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Chapter 173 - The Second Gift

Seeing that the two of them were back to reality, Liam took out another cursed ring from his inventory and passed it to his sister. ”Here. I have one for you also. ”

”Huh? For me too? ” Mei Mei blushed, becoming bright red. Nevertheless, she accepted the ring and held it carefully as if it was a priceless treasure.

”Yes, for you too. ” Liam looked at Mei Mei and Shen Yue and both their faces were ripe like tomatoes. What were these two thinking about?

He was suspicious of the dazed look on their faces and quickly explained. ”Did you two read the description of the ring yet? ”

”If you guys are wearing this, then I can teleport to your location in case there is any danger. ”

”This way, you don ’t have to be confined within the city and can go out and do your own thing freely without any restrictions. ”

Ah… The two nodded, absentmindedly opening the description of the item. Only now did they understand what had just happened. 

As they were still reeling from this unexpected turn of events, the small fox, Luna jumped in front of them suddenly and turned around, showing them her butt.

At her tail end, very obviously another similar ring was present. The fox jiggled her butt repeatedly as if she was showing off to both of them.

You have a ring? I also have a ring!

The two girls ’ eyes immediately widened as they stared at this familiar ring in disbelief. The fox also got one?

Cough. Cough. They swallowed their embarrassment as now without a doubt, they knew that the ring was simply gifted to them for safety purposes.

”Ahem. Brother, is this the gift you were talking about? ” Mei Mei hurriedly changed the subject and tossed the ring on her finger.

”Yes, but I have one more also, ” Liam answered. He waited for both of them to equip the item first.

Shen Yue also followed Mei Mei ’s example and wore the ring, acting as if nothing had happened. 

After all, nothing had happened between them and now that she thought about it, it seemed utterly foolish to guess such a thing.

Although inwardly, she was a little more disappointed than the young girl.

She looked at the ring and softly sighed.

It might not be what she had expected it to be, nevertheless, she was thankful as she really did not prefer to remain in the city for long. 

It was far too crowded and there were far too many eyes on her.

Being in the wild, in a scenic natural place like this was far more pleasant.

However, weirdly enough, here also she felt as if a few eyes were watching them. Shen Yue wondered if it was perhaps her imagination that she was feeling so uneasy.

”Brother, what is the other gift? Take it out. ” Mei Mei also urged. ”Sorry, I don ’t like this place at all. ” She pursed her lips anxiously.

Liam was pleasantly surprised at both their discomfort, but he didn ’t say much. 

He smiled and gave them a mysterious reply. ”Don ’t worry. Things will be resolved soon. Just a few more minutes. ”

After that, he asked the two to wait a bit and started changing his clothes and gear. Every single piece was shiny and had amazing attributes and moreover, was rare-grade to boot.

”How on earth did you manage to get such awesome stuff brother? ” Mei Mei excitedly circled around him, checking everything out.

”A friend helped me out. ” Liam chuckled as he thought about the loot he had collected from the several dead assassins. 

Top-tier guilds had top-tier equips, and this was just an added bonus to the gear he already had in his possession.

The two of them continued chatting randomly and Shen Yue did not want to continue openly staring at the person changing his clothes.

It would be far too embarrassing if she got caught. 

So she took out some materials from her inventory as she had been wanting to try her cooking skills and recipes for a while now.

There was not much time so she didn ’t set up any kind of elaborate cooking area. 

She simply took out some sliced meat, applied some herbs and spices to it, and placed it on skewers before calling the small fox over.

”Luna, can you fry this? ” She chuckled. 

The small fox cocked her head and then nodded, opening her mouth to spit out some fire. 

But the next second, she unexpectedly dived in to completely gobble up the meat from the skewers directly, while displaying a very human-like naughty smile.

Shen Yue ’s lips parted into an O shape at the adorable expression. 

She was about to remove the cloak that covered her face and nuzzle the small fox when Liam interrupted her. ”No, leave it on. ”

Shen Yue looked up at him questioningly, but Liam was already busy with other things fiddling with his system interface.

She could only look at Mei Mei in puzzlement who simply shrugged.

She also did not understand why her brother said so. 

Weren ’t they in the middle of nowhere? Was it really important to keep their hoodies on when they were standing in a deserted place like this?

As the two silently waited for Liam, with only the sound of the wind whooshing past the tall green grasses, all of a sudden an arrow appeared.

Before anyone could react a barrage of attacks flew towards the three of them. 

There were all sorts of things coming at them, ice spheres, fireballs, lightning spears, a few undeads, spears, flaming arrows, purple steel arrows, the list was endless.

It was as if a sea of players had surrounded them from all sides and were attacking them.

Not as if… it turned out they really were!

Just as the attacks were coming for them, several players stepped out of nowhere, completely surrounding and encircling them.

Both Shen Yue and Mei Mei were stunned speechless! What the hell? How could this happen? 

They had come all this way and no one had followed them, but suddenly they were cornered like this out of nowhere?

Just who were all these players and why were they attacking them?

They both couldn ’t react at all and could only dumbly stare as the various attacks bombarded them.

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