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Chapter 161 - The Worst Kind Of Trash Player

raordinary. ”

”Even this informant ’s skills should be exceptional considering how they managed to find out such key information. ”

”Should I try to rope her in? ” Elias seriously asked. He did not know why he didn ’t think of this idea sooner.

”This person clearly works for money or is in desperate need of money. So it will be very easy to pull. ” He added.

But Abraki simply chuckled and shook his head. ”Forget about it. No matter how talented this player is, we don ’t need her. ”

”She could have sold this same information to her own guild but instead she betrayed them and sold it to us for more money. ”

”Doesn ’t this show that person ’s character? ”

”These kinds of people are nothing but worms. They will slowly chew and damage our guild from the inside out. ”

”It is even okay for us to accept dull duds but not this sort of backstabbers. ”

”Ah. I didn ’t think about that. You are absolutely right. ” Elias did not argue further and quickly agreed.

The two of them cringed as they silently continued watching the carnage in front of them and a minute later, the last couple of their guild members as well folded, falling down lifeless. 

”Ok. It looks like this is a wrap. Let ’s silently revive the players who are on the edges and then wait for the backup team. ”

Elias nodded and took out a scroll from his inventory. 

As he chanted the words in the scroll, it lit up and bright dots of light dispersed from the scroll to some of the fallen players, those that were close to them, instantly reviving them.

And more importantly, their figures materialized next to the guild leader and the guild vice-leader who were standing farther away, thereby avoiding the detection of the gnomes and triggering another disastrous chain reaction.

The group then silently hid in the exterior of the valley, behind the rocks, not daring to enter the war zone again.

”Leader, what the hell is this place? ”

Everyone who had fought just now looked utterly dazed even after dying once and reviving.

”Hmmm. ” Abraki sighed. ”It looks like this is some sort of a secret place. Don ’t worry about the party wipe. We can deal with this easily when the backup team arrives. ”

”We are bringing in more people? ” The person who had asked previously gulped.

”Yes. ” Abraki replied.

However, this did not make the person feel relieved at all. Instead, it made him all the more nervous. Coming here or rather teleporting here was not cheap.

They had used a huge chunk of their guild ’s wealth to get here and now they are using some more?

This meant that they would literally be betting their guild ’s development in this game in this single zone. Would it really be worth it?

Moreover, they had also irrevocably cut ties with their main target by attacking him sneakily!

Thinking about that person, the player quickly asked, ”Boss, would he have revived by now? ”

”Who knows? ” Abraki wryly chuckled. Their main intention was to use negotiations and if not brute force to make this person join their guild.

But after coming here, they obviously went for the better reward.

Elias looked around as if he was checking the landscape for Liam and then muttered. ”It is better if he revives. ”

”He did something to those gnomes that made them docile. We need his trick. ” 

”Then maybe we can even recruit him and also include him in this group. If he has any misgivings about our earlier interference, we can always compensate him. ”

”Ah. Yes. I am sure if he knows who we are, he would be more than happy to join us. ” Some of the others agreed. 

Most of them had first been at odds with each other in one way or the other before joining the guild. So they could relate.

But there were a few players who did not think the same

”Ha… If we didn ’t intervene, that person would have died anyway. No need to recruit random people just to get our hands on one potion. ”

”He couldn ’t even sense the presence of an entire guild nearby. Just how good could his skills be? He absolutely has no sense of perception whatsoever. ”

”That person is probably the worst kind of trash player who stepped on one pile of luck after another. ” 

”Kek. The look on his face when shit started exploding was simply priceless! ”

”What did he think? He could solo all of this? Idiot! ”

The bunch of players began to laugh and even the usually composed Abraki let out a chuckle. ”Very naive indeed. Sometimes people do stupid things out of greed. ”

Once again another round of laughter echoed.

However… unfortunately… none of them noticed a person standing just a few feet away, listening to every single word of their conversations from start to finish.

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