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Chapter 174 - A Losing Battle

Both Shen Yue and Mei Mei shut their eyes tightly waiting for the inevitable death. 

Liam might be powerful but even inexperienced players like them understood that it was far too late to react now.

Also, the people surrounding them were numerous.

”Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. ” Mei Mei cringed, biting her lips, preparing herself for the pain. Shen Yue also had the same expression as both dreaded the next second.

However… weirdly… the next second did not seem to arrive at all.

Mei Mei still had her eyes closed but Shen Yue opened one of her eyes to take a sneak peek to see just what the hell was going on?

Had they already died? 

She was half-relieved at that thought as she hadn ’t felt any pain.

If it was painless like this, then she didn ’t mind dying. 

After all, they just started playing the game. How would it be possible for them to not die even a few times? It was just a part and parcel of the game.

However, as she saw the blurry image in front of her, she became shocked to find that they were still standing in the same spot as before.

She opened her eyes completely and just like before, they were surrounded by several players, but this time… for some reason… their faces looked unsightly?

Shen Yue dazedly turned to look at Liam who had a big grin on his face. It was not his usual warm smile but the kind… a villain would display… malicious and evil.

And before she could understand what was happening, another huge thing caught her eyes. Standing right in front of them were two gigantic figures.

Made of stone? Made of metal?

She had no idea, but it looked inhumane and there were two of them!

Shen Yue slowly stood up, gasping in utter awe. She looked around her in complete puzzlement. 

Though an array of attacks were plummeting down on them, not even one managed to touch them.

They touched some sort of invisible barrier and dispersed into nothingness.

She gulped and her gaze returned to the giant monsters standing in front of her. They were like towering mountains that popped out of nowhere. 

”Are they… blocking? ”

”Yup. ” Liam grinned, answering her rhetorical question. ”How do you guys like your second gift? ”

”Ah… gift? ” Shen Yue opened and closed her mouth without any words coming out.

Hearing the two of them talk, Mei Mei also flashed her eyes open wide. ”We are not dead yet? ”

”Nope. This is the second item I prepared for both of you. ” Liam lazily ran his fingers through his messy hair.

”With this, you can run wild and create whatever trouble you want, but make sure to do it outside the cities and towns and only in areas under Level 60. ”

The two women nodded, still in a daze. They continued staring at the giants, unable to digest the fact that something like this existed in the game.

They had never heard of or read about anything like this before. Moreover, such an item would have been an instant hit and top news and would have been all over the tv and internet.

But now, nobodies like them were in possession of such monstrous things?

”Brother, what is… what is this? ” Mei Mei asked, her throat feeling parched.

”These are called golems. They are engineered from rare mineral ores and mana combined together. ” 

”These past few days, I was out getting these two dummies for you both dummies. Do you understand now? ”

He opened the stats to display it for both of them.

[Ding. High-grade Defense Titan golem]

Health: 100,000,000

Mana: 100,000,000

Skills: Erect a mana barrier

Status: Cannot be upgraded

[Ding. High-grade Attack Titan golem]

Health: 100,000,000

Mana: 100,000,000

Skills: Punch, Kick, Crunch

Status: Cannot be upgraded

The two golems were not too complicated. They only had a few skills and a few properties, well except for the insane amount of health and mana that is.

”Brother, what the hell are these? They have the stats of some boss monsters! How did you even manage to get these? ”

Mei Mei ’s words sparked a thought in Shen Yue and she could now guess why Liam ’s clothes had been tattered, burned, and splotched with drops of blood.

He was just casually handing these two insane things to them but he had clearly suffered a lot to get them.

She clenched her fists and immediately spoke up. ”Liam, I think you should just keep two golems. These will be more helpful to you. ”

”If you are worried about us, then we don ’t really have to play the game or we can just stay inside towns and cities like last time and focus on upgrading professions. ”

”This time we will be more careful and not deal with NPCs so carelessly. Please keep these with you. To just give them to us like this, is too wasteful. ”

After hearing her words, Mei Mei also realized this point and what she was about to say got stuck in her throat and swallowed it back.

Now she could no longer deny the obvious.

When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

”Brother, are you the rank 1 player? ”

”Hmmm? ” Liam raised his brows. ”You mean the level leaderboard? I guess that should be me. ” He said it in a very casual manner but the little girl stared at him in disbelief.

It took a second for his words to completely register in her brain.

”Oh my god! You are too awesome! You are too amazing! ” 

Not waiting for his reply, Mei Mei jumped on Liam and hugged him tightly. She genuinely felt extremely happy and excited for him.

Others might not know, but she knew just how much Liam had suffered all this time. 

When their parents had died, their condition only became worse and he alone had born the brunt of it.

And even now… he was continuing to do the same.

Tears appeared in her eyes and she didn ’t mind the metallic and leather gear on Liam ’s body as she hugged him tightly and continued crying.

”Idiot. Why are you crying? ” Liam smiled helplessly. ”If someone gives you a gift, you should be happy. Not react like this, dufus. ”

”No brother. ” Mei Mei looked up at him with her tear-filled eyes and snot leaking nose, ”You should keep these two with you. You can become even more amazing. ”

”I don ’t want to be a burden to you. Not like this. ” She resolutely shook her head.

”You! ” Liam was speechless. It looked like these two were not going to accept unless he properly explained.

”By the way… who said I only had two of them? I am only gifting two to you both, I have others you know. ”

”But can we continue this discussion later? ”

”We shouldn ’t keep our friends waiting. ”

Liam smiled and turned to pay attention to the flustered players who were struggling, their teeth grinding in exasperation.

How could a bunch of Level 20 players possibly attack a Level 60 boss equivalent?

Wanting to take down a titan golem with just this much?


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