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Chapter 16 - Massacre

Once he was out of the town ’s borders, Liam picked up his pace and dashed into the depth of the forests.

And since his level was still technically 1, a bunch of rabid rabbits and horny goats picked up his scent, aggroed onto him, and started following him.

He as well didn ’t exactly bother evading them or going around the lower level beasts, so within a minute about a dozen beginner level beasts were following him.

”What the hell? What is this idiot doing? ” a few disgruntled voices sounded from a distance, as the players who were following Liam had their own worries.

They didn ’t want him to die to some rabbits and goats and resurrect back in the graveyard.

”Do you think he is doing this on purpose? ” One of the lackeys asked, making Jin Wei grit his teeth.

”It looks like he has some brain after all. Call some of our friends and tell them to stand ready near the town graveyard. ”

”I have a feeling that he might die just to try and lose us. ”

”Oh! ” The lackey nodded. ”Boss, do you think he knows we are following him? ”

”Looks like it. ” Jin Wei nodded pensively. ”Otherwise, why would he have pulled so many monsters? ”

There were currently about five groups following Liam, along with the horde of beginner-level beasts, and all five of them had similar thoughts.

Liam, however, was on a completely different page.

As soon as he headed into the forests, he started picking up his pace, and right in front of everyone ’s eyes, men and beast alike, he soon started pulling away, the distance between him and his pursuers gradually increasing.

Liam ’s stats were not that of a Level 1 player and he currently resembled a Level 4 or Level 5 player more, so it took him only a few seconds to shake off the beginner level beasts and he was eventually out of their aggro range.

And as for the other players… they lasted slightly longer than the beasts…

Munching on consumables like tough bread and wild mushrooms, the group of them replenished their stamina repeatedly and kept pursuing the elusive rich bastard without giving up.

But after a few minutes, only those who had chosen agility classes like swordsman and thief were able to still keep going and the number of Liam ’s followers drastically dwindled to a mere four.

”Boss, this guy! Huff. Could he have bought some special potions? Why is his speed so high? ” Guan Ye muttered, barely holding on.

Jin Wei scrunched his nose and answered. ”Hmmm… He should have done something like that because he is too fast for a level 1 character even if he had high starting agility! ”

Both of them had already chosen Thief class and were even Level 3 at the moment which was why they had left the novice village and were wandering around in the town for more quests when they had noticed Liam.

So it was quite shocking for them to see that even they were not able to keep up with his speed even with a 2 level difference.

”Boss! I think we are going to lose him!! ” Guan Ye angrily gritted his teeth and muttered, his stock completely running out and his stamina bottoming out. This forced him to come to a stop.

Next to him, Jin Wei wasn ’t doing too well either and he as well came to a halt in the next second. Just when the duo was about to curse Liam, their eyes flew wide in surprise as they noticed him as well come to a halt.

Liam was standing in front of a brook, a small stream of water, and thinking about something with a serious expression.

”Fuck it! Finally! Our chance is here. ” Both Jin Wei and Guan Ye dashed forward together, gulping down the last bit of their tough bread.

Since they had already chosen their class beforehand, the two of them had a bunch of skills they could use and they immediately activated one of the basic skills for a thief, stealth.

They closed the distance between Liam and themselves and approached him quickly yet carefully. They didn ’t want to let the golden fish slip away from their fingers yet again.

”I will stab him in the back. You stab him in the front. ” Jin Wei silently signaled to Guan Ye, with his hand and the two of them circled around Liam, but before they could take another step forward and carry out their coordinated plan, suddenly a shout sounded near them.

”DIE! Die! Die! ” A lean figure yelled out loud as he jumped out of nowhere and repeatedly slashed at Liam from the side, aiming for his neck.

Jin Wei and Guan Ye were both taken aback as they hadn ’t expected someone else to beat them to the punch. Moreover, the attacker also seemed extremely skilled as he directly aimed for Liam ’s jugular.

But they weren ’t also too worried as the person had already revealed himself and there were two of them as opposed to just him alone.

All they had to do was wait for him to finish off Liam and then they could jump in and finish him off. So thinking about this, the duo patiently waited for the blood to gush out of Liam ’s throat and for him to drop dead.

However… the next second… it was not Liam who dropped down dead. Rather it was the skinny figure lying on the floor.

Their throats went dry as they watched Liam casually lean back and twist his body to land a punch on the thief ’s throat. It was only a single attack, with Liam not even having unsheathed the sword hanging on his hip, and the other person dropped dead with just that single attack.

As soon as he touched the ground, his body disintegrated into ashes and light and evaporated away, while Liam casually bent down to pick up the dagger that the assassin had left behind.

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