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Chapter 171 - A Proposal?

After the two guards unlocked the cuffs, and silently retreated back to the prison, Mei Mei jumped onto Liam like a small monkey.

”Brother! You scared me! Why were you covering your face! Ahhh! These people arrested us. How did you find us here? ”

Without taking a breather, she hugged Liam tightly and started blurting out whatever was there in her mind.

But before Liam could say anything, another pressing matter forced her to calm down and step back. ”Cough Cough. Ah, can we first go to a restaurant please? ”

”Hmmm? ” Liam was surprised to see this sudden change in behavior, but he directly rejected her. ”No. Let ’s first talk about some things. I need to know more details. What did you both do? ”

He looked sternly at Shen Yue first and then at Mei Mei.

But both of them did not seem to take his words seriously and twitched and danced on the spot. Seeing this Liam frowned.

He absolutely did not want to ruin these last few days of happiness for them, but at the same time, he couldn ’t have them taking this game lightly.

”Why are you both dancing like this? ”

Both Shen Yue and Mei Mei looked extremely miserable. They couldn ’t even feel the relief of escaping from prison because of this.

Finally, Mei Mei could not hold it in any longer and mumbled in a low voice, with her face fully red from embarrassment. 

”Brother, we have to use the restroom first. We can talk later… Ahh. I promise I will tell you everything. ”

”Huh? ” Liam did not expect this and only remembered the pathetic conditions of the prison when his sister spoke.

He sighed and turned around. ”Alright. No one is there here. So why don ’t you guys first finish your business and then start talking? ”

Both Mei Mei and Shen Yue immediately panicked and shook their heads resolutely.

”What? Here! No way! Let ’s go to a restaurant! ”

”There is no time. I first need to hear what happened. You can either pee here or out in the forests. We are not stopping anywhere else. ” 

Liam was firm and did not budge from his position. 

He had a bad feeling and depending on what happened, perhaps staying in the city might not even be an option anymore for these two. 

So he first wanted to get out of here and hear what happened in detail.

Shen Yue still continued to hesitate but Mei Mei knew about her brother ’s stubborn nature and that he was probably not going to change his mind.

Also, it was not possible to control certain things for too long.

So quickly giving up, she bit her lips and ran over to squat near a tree.

Seeing this, Shen Yue was speechless. The other party was quite young and could easily do this, but she was a grown woman?

She opened her mouth to say something and then remembered how they had gotten into this whole mess because of her.

So in the end, she also pushed down her embarrassment and found another tree.

After a couple of minutes, the two once again obediently stood in front of Liam with their heads hung low. ”Now tell me what did you both do? Keep walking and talking. ”

His usual calm demeanor and smile were not there and just from his tone, the two of them could see that he was upset with this situation. 

So they both looked at each other nervously, neither wanting to take the fall. Mei Mei nudged Shen Yue on her elbow and she shook her head, still looking at the ground.

Liam ’s eyes twitched watching these two talking to each other in signals and continuing to mess around. ”Stop it. Mei Mei, you better start talking now. ”

”Ah… Brother… Ummm… That… ”

”Liam, can I fill you in? ” Shen Yue spoke up. 

Now that they were a little more at peace, she was able to think properly and wanted to talk to Liam about her new attribute and everything that had happened after she opened that.

She quickly filled him in on the quest details from the necklace and the charm attribute.

Liam ’s eyes furrowed and his frown deepened. He had heard about this attribute before but knew little to nothing about it.

Apart from ’charm ’, there were also other special attributes that some people unlocked. 

However, the information about these things was very limited as these were rare cases and the people who managed to unlock them did not openly publicize these secrets.

Liam heard everything patiently and did not rush to any conclusions. He might not know much about this but he was still knowledgeable enough to make some educated guesses.

”Alright. So after that how did you both get arrested? ”

After hearing his words, Mei Mei who had been standing silently up until now became even more flustered. 

Everything that had happened after this could unfortunately be entirely chalked up to her impatience and greed.

She wanted to run away and bury her head somewhere.

Shen Yue also felt extremely embarrassed to talk about this next part. 

She was not this kind of person. She had never done anything like this before. She had just gotten carried away with her partner in crime constantly encouraging her. 

But now that she thought about it, she didn ’t know why she listened to a fourteen year old ’s wise words.

She looked up at Liam ’s face and saw that he was not going to let them off without hearing the full story so she bit her lips and continued. ”Ahem… so… ”

”Because of this new attribute… the NPCs… I mean the elders in the training hall… ahem… they seemed to be very friendly with me… so… ”

”Hmmm? ” Liam ’s brows shot up in surprise. 

Looking at the two blushing and abashed, he could pretty much already guess what might have happened. 

”Did you guys go around learning all the trade skills by sweet-talking to the NPCs? ” 

”A little bit… ” Shen Yue looked away in embarrassment.

”What do you mean by a little bit? How many trade skills? ”

”Cough. Cough. All of them. ”

This time Liam was no longer able to keep calm and asked her hurriedly. ”All of them? You mean you just learned the beginner tier skill for all trade skills? ”

”No. ” Shen Yue shook her head. ”Up until the intermediate tier. ”

She didn ’t want Liam to misunderstand and quickly added. ”Umm… I really didn ’t do anything. I only asked and they gave everything away. ”

”We just… I mean I just… I am sorry. ”

”This is all my fault. I somehow again got us both in trouble. ” Shen Yue nervously fidgeted. She grew even more anxious because Liam was not saying anything back.

But what could he say?

Liam was completely speechless. 

He felt his throat dry up thinking about how others in the game right now were probably selling their blood and kidneys and were leveling up the various professions with extreme difficulty.

Not only was the success rate super low, but it was also very difficult to get recipe drops and material drops as these two drop rates were extremely low.

And this girl just like that managed to get everything?

She asked and they gave it to her?

What sort of an explanation was that?

”Just the skills… or… ”

”Un. I got a bunch of recipes also. ” Shen Yue quickly answered him. She told it very casually like it was a discount offer of ’Two for the price of One ’.

And seeing that Liam had visibly calmed down, Mei Mei also grinned and added. ”Brother, sis Yue got a lot of recipes! ”

Liam looked at the two waiting for his approval and acknowledgment and smiled bitterly. He decided to think about this later and came to the main point.

”If things went this smoothly, then how did you both end up in jail? ”

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