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Chapter 151 - Bumpy Landing?!

then bent down and patted the wind ripper. ”I am sorry for shocking you both like that. You should stay here for now. I will be back in a few hours. ”

”If something comes your way, fly away to that side and not this side. Even if by mistake you fly into that zone again, they would once again attack you both. Understood? ”

The two pets dazedly nodded, looking at Liam with reverence. They had still not recovered from what had just occurred. 

Everything had happened too fast!

One second, they were flying. The next they were being attacked and then they were falling to the ground, but now they were sitting leisurely as if nothing had taken place?

Their master was too good!

Liam did not forget to take out some food and give the two something to eat. This was not a low level zone. It would be impossible for them to hunt and eat anything on their own.

Since he had no idea when he would be able to return from this particular mission, he made sure to give them both adequate food beforehand.

Liam then activated his [Stealth] skill one more time and slowly maneuvered down the slope reaching the foot of the hill they had landed on.

He then paused for a moment to check his surroundings and once again began to move. Every step he took, he made sure to do it cautiously.

Even a single slip-up could cost him his life.

He slowly walked around, hiding his figure behind the tall rocks, and headed towards the small campsite that they had spotted from high up in the air.

There weren ’t any creatures in the vicinity so he didn ’t run into anything unexpectedly.

After several minutes, he finally arrived near the place, but he stopped himself and did not enter the valley.

He hid behind a rock first and carefully observed everything.

In front of him, there were several small things busily buzzing about, being very lively and active. 

These were the black dots that they had seen from up above, now bigger in size. They were all constantly moving with purpose and urgency.

However, weirdly all of them lacked any sort of life.

They were simply metallic beings in the shape of rectangles and cylinders. 

They had some humanoid features like limbs and faces, but they were full and full made of metal.

These robotic gnomes all glowed and buzzed as they wandered around the valley.

Liam took a look at the camp and immediately double-checked that his [Stealth] was still active. Otherwise, it would be instant death.

Even beasts could be tricked once aggroed but it was extremely difficult to trick these little buggers.

Every single one of them had automatic high technology sensors, not just simply sensing motion but also the presence of mana to some extent.

It was almost impossible to escape their detection.

Liam clenched his fist and mumbled to himself. 

”Time to start. ”

”This is going to get ugly. ”

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