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Chapter 168 - Jumping In Ranks

After finally getting the information that he wanted, Liam did not linger any longer and hurried over to the royal adventurer ’s tower.

He did not go to the prison block directly and instead came here for a reason.

This was the place where special missions issued by the Kingdom could be found and these could be completed for earning experience points and reputation with the Kingdom.

Though it was one of few places where one could farm for reputation, it was a slow and torturous grind that took several weeks to months to make any sort of headway.

Nevertheless, players still continued to struggle with this as gaining reputation with the Kingdom was a very hard and tiring process. They were not handed out easily.

And reputation with the Kingdom was extremely essential. 

Apart from conquering dungeon records and leveling, this was the thing that most guilds were busy with.

This was because right now there were huge vacant plots twinkling like shining stars in various parts of the royal city and Yleka city.

These were prime acres of land in crowded streets which could potentially be purchased for setting up a guild base and guild trade shops.

Such a thing would bring both tremendous economical profit and growth and development to the guild, at the same time attracting several new incoming capable players.

The number of players entering the mysterious game ’Evolution Online ’ was only growing with each day. 

Big companies and corporations had started investing and several people even started ditching their main jobs to play the game and earn a quick buck.

Especially after the second update, the player base had doubled the first day and then tripled the next. 

It was prime time for the various guilds to establish themselves and start pulling huge portions of the incoming crowd.

After all, elite players might be the creme de la creme of the guild but the common members constituted the meat and potatoes.

Without the major chunk of the population flocking to their guild, even a superior guild would slowly die out.

Especially considering that very little information was available about the game, to begin with, no guild wanted to lose out on their numbers.

Of course, there were some who were going for only quality but when so many common people who hadn ’t played any game before were joining, it would be foolish to think about only quality.

So most guilds were looking at both quality and quantity and were trying their best to get their guild members to dominate the rankings.

Team after team assaulted the dungeons constantly trying to make and break the records.

But among all of these, the surest way to climb to the top was to establish their guild in a prime spot in the two main cities in the Kingdom.

Every single guild leader was aware of this.

However, no one was able to touch these low hanging fruits as no one had enough reputation points just yet.

The first guild to make this happen would no doubt soar high, standing out among everyone.

And everyone wanted to clinch this first place. 

So several different guild members were littered around the tower at all times in case a special mission popped up. They didn ’t want to miss out on it under any circumstance.

Amidst this huge gathered crowd, a single hooded figure silently moved through and started casually walking to the first floor of the tower.

Seeing this, everyone else who was gathered at the ground floor hall erupted into a loud uproar.

”What the heck? ”

”How is that person able to go up? ”

”Heh. Don ’t worry. It is just a stupid noob trying to act smart. Now, wait and watch the show. ”

Just like the player mentioned, as soon as the hooded figure stepped onto the stairs, a guard nearby rushed over and blocked his path.

”Halt. You cannot enter the above floors. Only the hall is currently accessible for your status. ” He concisely made the rules clear.

The murmuring crowd all glanced at each other giving knowing smiles. 

This was exactly why they were suffering so much! But this person wanted to go up so easily? Dream on!

They watched in amusement, waiting for the familiar attempts to flatter the guard and negotiate. Hadn ’t they all tried to do this themselves?

But no matter what… the final results would only be one!

They would be mercilessly kicked back to the main hall.

As several players sneered inwardly and waited for the hooded figure to be slapped and sent down, the man ’s hands moved and he took out something shining from his inventory.

”What is happening? ”

”What is that in his hands? ” 

Everyone started discussing in hushed voices. They had seen begging and bawling before but this was new.

Just like them, the guard also showed a shocked expression. He immediately stiffened up and stepped back. 

”I am sorry, Sir. Pardon my intrusion. Please go ahead. Please let me know if you need any information. ”

Not only was the royal guard polite but he even apologized to the hooded player. Everyone was shocked to see such a twist.

And right in front of their eyes, the player with his face covered climbed the stairs and casually walked up.

Unable to believe this, two more players quickly ran up the stairs to try their luck but they were immediately kicked back down by the stern-looking guard.

Guessing that what the person had taken out was a bunch of gold coins, some more players tried to go up and bribe the guard, flashing a sly smile, but they were also mercilessly kicked out.

One particular adamant player was even sent to prison for the attempt to bribe.

After witnessing this, no one dared to imitate the hooded player and silently ground their teeth, waiting for him to come back down.

Only then they might be able to obtain some information about this mysterious occurrence.

Meanwhile, after reaching the first floor, Liam no longer bothered to hide his face. 

There were no other players around him, so he removed the cloak covering his face and looked at the woman sitting in front of the counter.

The woman immediately noticed him and flashed a polite smile. ”Respected Sir, how may I help you today? ” She greeted him with regard.

Liam, however, was not in a mood to exchange pleasantries with the good-looking tower assistant. 

He directly dumped the thing that he was holding in his hand onto the counter space and got to the point. ”I would like to submit these to the Council. ”

The woman ’s eyes immediately widened in surprise and she couldn ’t help but let out a gasp.

”Ah… This is… ”

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