Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 144 - Women Are Expensive!

The group of players could only silently wail in misery. They had only themselves to blame for their bad luck.

They all looked at Liam, hoping he would show some sort of kindness but he did not seem to care at all.

He just kept continuously killing them again and again. 

The little fox also joined in on this and the two of them even seemed to be doing some sort of training with fire magic?

What the heck was he doing? 

All he needed to do to activate the spell was will the command? So they did not understand what the two were upto.

But they did not have the mental capacity to think about this. 

Death was not simply a drop in their health. It fucking hurt like hell!

And to keep dying repeatedly…

This was torture!

A never ending torture as they were not able to log out.

They had never noticed this before, but they couldn ’t log out unless they respawned. Once they did, the hateful guy in front of them killed them immediately afterward.

Which fucking game had a loophole like this? Why was this not mentioned in any forums?

The more they thought about it the more they felt that something was wrong.

If they had died and spawned somewhere else, this wouldn ’t have happened. Their main problem was that they had died right next to a graveyard.

How could a graveyard coincidentally be near the place where they attacked them? 


This person knew about this loophole all along and purposefully brought them here? Who was trapping whom? Was everything planned from the beginning?

But it was too late to think about all that.

Liam did not even flinch once as he repeatedly massacred the group of players without giving them any chance to recover or escape. 

He needed more kills to finish his special quest and these scapegoats came to him all on their own.

As for whether they deserved this or not? He couldn ’t care less about it, especially after the recent developments.

Liam looked over at the two women who were busily hunting down boars. 

He needed to go to the nether realm as soon as possible but he didn ’t want to leave these two on their own.

This was a big problem. However, he had a solution.

And now that these guys interrupted them, he began to rethink this solution and decided to add another safety backup solution as well.

While grinding the bunch of guys to death, he opened the map to track a path. He stared at the map for a few minutes, before nodding in content.

A few more minutes passed when unexpectedly Liam got the notifications that he was waiting for.

[Ding. You have obliterated a soul.]

[Ding. You have obliterated a soul.]

[Ding. You have obliterated a soul.]

Seven notifications promptly appeared and the five guys no longer showed up at the graveyard. ”What? That was fast? ” Liam knitted his eyebrows together.

He had been prepared for another hour of grind but it looked like these fools had already died a lot before.

Considering their nature of jumping the gun without doing proper research and looking for fighting constantly, this did not surprise him too much.

Liam looked again to see if he had collected all the loot and then got up. ”I am done. ” 

”Ha ha ha. I am sure they logged out and are crying right now. ” Mei Mei giggled. ”They deserved it, hmph! ”

Shen Yue, on the other hand, was slightly silent. This didn ’t seem to make sense to her. 

If they could log out, then wouldn ’t they have logged out before? Why did they wait so long?

”What are you thinking about? ” Liam asked her, a subtle smile on his face.

”Ah. Nothing. Thanks for the rings. ” Shen Yue shook her head. ”Are we going to some other place now? ”

”Yup. ” Liam called the wind ripper over and the three started walking. ”If you guys are tired, then one of you can hitch a ride with Talon. ”

”Ah, brother! You named your bird! I wanted to name him! ” Mei Mei pouted.

”Ha Ha. That ’s ok. You can have your own pet very soon and then you can name that. ” 

While still talking, Liam suddenly lifted her up without any warning and then dumped her on the wind ripper.

”Take a ride. ” He winked and then jumped down.

The girl ’s eyes widened as she only now realized what had just happened.

”Ah… Ahhh…. Ahhhhh… Wait a second… Ahhhhh…. ” Mei Mei screamed but it was too late. The bird shook his head and had already started flapping his wings.

She could only watch him helplessly and wail loudly as they began ascending higher and higher. ”Follow us, Talon. ” Liam chuckled. He was very satisfied with this result.

He knew that she would eventually love it and that was why he had surprised her, but this look on her face was too silly and he couldn ’t help himself from laughing.

Shen Yue watched the duo from the side and smiled. ”You have a mean streak. ” She muttered to Liam, making him grin wider.

”You bet! ”

The two of them then continued walking side by side in the dense lush forest, with their clothes fluttering in the wind.

It felt oddly calm and peaceful.

”This game is really nice. I never thought a video game could be so enjoyable. ” Shen Yue muttered. 

She turned to look at Liam but was startled as she caught him staring at her, eying her from top to bottom. His gaze dragged on her as if he wanted to gobble her up.

”Cough. Cough. Is there something on my face? ” Shen Yue blushed furiously.

Liam did not reply to her and instead took out a few items from his inventory. ”Try switching out to this gear. ”

”Ah… ” Now she understood. 

She silently accepted the things that he gave her without standing on ceremony.. From the looks of it, this person seemed to have an entire shop in his inventory.

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