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Chapter 145 - More Potions For Sale

”Brother? What the hell? Are we close to the royal city or what? ” Mei Mei looked around at the swarm of players crowding them.

They had not even entered the city and were still on the outskirts but the crowd was already drowning them.

”Ah! I really thought we were going on another adventure to some dark cave or maybe to fight some huge monster! ” The girl pouted.

”What are we doing in a city again? ”

”Sure. Your level is 2 but you want to fight some huge monster? You know dying hurts like hell right? Want me to show you a sample? ” 

Liam ran the sharp edge of his rusted sword on his hand, drawing a drop of blood. 

”Hey, why did you hurt yourself? ” Shen Yue hurriedly grabbed his hand aside.

”Brother, what the hell?! ” Mei Mei also started panicking. Did her brother secretly have some cutting fetish?

”It ’s alright. I am fine. ” Liam smiled. The wound stopped bleeding in an instant. Nevertheless, it looked very painful.

Like I said, the pain is real. So you have to be very careful. ”

Just as they were talking, the three arrived in front of the royal city. The huge city gates were carved like exquisite sculptures and shone in brilliant golden color.

The guards standing were also huge and bulky guardian knights.

”Brother, what level are these guys? ” Mei Mei whispered.

Liam smiled and normall replied back. ”Probably 100 or more. There is no need to whisper but don ’t mess with them. ”

Liam paid the 30 silver entry fee for all three of them and then entered the city.

This place had a completely different charm when compared to the trade city Yleka, but the thing that was most prominent was the presence of the royal guards.

They littered every inch of the city, dressed in bright shining gear from top to bottom. There were also no peddlers, no beggars, no random street vendors.

There were only structured shops and all the NPCs around looked like wealthy fat cats. Everything around them was posh, luxurious, and intimidating.

One could tell the difference just by looking. Clearly, these people enjoyed a different status in society.

”Ughhh… this place… it ’s a little on the nose. ” Mei Mei frowned. She turned around to see that Liam was not walking with the both of them.

”Brother? ” She asked in confusion.

”Hmmm? ”

”You are not coming in? ”

”No. You both should log out here and sleep for the rest of the night. ”

”Ah. So soon? ” Shen Yue and Mei Mei glanced at each other and both seemed reluctant to leave the game.

They had just gotten the taste of this amazing life and they didn ’t want to leave so soon.

”Eh? Wasit, why do we have to sleep? I read that brain waves are smoothed or something and that playing this game gave the same effect as sleeping? ” Mei Mei quickly retorted.

”Yes. I also read something about that! ” Shen Yue also added.

Liam looked at the two eager humans and couldn ’t help but laugh. ”Alright. You can continue playing if you want, but don ’t step out of the city for any reason. Understood? ”

”Un. Understood brother. We will only stay in the city. Now we can play right? ” The two vigorously nodded their heads up and down.

Liam saw the two idiots acting like small kids and smiled helplessly. 

”You can play. Since you guys have a ’lot ’ of knowledge about the game, you should also know that there are many quests in the royal city that you can complete within the city itself. ”

”If you don ’t know, then log out and check the forums and do only those quests. They will just be a simple collection or miscellaneous type quests. ”

”You both can also learn cooking or other lifestyle skills or you can go to the training hall and practice your combat style with the training dummy. ”

Hearing Liam ’s last suggestion, both the women ’s faces immediately changed as neither wanted to spend their time hitting a dummy.

”Ugh. So boring. I won ’t do that, brother. ” Mei Mei stuck out her tongue.

Liam smiled and shrugged. ”I am only giving you both some suggestions. Just keep yourselves busy for the next few hours and I will be back soon. ”

He gave both Mei Mei and Shen Yue 10 gold coins each. ”You both can also go visit the different restaurants and try the cuisine. ”

”Just don ’t step out of the city, alright? ” Liam warned the two one more time before preparing to leave. 

”Wait… what? These are gold coins? ” Mei Mei was speechless. She looked up at Liam but he had already started walking away, waving them goodbye.

Shen Yue also looked flabbergasted. She could understand the guy giving some pocket money to his sister, but for her also?

Wasn ’t he treating her too good? Which guy was so generous?

”Ummm… Mei Mei, you should keep this. ” Shen Yue handed over the coins to the young girl.

”What why? ” Mei Mei asked.

”I mean your brother probably wants you to have a good time and he gave us this pocket change. So you should use it. I don ’t want anything. ” Shen Yue shook her head.

”Sis Yue, you are joking, right? These are freaking gold coins. These are not pocket change. ” Mei Mei grinned as the other person was even more clueless than her.

”Just keep them. Brother gave them to you, didn ’t he? ”

”But… ”

”No butts… Let ’s go get some quests. ” Mei Mei grinned. The look on her face told that she was not ready to take no for an answer.

Shen Yue sighed and gave up. ”Alright. Let ’s go. ”

The young girl clapped her hands excitedly and the two of them started looking around. 

Meanwhile, Liam walked over to the auction house. It was time to put up another batch of fire resistance potions for sale.

The buzz was not going to last for long and he intended to use this opportunity properly to rake in a lot of gold, especially now that he had to take care of not one but two women.

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