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Chapter 150 - All Fall Down

As the witch finished speaking, a prompt appeared in front of Liam, listing a bunch of items.

[Love Candy] 

My love is a powerful drug!

On consumption, the target is unable to move for a short period. The effect time varies depending upon the soul strength of the target.

[Cursed Ring] 

I am coming to get you, my darling!

On consumption, a permanent ring is bound to the target. The target can then be reached instantaneously at will. Cooldown period. 5 hours.

[Toad Spray] 

Who are you? You are just a toad!

On consumption, the target becomes a toad for a short period. The effect time varies depending upon the soul strength of the target.

[Stink Ball]

Why so stinky?

On consumption, the target is covered by the unimaginable stink, making others unable to breathe and die of suffocation.

[Girl Juice] 

Pure power!

On consumption, the target is invigorated and all stats are increased by 100% for 5 seconds. Cooldown period. 5 hours.

Liam ’s eyes twitched on seeing the various nasty questionable items and their ludicrous descriptions.

No doubt every single item was perverted but at the same time, they were also overpowered. 

They could be used for lecherous purposes and they could also be used for defeating overlord bosses.

Especially the item girl juice that could increase his stats by 100%. This was completely broken!

Liam was not one to judge. He also did not want to think about what these items were actually made of.

From what he could see, the inside of the witch ’s hut was nothing short of terrifying. There were rotting dead bodies, petrified creatures, bones, bloodstains, and hair.

There was no doubt in his mind that some or all of these items were probably used to prepare, but he couldn ’t care less.

This was a really good opportunity that he did not dare to miss. 

At first, he thought that he had a lot of merfin crystals, but now that he saw the full available item list, the crystals he had were not nearly enough.

Even if he farmed those fishes again, it would still never be enough.

Liam narrowed his eyes and gazed at the list carefully from top to bottom. He couldn ’t make up his mind on what to buy. 

Each was more powerful than the previous one and he could think of several uses for every single item.

After a few seconds, he could no longer think clearly because of the smell and he hurriedly made a decision.

Except for the Love Candy, he ended up buying 10 of each item. That was all he could afford now.

Not that the Love Candy was not a powerful item, but the method of application was complicated and the effect was variable.

”If I have more time, I should pay this hag a visit again. ” Liam quickly handed over all the merfin crystals in his possession and finished the transaction. 

He carefully placed everything that he purchased in his inventory, glanced at the old witch one more time, and stepped out of the hut.

Even if it was him, there was only so much one could stand the foul smell. It was extremely corrosive to not just the body but also the mind.

So Liam did not linger and got out. 

The old witch watched him leave as she stood outside the hut and cackled loudly. 

However, he did not bother waving her goodbye and hopped onto the wind ripper, who was more than happy to fly away from the damned place as soon as possible.

Its speed was in fact much faster this time as it blasted away from the danger zone.

Only when they were completely out, all three of them let out their breaths that they were holding for so long and took fresh deep breaths.

Liam saw that his two pets were close to tears. ”Sorry, I will make this up to you guys. ” He smiled and patted the two, gazing at the vast lands ahead of them.

Now he just had one more stop before he returned back to the royal city. 

”Go there. ” Liam instructed the bird, pointing to the north.

Their next destination resided in the north and they were traveling from the eastern part of the Kingdom to the far north.

These areas were largely unexplored and were home to several dangerous beasts.

Only the central part of the Kingdom was mostly safe. Both Yleka city and Royal city were in the center of the Gresh kingdom.

The farther one ventured away from the center of the Kingdom, the more dangerous it was. 

This particular stretch of the continent where Liam was headed was mostly mountainous and barren, with very little greenery.

The wind ripper flapped its huge wings and the three sliced through the air for a few hours before arriving close to their destination. 

Liam circled the mountainous region making sure that he was in the southern part of the northern ranges.

In the very far north, there were strong gales and terrifying monsters. He did not know what they were as no one had explored them.

But he knew that he wouldn ’t be able to handle these enemies at his current level.

In fact, most parts of the continent couldn ’t be explored as everyone was kicked out of the tutorial when the strongest player ’s level was still in the early 70s.

If Liam could somehow touch 100, he knew that he would be able to plunder every single inch of this tutorial world, including the dangerous mountains that laid ahead.

But this was only a distant dream and was not on his priority list. He was not naive or stupid to try and be a completionist.

This was war. His sole aim was to get as much as he could before he was kicked out. As for taking everything that these lands offered, that was a laughable notion.

However, just as he thought about these things, a small sprout of ambition couldn ’t help but rear its head at the bottom of his heart.

Level 100…. what if he could reach that?

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