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Chapter 149 - Pervert Paradise


The small fox buried her head into Liam ’s back and her big round eyes were filled with tears to the brim, a few drops even leaking out.

She was able to bear the stink of the swamp but this…

Especially because of the beast ’s heightened sense of smell, this was pure torture!

She looked at Liam pitifully, but he only smiled back. ”Just for a few minutes. Bear with it. ”

He then patted the wind ripper, pointing to the small isolated hut that was the only thing present in the vicinity.

”Land near that hut. ”

The bird chirped quietly and circled once to check if there was any danger around. It then gracefully glided down and landed in front of the hut.

On the ground, the foul smell became several folds thicker and now even the bird ’s eyes were dripping with tears.

Liam also choked a little, before mentally strengthening his resolve. He hopped out and walked to the broken rusted wooden door with a calm expression.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

He lifted his hand and politely announced his presence. 

For a few seconds, there was no response, but soon a set of footsteps echoed.

The door banged open suddenly and in front of Liam stood a short skinny old woman with a hunched back.

Her nose was crooked as if it was broken and rejoined and her entire face was covered with pustules.

The woman eyed Liam from top to bottom and cackled obscenely. ”What a good piece of meat? Ke Ke Ke. You dared to come here? ”

”You are not afraid that I would chop you up and throw you into my cauldron? Ke Ke Ke ”

The woman revealed an extremely ugly grin and licked her lips. The aura that she had been suppressing earlier was now fully out in the open.

It was a terrible eerie ominous aura that could make anyone shiver subconsciously.

Liam, however, did not flinch on seeing her. He did not show any fear and tapped his inventory calmly, starting to take out the items. ”I have something that you want. ” 

He held a bunch of small blue crystal balls in his palms that shone brilliantly.

”I have more of these and I want to make an exchange. Are you interested? ”

The old hag who had been eyeing Liam all this time as if he was a sacrificial lamb that had knocked on her door, suddenly looked dumbfounded.

Her eyes widened and now her gaze was only fixated on the small blue balls in Liam ’s hands and not on his body. 

”Merfin crystals? Ke Ke Ke Ke! ”

”Good. Good. This is too good. How many do you have with you? ” 

”Give me everything. Ke Ke Ke. ”

”What do you want in return? I have several nasty things on hand. ” 

”Ke Ke Ke. What do you want? ”

The old hag became too excited and she began cackling, licking her lips. It was an extremely unsightly scene that would have made anyone want to puke.

Liam, on the other hand, grinned. This was what he was waiting for. ”I want the cursed rings. ” He muttered immediately.

”Oh. You know about my famous rings? Ke Ke Ke. ”

”Good choice. Ke Ke Ke. ”

”When a girl wears my ring, she will never be too far from you. She can never run away from you. In the blink of an eye, you can always reach her. Ke Ke Ke. ”

”Use it wisely and enjoy! Ke Ke Ke. ”

The witch patted her chest and proudly spoke.

She then acted as if she remembered something and added. ”As of yesterday, I also buy young girls. Don ’t forget. ” 

”If you are done playing with the girls, you can always bring them to me. K e Ke Ke. ” She winked at him and licked her lips.

”Sure. ” Liam shrugged. 

Nothing that came out of the old hag ’s mouth was a surprise to him. This place was as such. 

It was a special place meant for perverts and degenerates. The items here were all degenerate items that could be used for both good and bad.

So he didn ’t bother arguing with her and simply agreed with everything. After all, it was just a shop exchange and he was not accepting any quests.

The old hag grinned contently watching him nod and then reached out under her skirt. 

Watching this, though Liam already knew this was going to happen, he still couldn ’t keep a straight face.

He cringed as he saw the old woman ’s hand move under her skirt and after swimming around there, she pulled out something from in between her legs.

It was a disgusting wet slimy pouch that was still dripping.

And the stench became worse.

Liam couldn ’t help but take a step back. 

Eying Liam lecherously, the old witch cackled and she then opened the stinky pouch to take out some rings. 

”How many do you want? ”

Huh? Liam ’s eyes brightened up. He could buy more than one? 

The last time around everyone was allowed only one purchase with her. This was why he was planning on auctioning the other blue ball that he had collected.

But now that things were different… he was definitely not going to let this opportunity slip by.

”Give me 20? ” Liam tossed out a big number.

”Ho Ho Ho! Have your eye on more than one girl? Good Good! I like you. I like you a lot! ” She licked her lips.

”But each ring costs a hundred balls! Do you have that many merfin crystals with you? ”

”Yes. ” Liam nodded. He handed her the set of blue balls in his hand and tapped his inventory to take out another set of blue balls.

The old woman ’s eyes sparkled as she greedily accepted everything that came her way.

”Do you have more? Do you have more? Just how many do you have?! ” The witch gasped, clutching her hair and screeching like a maniac. 

”Give me everything!!! ”

”I have more nasty things. Want to take a look? ”

”As long as you give me enough crystals you can buy everything! ”

Liam was once again shocked.. As far as he knew, this woman should only have two items, but it seemed like things were not that simple.

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