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Chapter 178 - Ball Is In Your Court

”Alright, then. Why don ’t you shoot a message to your leader? I don ’t have anything to do right this second. I can wait with you for their reply. ”

”Ah. Thank you. Thank you. Mr. Liam. I am grateful that you gave us this second chance. ” Derek did not continue to wallow on the sore topic and quickly sent a message to their group leader.

If they could somehow form an alliance with this powerful person, it would be tremendously helpful for the growth of their guild.

He immediately sent the message but as for the reply…

A couple of minutes passed as the two men sat in silence and enjoyed the gentle breeze of the verdant plains.

”Still no reply? ” Liam smiled.

”Ah. I think they might be busy. ” Derek tried to explain. Though inwardly, he was panicking. He wasn ’t even sure whether this message was seen yet or not.

Even normally, the party leader had a habit of ignoring him, and now that they were running for their lives, the chance of him getting an immediate reply was unfortunately a big fat zero.

”Umm. I think things might be a bit tricky right now. Can I get in touch with you later? ” Derek winced and muttered, afraid to meet Liam ’s eyes.

He very badly hoped that Liam would agree and not take it as a sign of disrespect. 

Because later on, if things did not turn out well, he would be the person everyone would blame once again. 

He had already tried his best but it wouldn ’t matter. They would blame it all on him and make him pay some sort of fine irrespectively.

Derek sighed. He had been in this situation so many times that he was now used to this treatment.

Seeing his strained expressions, Liam smiled and did not beat around the bush anymore. He got straight to his point. ”You can leave, you know. ”

”Huh? ” Derek was shocked. Weren ’t they talking about business deals right now? What is this about?

”I am saying you can leave that guild, ” Liam repeated his words.

What Derek himself did not know and his teammates did not know was that he was one of the top players in the game.

He also, later on, became the main General for the Guardians guild, one of the top guilds after his current guild was disbanded.

While the other Generals were all long-term guild members who had been there with the Guardians guild from the beginning, Derek was a newcomer and yet rose to that position unanimously without any opposition.

He was just that skilled. However, what Liam admired about him and was more interested in was his honesty. 

This person was treated like a doormat by his guild because he urgently needed fees for his mother ’s treatment.

They made him a dog and tortured him, all because the other tank in the guild was jealous of him.

They did not want to let him leave as even they knew he was a top-tier player but since he had a calm and submissive personality, they made use of it and treated him like trash until the end.

Liam did not know what changed in the future that made his character drastically change from whom he was right now.

But the person in front of him was still that calm, patient, and submissive person. 

So if he did not use this opportunity and try and obtain him as an ally, he would be a complete fool.

However, there was a major problem when dealing with people like this.

Liam valued him for his loyalty and honesty but these would be the very same qualities that would prevent him from breaking away from his current team.


”How do you not have any money with you, even a few silver coins to exchange for a health potion? Are you in need of some money? ” Liam lightly treaded.

Derek, who was already reeling from shock from Liam ’s previous words, now was even more flabbergasted.

This person was some sort of mind reader? How does he know everything? He stared at Liam dumbly, unable to answer any of his questions or respond to him.

”Why are you looking at me like that? I am just asking as a friend and as a future business collaborator. If you need some money, I can loan it to you. ” Liam paused.

Then as if he could read the other person ’s thoughts, he further added. ”It doesn ’t matter how much. ”

”No. That… ” Derek hesitated.

”How much do you need? 100,000? 500,000? 1 million? ” Liam continued, not giving him a chance to refuse.

With each word he said, the other person became even more speechless.

”Look here. I already know that you are in need of some money. And your so-called friends are probably not going to help you. ”

”They might have promised you but I doubt that it is going to happen anytime soon. ”

Liam looked at the person and with an unwavering gaze, he continued. ”I am ready to help you now. ” He slowly spoke, enunciating his every word.

”How… How do you know? ” Derek stuttered. He had never met this person before in his life and yet he was able to obtain every last detail about him.

”Does it really matter how I know? How did you guys find out about my identity? See, there are many secrets in this game and many ways to know about many things. ”

”Let ’s not confuse ourselves with those inconsequential details. ” Liam purposefully diverted the topic and brought it back on track.

”The only question that matters is… do you want my help or not? Within three days I can guarantee to give you that amount that you need. ”

”So do you want it or not? ”

Derek gulped. He had no idea what to say and only dumbly stared at Liam. His earnest sincere expression made Liam shake his head helplessly.

”I am not going to lie to you. ”

”I am not doing this for you. I am doing this for me.. Just like those guys, I also plan to exploit you. ”

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