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Chapter 176 - The Tank Who Was Left Behind

Watching one of their elite team members being crumbled like a piece of paper right in front of their eyes, everyone ’s hearts stopped for a moment.

Every single one of them had looked at the golem ’s movements and assumed the same thing. However, the reality seemed to differ.

To say it slow and underestimate it would result in instant death!

No one had any doubts about this, but the issue was… if it was equally strong and fast, then what the hell was its weakness?

Just how were they supposed to fight back against this monstrosity?

Everyone ’s faces fell. 

All the confidence they had at the beginning completely disappeared and now they did not even care about recruiting this person.

Enough was enough. This was a fight, they were clearly not going to win. So what was the point in standing around and getting killed?!

The only option was to run.

Everyone gulped. They knew that they had to wait for further instruction but the party leader still remained silent.

Was he even alive? They did not know, but they no longer could afford to wait around. 

After killing the first member of the group, the golem mechanically moved its marble eyes to look at its next target, the player standing on its right, who had also come up to attack it. 

Gruu. The solid earth cracked and groaned as the golem ’s body once again moved.

The player who had daringly come up to fight back saw this and his legs turned to jelly. 

He didn ’t want to feel the same pain his teammate felt, so immediately made a move and started to run away at top speed.

Watching him, the others also started sweating. It was undoubtedly going to be their turn soon.

Without waiting for any sort of command from their party leader, all the elite members instantly scattered and ran for their lives. 

Whoever was alive simply ran in whichever direction was closest to them, not bothering to even check which zone they were in. High-level or low-level, it didn ’t matter.

They just wanted to get the hell away from this place.

But how could the golem let everyone escape so easily? Its speed also increased and the ground trembled as it chased the runaways one by one.

The aggro zone of these golems was several times bigger than the aggro zones of the common beasts. It could be compared to a rare elite or even a boss elite.

So one after the other, players eventually got caught and were pummeled into meat paste. 

Calmly watching the show, Liam chuckled. 

”Tsk. Tsk. Too bad… This golem can only execute physical attacks. Otherwise, it could have used large-scale magic spells to insta clear these pests. ”

”Well… I guess… This way isn ’t too shabby either. ” 

He smiled, watching the horrified expressions on everyone ’s faces just before a giant leg or a hand landed on them and crushed them into a pattie.

This was always how the world worked. 

A few minutes earlier, this same group of people had ganged up on 3 random persons they had never met in their lives, all for the sake of their own benefit.

They did not care about who they were hurting or care about the pain they would suffer because of how the game was designed.

All they wanted was power and money. They did not even bother negotiating with him first. They wanted to let their fists speak before their words spoke.

And now that the tables were turned, they were screaming and begging for mercy.

But unfortunately, they were asking him for something that he did not have. 

Casually admiring the structure and the mechanism of the two golems, Liam continued standing on the sidelines, while the scene in front of him was slowly but surely unfolding.

The elite group of players ran around like mice being chased by a big cat. To make matters worse, this area was smack dab in the middle of a high-level zone.

So those who ran from the golem were running towards the beasts that reigned this region. They were caught between a rock and a hard place.

People who ran right ran back to the left, and those who ran left, ran right, all circling around the golem at the center.

But it looked like there was no escape.

Did they want to die in the hands of a beast or be instantly killed by the golem? The choice was theirs but on all sides, only death awaited them.

At certain times, the golem reached a player tangled with a beast, crushing both of them into patties at the same time.

As things continued in this manner, within just a few minutes, the golem had laid devastation on the dozens of players who had surrounded them.

Half of them were already dead. 

Leaving the two girls with the defense-type golem, Liam as well moved out, stepping out of the barrier. He wanted to personally hunt some of the fleeing rabid dogs.

And with him joining in, the already chaotic place became fell into further disarray. 

Only one swing of his sword was required to finish his opponents as they were all already at the end of their wits and were not in the least protecting any of their vital spots.

In fact, they did not even realize that he was the enemy as they were busy running around trying to find a way out of this place.

They only had the monstrous golem in their mind and unfortunately, they completely failed to notice that their original intended target was also equally monstrous.

”Easy pickings. ” Liam chuckled and picked up the equipment that had dropped onto the ground.

He only intended to dip his toes and get his feet slightly wet without intervening too much. After all, he had suffered a lot to get these two golems.

So he let them play and leisurely looked around.

As he eyed the group of people who were still alive, surprisingly, there was a specific familiar face that caught his interest.

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