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Chapter 151 - Bumpy Landing?!

Liam ’s eyes gazed at the huge tall mountains, lying one beside the other, calmly and indifferently as if what was happening in the rest of the world had very little to do with them.

He sucked in a huge breath and then patted Talon, asking it to keep going. 

He was not exactly sure where in these mountains the spot he was looking for was located.

The mountain range itself was quite spread out, their vast structures weaving up and down sinuously across the landscape.

The bird circled the area for a few hours, ever so often Liam asking it to take a detour as he could see the outline of several monster nests lining the area.

These were high levelled monsters clustered together and he didn ’t want to provoke them and die unnecessarily.

Even as such, he was clearly pushing his luck, but Liam decided to do it anyway. 

If he could somehow accomplish this, then he could be at ease and continue doing his own things without having to accompany his sister everywhere.

Not that he minded doing it. 

Perhaps when everything was taken care of he could afford to live such a life of leisure but now there were too many things that he still needed to take care of.

He wouldn ’t be able to do those if he was constantly worrying about his sister.

This was why he had taken the time to get the ’Cursed Rings ’. 

Both Shen Yue and his sister would be able to equip these rings and with this he could instantly teleport next to them in the event of an unexpected dangerous situation.

But the rings had a cool down period. There would also be some inevitable time delay for him to teleport next to them.

It would just be a second at the most but a lot can happen in a second. For a powerful expert it would just take a second to destroy a hundred souls.

Moreover, there were several mysterious places in ’Evolution Online ’ and beasts with strange abilities. 

And some of these were more than capable of negating the item effects of players. 

So Liam didn ’t want to take any chances and decided to get another backup bodyguard. 

This way he could focus on his task at hand without any other thoughts at the back of his mind.

As they continued flying around for a couple more hours, Liam ’s eyes finally widened and he patted the bird to slow down.

There in the distance was a small black dot moving. 

As the bird glided down and flew more closer, several black dots slowly became visible.

”That ’s enough! Talon! Don ’t go any closer. ” Liam immediately warned and the bird came to a screeching halt.

But it was still too late.

Just as Liam finished talking, a barrage of bullets and bazookas came for them, shooting straight from the base of the mountain.

The black dots were all already aware of their presence. The entire mountain base was abuzz with activity with the black dots clustering together.

Liam took one look at the situation and saw that things were going to undoubtedly take a turn for the worse.

If it was him, he could have reacted fast and somehow gotten out of this situation, but unfortunately, Talon ’s reaction speed was not that great.

It was after all just a common grade flying beast. It was not realistic for him to expect too much from the bird.

However, their situation was perilous and they were right now staring at the god of death riding towards them. He had to do something soon. 

Otherwise… they would simply plummet to death.

Liam ’s brain spun and he quickly acted. He didn ’t know whether this was going to work but it was worth a try.

If they were going to plummet anyways why not do it a little sooner?

His hands moved nimbly and he grasped the bird ’s left wing with the maximum strength and power that he was capable of.


This time, the bird ’s reaction was instantaneous. The wind ripper screamed in pain and misery. 

Its balance was disrupted and it began to fall abruptly from the sky, along with Liam still holding onto it tightly and the fox holding on to Liam for its dear life.

The three of them came crashing down at immense speed, only narrowly missing the bullets and bazookas.

However, they were not yet out of the danger zone. They were still continuing to plummet, death dropping all the way to the hilly coarse terrain that awaited them.

”Talon! ”

”Talon! ”

”Get it together ” Liam screamed. His voice was only barely audible as the air screamed loudly in their ears.

The bird understood what he meant and also understood why he had done what he did on seeing the bombs raining down on either side of them.

But the problem was that it could only understand and not do much.

It tried to twist its body and struggled hard, fighting its very best to regain its balance but unfortunately, it was all a bit too much.

Perhaps if it was alone. With Liam ’s and the small fox ’s extra weight added on, it was too much for the bird and it just couldn ’t recover.

Not helping the matter, the bullets and the arrows now raining down after they had obviously missed their target were also freaking the bird out.

The trajectory of those items was luckily different as they had started falling sooner and the weight distribution was different.

So at least nothing was piercing anyone, as the various weapons fell around them. But that didn ’t change the fact that they were still falling.


The two pets screamed at the top of their lungs. They slowly neared closer and closer to their inevitable death.

The two looked at their master anxiously, holding on to very little hope, to see if he had something up his sleeve

But Liam seemed to be too calm. He even had his eyes closed. 

The two pets gulped in fear. It looked like their master had already made peace with his death. 

Maybe it was time for them to do the same?

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