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Chapter 162 - The List Is Growing Bigger?

>Hiding in the shadows, Liam as well heard this and he finally understood how this bunch of people had tracked him.

In the game, there were special inscription scrolls just like his cursed ring that could teleport someone or a group of people to their target.

These were officially called [Target Lock] scrolls and unofficially called ’Stalker ’ scrolls.

And the only requirement for using this inscription scroll was the name of the target and some sort of interaction.

The first condition was typically the most difficult one as the second condition could be easily fulfilled by sending him a friend request.

Even if he did not accept the friend request, the condition would irrespectively be fulfilled as this in itself was considered an interaction.

Liam quickly opened his friend ’s list and voila, just like he suspected, the latest friend requests he had received were all from the members of the Assasin Guild.

Just as he was thinking about this, he suddenly realized something big, something very critical. 

The second time around, this batch of players had assembled right in front of him, the him who was in [Stealth] mode.

Liam ’s heart raced as he looked over at Abraki, wondering if he had realized the same thing. 

He did not want to underestimate his enemy and take any chances so he quickly moved away from the spot he was previously standing.

And right when he acted, Abraki ’s hand moved and a shower of hailstones assaulted the spot where Liam had been standing just a second ago.

What a close save!

This would have completely given away his location!

”Heh. These people are going to be a pain to deal with. ” Liam ’s lips curled upwards.

Meanwhile, the other guild members did not understand what had just happened. Even Elias had no idea why Abraki had activated a spell scroll.

These scrolls were very useful as they could be instantly activated, did not require any mana and the area they covered was wide.

At the same time, they were also hard to come by and were very expensive. 

One of their guild members had done a rare quest because of which they currently had a small supply of scrolls and also managed to obtain certain special scrolls like the [Target Lock] scrolls.

But to waste it like this?

Seeing all their confused faces, Abraki sighed. ”No one has answered me yet. Did you guys lock on to me or to Liam? Which target did you select when activating the scroll? ”

His voice thundered in the silence that prevailed among the 60 or so guild members who stared back at him blankly, the weight of his words slowly sinking in.

What the guild leader was actually asking was… is there any chance that the person was right now near them?

Is that why their teleportation scroll had landed them all close to him?

Or had they all simply teleported right next to their guild leader and their guild group?

While the latter was more logical and plausible, what if the former was true?

Everyone turned to look in the direction where the hailstones had rained…

Even though the place was eerily empty, they could all sense that something was off.

Gulping nervously, the player who had activated the scroll finally spoke. ”Leader, I am actually not sure. I was messaging you so I might have selected you? ”

”Are you sure? ” Abraki asked again. The way this guy was speaking looked like he himself did not have any faith in his words.

”I am sorry, leader. I was in a hurry. I really did not pay much attention to it. ”

Abraki narrowed his eyes looking at the person sternly for a few seconds. He then sighed and shook his head in disappointment. 

”These kinds of mistakes are rookie mistakes. Next time be more careful. ”

”Sorry leader. ”

”Alright, we have other matters to deal with. Now about this area… ” 

Abraki did not dwell on that topic anymore and started explaining about the mecha gnomes. 

Not too far away from them, Liam smiled bitterly.

This enemy was truly formidable… 

Whatever he planned, everything needed to go perfectly, otherwise, the consequences might be worrisome.

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