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Chapter 165 - Missing Persons

After catching the man ’s glance briefly, Liam grinned and waved his hand before reactivating his [Stealth] and disappearing into the southern cave.

Now that some of the Overseers were out and most of the Sentinels were also out, the time was ripe for him to take action.

He could have done this a while back but this turned out for the better as now he was able to move around and explore the place better and with more ease.

Once he was in, Liam ’s eyes wandered around speedily, taking in everything around him. He was standing in a huge hall almost completely lined with some sort of metal.

The inside of the cave was a stark contrast to the outside which was just a rudimentary rocky cave structure. 

In complete contrast to that, there were huge metallic structures and weird machines all around.

Even though Liam had already seen this beforehand, he couldn ’t help but gape at the expanse of the machinery.

It looked like some sort of high-tech manufacturing unit.

”Is this where they made those things? ” Liam tried to see if anything was relevant, but his feet continued moving carefully.

He was not alone in the huge cave.

Apart from the mecha gnomes, overseers and sentinels, it looked like there were also some worker bots that were still continuing to tinker with things on the inside even with the raging battle outside.

Liam carefully tip-toed around these and went to the end of the hall that lead to a narrow tunnel. 

If the information that he had was correct, then the item that he coveted despite all the risks and the dangers involved, should be at the end of the tunnel in a treasure chest.

”This better not be a lie. ” Liam shook his head not wanting to think about that possibility. ”Damn it, if for some reason this is all a big lie, those guys better be prepared for a world of torture. ”

He panted as he beelined to the end of the tunnel and was finally able to see a small room, inside which there was a bunch of treasure chests, all of different odd shapes and sizes.

”Oh? There were more than one? ” Liam knitted his brows together and slid into the room.

However, just as he neared it, three sirens started blaring, and blinding flashing lights popped up. 

The very next second, the still and lifeless metallic walls suddenly groaned and caved as a dozen new type of mecha gnomes started pouring out of the walls.

These were shooting out lasers, the light boring hole at any point it touched.

Liam stiffened up. As soon as he heard the commotion he had ducked behind the room ’s door, but now he was unable to take a step forward.

Though individually these probably would not be able to do much damage to him, if the dozen of them targeted him together, then they would definitely instant kill him!

He did not dare take this chance!

But thankfully, not all hope was lost just yet. This was why he had purposefully spent those 2 seconds at the entrance taunting Abraki.

Even though the outside of this cave was a nightmarish battle zone, Liam knew that the guild leader would come for him.

Not letting him down, at this exact same moment, a group of players barged in.


All the remaining gnomes inside the cave immediately reacted to their presence and flew after them with vengeance.

”FUCK! I KNEW THIS WAS A FUCKING TRAP! ” Abraki roared in anger. 

The issue was that even though he had an inkling that Liam was purposefully drawing them in, he couldn ’t help but go after him and check it out nevertheless.

What else was he supposed to do? Stand and fight outside like an idiot when another person was robbing the inside of the cave from top to bottom?

He did not want to bend over for the guy to screw him but ended up doing it anyway.

The dozen bots with blinding lasers started attacking the Assasin guild members leaving the other person all alone in the room to plunder to his heart ’s content.

Liam did not waste a single breath and started hurriedly opening up one treasure chest after another.

However, there was one more surprise waiting for him.

Now there were no more new bots, but the room itself started flashing red, giving Liam a bad feeling.




Liam clicked a few of the treasure chests and then hurriedly emptied everything out of the chests into his inventory without even properly looking at what they were.

If he was correct, then he only had a fraction of a second to get the hell out of here.

As he emptied the contents of the fourth treasure chest, Liam saw that he had finally gotten what he wanted, so he did not linger any longer and quickly activated his backup plan.

The cursed ring!

He had given one to Luna beforehand and as soon as he activated the spell, his body disappeared from the inner chamber of the cave and directly appeared right next to the red fox.

And almost at the same time, a huge damage number floated above his head.


And along with it… BOOM!

A deafening explosion rang in the distance. 

Liam froze as his heart was still beating out of his chest. What he had assumed turned out to be really correct. 

The last time around, the guild who obtained the items in the cave only boasted about one item and there was no talk about anything else.

But Liam had now seen plenty of treasure chests in that small room. So how could this be possible?

And there were also those flashing red lights…

It did not take him long to connect the dots and guess what might have happened. 

Just like the self-destruction program of the gnomes, the cave also maybe had one?

This was why he had not even bothered opening all the treasure chests and stopped his actions as soon as he had gotten the item that he wanted and immediately teleported.

Liam let out a deep breath and stood up to see the smoke in the distance and the explosions still going off like fireworks.

As for the other treasure chests in the room?

He He. Liam chuckled. 

The chance that the Assasin guild obtained those was next to nothing. 

They were probably destroyed and the impact of the explosion should have been enough to take out the remaining members.

And if they still managed to take away some scraps even after all that, then it was well earned and well deserved.

He had no qualms about it.

Liam let out a huge breath of relief and quickly hopped back onto the bird. This had taken a while but he was finally done.

”Let ’s go, Talon. Fly back to the royal city. ”

The wind ripper chirped and instantly soared high up in the sky. As they were leaving, Liam could spot a dozen people spawning in a barren land nearby.

However, just as they did, something galloped towards them and started massacring them left and right.

He could only make out the outlines from his height but he could tell that their state was not that good. 

This was a high-level area, after all, so the graveyard wasn ’t simple. 

It was probably in the territory of a high-level beast and getting out of here should be a pain after death.

In his previous life, the guild that discovered this place only did so when they were in their 50s. So they did not face this issue.

However, everyone right now was lower leveled. So they wouldn ’t be able to handle the mob in this zone and worse, the zones beyond this.

Seeing their pathetic state, Liam clicked his tongue and then collapsed on the bird ’s back to relax a little. 

He was tired as every minute of the last several hours had been extremely mentally taxing, but he did not close his eyes.

Instead, he opened his friend requests and went through the several names. His gaze landed on a name at the bottom and he clicked it.

Immediately, a notification popped out.

[Ding. You have accepted Abraki ’s friend request]

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