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Chapter 167 - VIP?

Liam ’s eyes widened and he hurriedly opened the message to see that it was not from his sister, but from the Assasin guild leader, Abraki.

He closed it and did not respond to him immediately. 

Instead, he first walked over to the Big Mug tavern that was near the city ’s center. 

This was one of the most crowded eateries in the entire city where the rich and the poor, players and NPCs, everyone alike preferred to drink and eat as both the food and drinks were amazing.

There were even a couple of NPCs here that gave out high experience points rewarding eating contest quests which needed a couple of tricks in order to be completed.

However, Liam ’s purpose in coming here was something else altogether. 

Apart from the delicious food and intoxicating drinks, this tavern was also the number one spot for getting to know the latest gossip.

All sorts of hot news about the city ’s events or other cities ’ events or even other kingdoms ’ events could be found here.

While his sister and Shen Yue were probably just stuck doing some sort of special quest, Liam still decided to come here and wait for the next couple of hours.

If in case, something else was going on with them that he was not aware of then this tavern would be his best bet to find out.

”I am taking this chair here. ” Liam waved at a big-breasted woman who was busy serving drinks. 

”I will be right with you, sir. ” She flashed him a coy smile, flitting about the various tables.

She was a very alluring good looking woman with a curvaceous full figure. 

Several players in the tavern were trying to hit on her and she also freely allowed them to feel her up for a good tip.

However, Liam ’s eyes were squarely fixed on the table in front of him. 

His gaze was on a small dark spot as he intently tried to listen in on the many conversations happening around him.

Most of the buzz was about the top guilds and the dungeon records. 

There were also several discussions about rare pets, particularly about the player who managed to capture a dragon as a pet.

The little fox lifted her nose upon hearing this specific remark and snorted in contempt. 

She jutted her furry chest forward as if she was saying she was the best pet and how could a stupid dragon compare to her.

If Mei Mei was around, she would have gone crazy at the adorable expression of the fox but Liam only let out a sigh.

”How difficult is it to just stay put in the city? ” He shook his head and took a sip of the brown ale that he had gotten.

Continuing to patiently wait for his two troublemakers, he opened his message list again and contacted Abraki.

[Now that we have exchanged our greetings, would you be interested in doing some business?] Liam sent him a message.

As if the other party was eagerly waiting for him to contact like a love-struck teenager, a return message instantly beeped back.

[What did you get from inside the cave?]

Liam scoffed at his reply and completely ignored it.

[I can provide you with 10 fire resistance potions in return for the name of the person who revealed my identity]

This time the reply did not come back immediately.

Liam continued sipping his drink, still listening in on the conversations. 

It would be best if they could do some other trades but as for what he obtained from inside the cave, they were already reserved for his two troublemakers.

After a few minutes, Abraki finally replied. [We don ’t have that information. We can trade gold or dollars for the potions?]

This reply was something that Liam had expected so he shrugged and accepted it. 

After all, how could the person who was capable enough to find out his identity be foolish enough to reveal theirs?

When he was about to send out another message, players seated on one of the tables near him started talking about something quite interesting.

”Did you hear? The royal guards arrested two women from the training hall today. ”

”Ya. I heard about that too. I also heard that one of those two was a total knockout. ”

”Fuck. I missed the chance. If I was there, I would have done something to save them and become the hero. ”

”Ya, I am sure a pretty girl like that would instantly become your die-hard fan and start giving you blow jobs in return. ” 

”Stupid stop daydreaming. ” 

”Did you think the royal guards are NPCs that you can mess around with? Those two will probably remain in jail for all of next week. ”

”Maybe I can bribe the prison guards? ”

”Heh. Then you will only find yourself in a prison cell right next to theirs. Did you not read the forums at all? ”

”The jail system here is insane. It is not easy to get out once you get in. ”

”Hmmm… I wonder what those two did to get themselves in this predicament. He He. Were they perhaps offering some special services? ”

”Ba ha ha ha! Even if they did, they would have probably rejected you! Have you seen yourself in the mirror? ” 

The bunch of players loudly laughed and continued chatting boisterously, when the table in front of them suddenly rattled, the wood thudding on the floor.

The person sitting at the table was also no longer there.

”What the heck? Who is in such a hurry to leave? ” They glanced over but then returned back to their merry evening.

Meanwhile, outside the shop, Liam ’s figure disappeared into the crowd, quickly weaving in and out. ”Fuck. I should have thought about this before. They are in jail! ”

When a player was in jail also, they were unable to log out or communicate, but he hadn ’t thought about this because it was not an easy feat to land in jail.

Even if it was murder or rape, as long as one did it outside the city, the royal guards would only turn a blind eye.

And he didn ’t think that his sister or Shen Yue was the type to start a fight.

At most, they would retaliate back if some other player provoked them in which case they wouldn ’t be the ones to be punished.

Liam was completely dumbfounded. ”What the hell happened? ”

As far as he knew, the only other sure shot method to land in jail was to assault an NPC with a social status and the royal city was full of them.

But what could these two have possibly done to assault an NPC? 

Considering that it was not easy at all to strike a conversation with an NPC, let alone take it long enough for the encounter to end like this… just what did they do?

He was speechless. These two had a special talent to attract trouble!

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