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Chapter 175 - Trapped

Watching their three targets stand inside some sort of barrier and cooly watch all the attacks raining down on them, the players standing around were further enraged.

”Boss, look at that. While we are struggling like this here, they are having some sort of happy family reunion. ” One of the players chewed his nails and spat out in anger.

”Are those two girls hugging that bastard? So hateful! ” Another one shouted and his bitterness seemed to stem from something else.

”What the fuck is this? What is happening? ” 

”What are those huge things? They look like golems but how could something so powerful pop up out of nowhere? ”

”There are absolutely no discussion or any mention of this thing even. Do you guys know what is happening? ”

”Leader, do our guild ’s high council members know something about this? ”

The group of players started getting frustrated and they directed all of it towards their party leader who had invited them here to recruit the person in front of them.

Many of them had suggested a more peaceful form of recruitment, but it was the party leader who had insisted on fighting and killing the person a few times first.

And now… that seemed to be a distant dream.

The leader of the group looked at his team members blankly, not knowing what to say. 

He did not even see what the three standing inside the mana barrier were up to, let alone hear what his teammates were complaining about.

His eyes were solely fixed on the two giant monstrous golems. 

”What are those things? This is the first time I am seeing something like this. ” He as well dumbfoundedly muttered.

At first, they had all assumed that they were fighting against some sort of summoned monster and their confidence did not waver.

Just because something was huge, it did not mean that it was equally powerful. 

And the players as well were not normal players. 

They were elite players from a mid-tier guild. 

While they might not compare to the experts of the top-tier guilds, they were better than the vast majority of players currently in the game.

They also had their own pride, so how could they back down so easily?

Without minding the two huge golems standing beside their target, they continued attacking with a frenzy.

Apparently, the golems they were fighting against had erected some sort of barrier so their attacks were unable to get through.

However, no barrier could hold on forever. This was probably the other party ’s trump card. 

So they continued tirelessly activating one skill after another, even supplying their almost emptied out mana pool with potions and edible items.

But this continued on without any end in sight and with every passing second, their frustration was only increasing.

”Leader, why is the barrier still not deactivated? ”

”Damn it, I am down to my last mana potion. How much longer do we have to keep hitting this thing? ”

The leader himself was speechless. ”Just… ughh… Keep attacking. ” He muttered in a daze, his brain working overtime to think what the hell was happening.

He had a bad feeling that he had approached this problem in an unnecessarily hostile manner and made an enemy out of someone that he should not have. 

”Fuck. Why did I listen to that stupid woman? ” He cursed inwardly, but it was too late now. He could only blame himself for this misfortune.

”Keep… attacking… ” He weakly muttered again, though he already had a feeling that this was probably not going to end well for them.

On the other end, Liam silently grinned.

What a strong barrier! Even if a hundred players together continue throwing stones at this, it was still difficult to weaken the barrier.

Because this was an entirely different tier magic when compared to the attacks that they were using.

So no matter how much they struggled, at this point in the game, it was near impossible to break this open. It was only a losing battle.

This was exactly why he was not willing to give up on the gnome base and went through so much to get the items from the treasure chest, even risking death.

Even though he would never be able to take these titan golems out of the game and their effects would also considerably diminish at the later stages of the game, it would still give him a lot of leeway at his current level.

With this, he can peacefully do his own thing and not worry about these or constantly spend time being their personal bodyguards.

”Alright. Time to show off your strength. Go attack. ” Liam commanded the attack-type titan golem. He did not have all day to play with these friends.

While these people were not even at Level 30, Liam was just a bit shy of reaching Level 40. 

A difference of ten levels coupled with his already extraordinary physique was something these people could not easily overcome with just numbers.

Especially with the presence of the two golems, these players were nothing but ants trying to eat an elephant.

When the elephant moved, the tiny insignificant things could only wait to be slaughtered.

Liam calmly stood back and watched as the attack golem finally moved. 

Its movements were neither slow nor fast. It moved at a steady pace and its every step sent out quakes and tremors in all directions.

Watching the golem step out of the barrier and come towards them, everyone instantly tensed up but as soon as they saw its speed, they relaxed a little.

So what if it was too strong? As long as it was slow, they could easily escape all the attacks!

The player closest to the golem sneered as he swung his saber at the giant. Without the barrier, he was confident that he would be able to do significant damage.

However, just as he moved, unexpectedly, the golem ’s hand also accelerated and its speed suddenly increased several times.

Before the saber swing could land on the golem, the golem ’s fist had landed on the player and flattened him into a thin pizza crust.

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