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Chapter 17 - Lucky Start

[Ding. A new skill ’Throat Punch ’ has been created due to your actions]

[Throat Punch: Each hit will cause 120% damage; Cooldown: None]

Liam chuckled as he kept the dagger in his inventory and gazed at the light red aura now hovering around his body.

This red color aura implied that he had killed another player recently. Other than that, it also attracted more aggro from beasts and widened the aggro range.

This was the only penalty for PK (player killing) in the game at least in the current stage.

After he swiftly dealt with the single pest who had dared to show his face, Liam then went back to staring at the brook gurgling loudly near him.

His starting point in his last life was also Coldwater novice village in the northern part of the Gresh Kingdom.

However, he had unfortunately missed out on one of the juicy treasure spots of the Kingdom even though he had started quite close to it.

Liam planned to first rectify this mistake this time around. He didn ’t step into the waters of the brook though it looked quite cool and refreshing and continued to walk alongside it, heading further in the northern direction.

Not long after, he heard a low growl behind him and turned around to see a dark blue-furred wolf snarling and snapping at him. Its eyes were fluorescent yellow in color and they were unmistakably locked onto Liam.

As the animal slowly prowled towards him, a few more growls sounded, and within a minute Liam suddenly found himself surrounded in all directions by a pack of angry wolves.

”Heh. Dire wolves? Should be Level 3 at least. Not bad. They should give me some decent experience points. ”

Liam calmly smiled before finally unsheathing his sword that had been simply hanging around his waist all this time.

The long silver sword glittered in the bright sunlight and it dazzled as Liam slashed at one of the wolves coming at him.


An unbelievable damage number floated on its head.

Growl! Awoooo! The wolf yelped before its head was cleanly severed from its body and blood splattered in all directions.

[Ding. 50 Experience points gained]

[Ding. 50 Bonus Experience points gained due to the level difference]

[Ding. A new skill ’Slash ’ has been created due to your actions]

[Slash: Each Slash of the sword deals 120% damage; A critical hit attack deals 150% damage; Cooldown: None]

Liam flicked his sword and ignored the notifications that popped up vaguely at the back of his mind. His full concentration was on the fight in front of him.

Someone else might have been intimidated if they were suddenly surrounded by an entire wolf pack, with at least a dozen wolves, barring their teeth at them, but Liam remained calm and unfazed.

And it was because of a simple reason, the reason being he had seen much worse!

The wolves were not gentlemanly enough to come at Liam one by one, giving him enough time and space to slaughter everyone.

Seeing their first brethren fall on the ground, they did not wait patiently and let out a loud howl before jumping at Liam all at once.

”Perfect. ” Liam grinned and straightened up his stance. He neither attempted to evade them or flee from them, standing erect at the same spot.

His tall and steady figure was like an unsheathed sword burning brightly with the souls of a thousand warriors. This was his sword spirit.

To be more precise, this was the sword spirit he had gained enlightenment into after fighting countless battles in his previous life.

Though most of them had been losing battles, he had still persevered as much as he could. And his sword spirit reflected that. It shone with a brilliance that mirrored his undying will.

His life may have restarted but how could he possibly forget all the hard work drenched with his sweat, blood, and searing pain?

When the first wave of the wolves neared him, Liam calmly took a single step forward and swung his sword.

He sent a single slash towards the wolves pouncing at him and then spun around to send another slash towards the wolves coming from behind him.

The attack sliced through the air like a beam of terrifying energy and it cut down everything in its path, slaughtering one wolf after another.

And when there were no more wolves, the sword beam howled as if it was alive and it hit the tree nearby, splitting it into two and finally quelling its hunger.

It took him only a fraction of a second and two sword attacks, and instantly the dozen wolves crumbled down like melting butter.

Every single one of them was cleanly severed into two halves right down the middle of their body. In fact, the cut had been so crisp and fast, that it took a few seconds for even the blood to seep out.

And when blood finally started dripping, a horrendous pool of blood formed around Liam from where he was standing, his single person surrounded by the dozen corpses.

[Ding. A new skill ’Spirit Slash ’ has been created due to your actions]

[Spirit Slash: Each Slash of the sword deals 1000% damage; A critical hit attack deals 1500% damage; Cooldown: None]

[Ding. Skill has been locked]

[Ding. 50 Experience points gained]

[Ding. 50 Bonus Experience points gained due to the level difference]

[Ding. 50 Experience points gained]

[Ding. 50 Bonus Experience points gained due to the level difference]

[Ding. 50 Experience points gained]

[Ding. 50 Bonus Experience points gained due to the level difference]

[Ding. You have leveled up]

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