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Chapter 165 - Missing Persons

if they were there in the city or outside, they should be able to talk to him and communicate with him.

As he thought about this, a small idea popped into his head. ”Are they doing some sort of special quest? ”

”Halt. Pay the entrance fees. ” Interrupting his thoughts, the royal guard decked in shining armor blocked Liam ’s path and extended his hand.

Liam silently nodded and took out the silver coins to pay him. He also pulled his cloak further up to hide his face and stepped inside the city.

Just like Abraki had hypothesized, Liam also felt that his identity was probably sold to more than one guild. 

While the others might not have had the means to stalk him when he was in a remote place, now that he was in the royal city, it was a completely different scenario. 

So he covered his face for now.

”Alright. You may enter. ” The guard removed his weapon that was blocking Liam ’s path.

As his gaze wandered from the weapon to the guard who now looked ahead, ignoring him, Liam remembered Shen Yue ’s necklace and her quest.

”It said the King ’s chambermaid. Hmmm… ” Liam mumbled under his breath and stepped into the city.

He had not forgotten about Shen Yue ’s necklace that she received from the gift box and the quest that came along with it.

That was a special unique quest, specifically tailored for her. In his previous life, a lot of people had received special quests like this when the update was first launched.

Though these quests were not powerful enough to unlock hidden classes or special inheritances, many players learned special skills, obtained powerful pieces of equipment, and had gotten other miscellaneous unusual rewards.

This was why he had asked both of them to log in immediately to get a better chance of obtaining a good gift box.

So the necklace in Shen Yue ’s possession was probably not ordinary and the quest it invoked as well might not be.

But still… to not even respond back to him…

Liam decided to first log off and make sure that the two were not offline. 

And just as he thought, their apartment was empty and Mei Mei ’s game capsule was glowing inside her room.

”So she is still playing… ”

”If she is not offline and still in the game but can ’t talk to me, then those two are definitely in a special quest. ” Liam nodded and decided to wait a while.

He leisurely drank some water and ordered some food. He then took a shower and switched on the news, relaxing his mind and body a bit.

Fighting and running around non-stop had their own toll on the human body especially when it was a sudden change in lifestyle.

If Liam had been practicing martial arts or some other form of sports right from his childhood, it would have been much easier to get accustomed to the new future that awaited them.

A few minutes later, the food arrived and he absentmindedly chewed on his food while continuing to watch the tv.

But he was not able to relax at all as he was still feeling very restless about this whole situation. ”Damn it. I should just log back into the game and start talking to the guards in the palace. ”

He threw the dirty dishes into the sink, not bothering to wash them, and stepped into the game capsule once again.

And as soon as he did, a single unopened message blinked in front of him.

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