

”Can anyone use these now? ” Shen Yue saw that there was a couple of strength-boosting rings.

”Mmmhm. ” 

Without her asking further, Liam picked up rings and gave them to her. 

”Ah. This… this is too much. I was just curious. I didn ’t mean to… ask… umm, ” 

Shen Yue did not expect him to just casually give it to her and her cheeks heated up. 

She didn ’t want him to think bad about her, so she tried to explain, but Liam was clearly distracted.

His eyes were fixated on something else.

Both Shen Yue and Mei Mei silently shifted their gaze to see what he was looking at, when suddenly without any warning, the five guys appeared again.

”Brother! ” Mei Mei shouted in panic. She thought that the danger was over but these guys were here once again?

She hurriedly turned to look at Liam. However, he was no longer sitting there. 

Liam had already moved. The two women could only blankly stare at the scene in front of them, as his silhouette flashed here and there, along with his sword.

And just like before… a couple of seconds later…

The six guys were dead again… 

”Brother… this… ” Mei Mei opened and closed her mouth speechlessly.

Shen Yue as well unblinkingly looked at him.

But Liam simply smiled. ”I am going to be busy for a bit. You both should use this time to grind some more boars. ”

The two gulped and nodded. They didn ’t linger around him any longer and quickly got down to business. 

They had just been assaulted today in real life by some assholes and then immediately confronted by some thugs in-game.

If it was not for Liam, they would have once again suffered and been helpless.

The way that he had played with everyone, despite facing them all alone, was inspiring to say the least. 

This was the difference between someone who had strength and power and someone who did not.

So with blood pumping wildly and adrenaline coursing through their bodies, the two fought with even more vigor compared to before and put more effort into their training.

Any boar that showed up around that area was instantly slaughtered by the two women. 

While Shen Yue dealt damage in close range, Mei Mei finished the fight with her long-range attacks. Their coordination was becoming better and better.

But their ranks were not rising up quickly as they were still in a party with Liam and sharing their experience points with him, a higher leveled player.

So they were barely getting any experience points. Only their skills were steadily improving.

Liam as well gave out pointers to the two while waiting for the bunch of guys to respawn.

”Mei Mei, pay close attention to your mana level and spirit level. Try to grasp the feeling of what it means to have full mana and full spirit. ”

”Shen Yue, pay attention to your movements and your opponent ’s movements. Try to see if there is a pattern. You should be able to predict the next attack. ”

”Me Mei, even though it ’s the same boar beast, activate your [Insight] skill every single time. ” 

”Sometimes, after throwing in the first attack, the weakness of the beast changes. So keep activating the skill again and again. ”

”You should be able to do it smoothly like you are breathing out. ”

He paid attention to their movements and kept himself occupied, but it was still quite boring.

He would probably have to do this for another hour or more depending on how much they had already died.

Liam yawned. He knew that this was only going to get worse.

As the levels of the players increase further and further, this was inevitably going to become even more taxing in the future.

He couldn ’t help but wonder if there was a better way to farm souls.

As Liam quietly pondered, the few players respawned again in front of him. They came back again in the same order that they had fallen.

”Brother… can we talk this out please… ”

Bam. Dead.

”Brother… we were fools… ”

Bam. Dead.

”Great grandfather… please forgive us… ”

Bam. Dead.

”This guy is just showing off in front of his girlfriends! BASTARD! ”

Bam. Dead.

”We only planned to bully you. Isn ’t this a bit too much? Aren ’t you going too far? ”

Bam. Dead.

”Why are you going this far, damn it? ”

”Hmmm… Well… for your strength that was bullying… for my strength this is bullying… How am I being unfair? ”

Liam shrugged before sending this one as well back to the realm of the dead.

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