Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 170 - I Asked And They Gave It To Me

Inside the underground prison network…

A thin young girl in her teens rested her head tiredly on the cold bleak prison wall. Although this game had been fun till now, she right now hated it so much.

Which game puts someone in a literal prison, making them unable to get out, or even contact anyone? 

If they couldn ’t contact anyone, then how would one able be to ask for help? How were they supposed to get out of this hell hole?

There was no end in sight and it was making her very nervous. Moreover, it was also very cold and eerie for some reason.

Mei Mei shuddered and shook her body, trying to shake off the creepy feeling that was clinging to her. 

This place was making her very uneasy and they had already spent so many hours in here.

”Sis Yue, what is happening? It ’s been so long. I didn ’t get any messages from my brother. I am not able to send any out also. How much longer do we have to stay here? ”

”He won ’t even know that we are here! We could be anywhere! How will brother find us? ”

”He will be looking for us everywhere and we are probably going to have to stay here for several more hours! Oh my god, don ’t they have some sort of options to get out? ”

”We can ’t even log out! What the hell is this game! ”

She lamented with a tired voice as they hadn ’t even been given anything to eat. The conditions of the prison were truly bad.

Shen Yue who was in the neighboring cell heard the poor girl ’s cries but she did not have the mood to chat. She was right now very worried about Liam ’s reactions.

This was the second time she had directly or indirectly landed his sister in trouble!

More than getting out of this prison, she was concerned about that. So she absentmindedly said a few words to comfort the girl.

”Ahhhh! This is so unfair, sis. We didn ’t do anything. I agree we got carried away but this is too much. Those old guys are very bad. ” 

Mei Mei ’s voice continued ringing loudly in the otherwise silent prison cell.

Shen Yue as well answered her every now and then, but she was deeply engrossed in her own thoughts, fretting the inevitable. 

In the midst of this, every now and then someone would walk in and the two would look up with hope but only to see patrolling guards.

Somehow several hours passed by just like that and it did not look like they were going to get out any time soon. 

After a while, Mei Mei became even more anxious as she started facing a new dilemma.

”Ah! Sis Yue, I have to badly pee. Ah. What should I do? ” She looked with disgust at the iron bucket in the corner of the prison cell.

”No. No. No. I won ’t use that. Ahh. ” 

Maybe because she touched this topic, now Shen Yue also felt an urge to relieve herself. ”Mei Mei, stop talking about this. ” She smiled bitterly.

At first, neither of them was so miserable, but as time went by their mood started going down and now the two had hit rock bottom and were extremely gloomy.

Mei Mei was so close to crying out loud when suddenly a set of footsteps echoed, making the two instantly brighten up.

But that happiness quickly wilted away as in the next second, they saw the familiar patrolling guards. ”We are never going to get out of here. ” Mei Mei sighed.

Surprisingly, the guards this time did not leave quickly and instead one stood in front of Shen Yue ’s cell. Even the jingling of a big bunch of keys could be heard.

”Get up. ” The guard ’s gruff voice sounded and Shen Yue quickly stood up. ”Mei Mei, they are releasing us. ” She muttered hurriedly, letting out a big breath of relief.

Unfortunately… it looked like she had spoken too soon. The guard in front of her sneered after hearing her words.

Shen Yue did not like the look on the guy ’s face. ”Did you think you both are free to go? Heh. You are dreaming. Why would we sully our streets with criminals like you roaming free? ”

Both Mei Mei ’s and Shen Yue ’s hearts dropped on hearing the guard ’s malicious remarks. 

Just as they started to wonder what was happening, the guard promptly answered the question for them.

”You both bitches dared to swindle the elders of our city! Now face the consequences! An esteemed Lord is buying you two scoundrels. ”

”Hmph. Don ’t become too happy. He He He. Do you know the customs in a Lord ’s household? You both will be whipped and disciplined into submission! ”

”Maybe then you will finally learn to live as good law-abiding citizens. ”

Hearing his words, it took a minute for realization to dawn on the two women.

Mei Mei opened and closed her mouth speechlessly while Shen Yue took a step back. 

What the hell was that guard talking about and what the fuck was going on with this stupid game?

At least she was a bit older and if something happens, she could dust it off. The other girl was only fourteen years old. Wouldn ’t things like this scar her?

The two guards chuckled at the horrified expressions on their faces and they did not give them any chance to speak.

They quickly cuffed both of them and dragged them out. 

Both Shen Yue and Mei Mei once again opened their system interface and frantically tried to log out, but nothing was happening.

They could only watch helplessly as the two guards dragged them all the way up to a side entrance where a hooded figure was standing.

The two shook their heads vigorously, suddenly wanting to go back to the bleak dingy prison rather than enjoying the fresh air outside.

”Stop MOVING. ” The guard warned and then pushed the two ahead, making them stumble and fall.

However, immediately his attitude changed and he politely bowed before the hooded figure as if he was his personal servant. 

”My Lord, these are the two prisoners you asked for. Please let me know if I can assist you in any other way. ”

The hooded person waved his hand without saying anything much and five gold coins flew out of his hand to the guard.

Shen Yue saw this and bit her lips in frustration. These corrupt bastards were calling them scoundrels! How was this fair?

She looked up in despair to see who they had been bought by. On the side, her system interface was also open, ready to log out.

But to her dismay, the worst was clearly not over yet.

”Thank you, my Lord. Thank you. ” The guard bowed and thanked the hooded figure profusely.

Then suddenly out of nowhere, he added. ”My Lord, I also have some slave contracts with me if you wish to use one on them. ”

Both Mei Mei and Shen Yue became even more alarmed. Slave contracts? They both looked at each other with fear etched on their faces.

But the next second, the two jumped up in delight as a familiar voice sounded.. ”No, that won ’t be necessary. ”

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