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Chapter 169 - Sold To A Lord!

”Ah… just a moment, sir. I will go bring my supervisor. ” The attendant sprinted away after staring at Liam like a deer caught in the headlights.

”Ok. ” Liam nodded and seeing that the woman had already disappeared, he started looking around.

He first started with the mission board which was almost empty except for a single mission that rewarded a chunk of 100 reputation points for hunting down a rogue demoness.

”Hmmm… this is a lot of experience points, if I had the time I would probably do this, but for now… no need. ” 

Liam then walked over to take a look at the few pieces of equipment on display. There were bows, swords, sabers, spears, and all sorts of weapons.

They all had a magnificent black luster to them and their marked weight recordings read as several tons. Otherwise, they completely looked normal.

But Liam felt his pulse quicken as he walked close to them. How much had he yearned to wield one of these in his last life!

These might look normal but they were absolutely not normal or even anything remotely close to normal. 

They were top-tier weapons that every single player would undoubtedly drool over. 

They singlehandedly set apart their wielders an entire 5 or 10 levels higher than their counterparts!

These were Epic grade weapons!

And each of them cost a staggering 1 million gold!

But even so in the future, every decent guild leader would invest in purchasing one as this alone showed the strength of a guild.

They were the absolute best weapons that were actually accessible and were relatively easy to obtain. 

It would be the dream of countless players to fight with one of these.

However, even with enough gold coins, not anyone could buy these types of equipment.

In Liam ’s past life there was a guild that was made of tycoons. 

One of the guild ’s upper echelons went full in on this bet and purchased a full set of epic-grade items from the tower, thereby bankrupting himself and the guild.

Several people criticized him for being foolish and several people also praised him for thinking big and dreaming big.

However, in the end, his life was tragically over because of the very same investment. It was absolutely impossible for a player to rely on equips alone.

Instead of overpowering every single one of his opponents like he wanted to, he instead became a laughing stock.

He was relentlessly hunted down by numerous mid-sized guilds, all of them eyeing his dazzling gear and within a day, he was completely stripped down to his underwear.

Every single piece of equipment on his person was stolen from him!

”Poor bastard. ” Liam chuckled. It was a grave mistake to underestimate the viciousness of this game. He only knew it too well.

As he started walking away from the weapons showcase, the supervisor, a slightly taller more mature woman came running downstairs from the upper floor, followed by the previous attendant.

”Sir, please pardon me. If I knew that you would be arriving today, I would have personally waited to greet you. ” She panted with her twin mounds jiggling in place.

”Please let me know, how I can help you, Sir. ”

Liam did respond to her immediately and calmly returned to the previous counter space. On top of that, he placed not one but 10 items from his inventory.

They were bright golden in color and shone with a blinding brilliance.

The supervisor gulped nervously at this sight and muttered in a low voice. ”Ah… do you wish to submit this, sir? ” 

”Yes, ” Liam replied, pushing the items towards the two women casually. 

These were the same golden insignias he had collected from the dungeon run, Decabria ’s lair, the dungeon full of elite demons.

Both the women sucked in a huge breath of air and started picking up the items with respect and reverence. 

But this was not the respect towards these insignias, rather it was the respect they were giving to Liam. 

Their eyes were glazed with admiration towards the mysterious expert standing in front of them. To obtain so many insignias was proof of his strength and valor.

Their hearts palpitated to meet such a dazzling figure.

Flashing shy glances at the expert, the two women collected all the insignias on the counter, and as soon as they took all ten of them, Liam promptly received a series of chimes.

[Ding. You have received 500 reputation points]

[Ding. You have received 500 reputation points]

[Ding. You have been awarded the title ’Knight ’]

[Ding. You have been awarded the title ’Lord ’]

[Ding. You have been awarded the title ’Baron ’]

[Ding. You have sufficient reputation points and you have also mastered a profession. You have been awarded the title ’Viscount ’]

A golden glow appeared on Liam, as he was continuously showered with the various notifications. 

Even though his clothes were badly ripped, and his items were worn out and close to disintegrating as dandelion spores, right now, the two women looked at him with visible yearning in their eyes.

They could already tell that the person was nobility and he was not someone they could easily talk to. This was probably their only chance to interact with him.

The supervisor hurriedly pushed out her chest forward wanting to impress Liam with her deep ravine, but he was already on his way out.

He pulled the cloak back to cover his face and calmly walked down the stairs. 

His main purpose in coming here was accomplished and though he had other things to do in this place, the timing was not right just yet.

As Liam walked down, instantly the numerous players crowded around in the lower hall prepared to jump on him. 

However, before they could even take a step towards him, four knights stepped forward from the shadows and stood next to him, boxing him in like tall mountains.

”Make way for the Lord! ”

”Make way for the Lord! ”

They harrumphed and coldly gazed at the surrounding crowd, instantly shutting everyone up.

From their mere looks, it was clear that they meant business so no one dared to approach Liam any longer.

And just like that, in the presence of everyone ’s astonished gaze, the person calmly walked out with the protection of the knights.

No one was even able to react in time. They had several plans to track him and extract information out of him as soon as he came down from the stairs.

But now he had come and gone like the wind and everyone just blankly stared at each other like sheep.

”What the hell is happening? ”

”Did that knight call him a Lord? ”

”An actual player becoming a Lord? That ’s impossible! ”

”Ya, it ’s impossible. Aren ’t we all struggling right now to become even a knight? How could he become a Lord so soon? ”

”Yes. That person is probably an NPC! ”

”Heh. You guys are only realizing now? Didn ’t I say that long back? Bunch of fools. You all don ’t even know how to differentiate a player from an NPC. ”

”Shut the fuck up. ”

Not paying attention to the crowd behind him, Liam continued walking out.

And once outside, he muttered to the knights in a low voice to stop following him.. A couple of seconds later, his figure casually vanished into the crowded streets.

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