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Chapter 179 - Leader! We Are Here!

”I am not doing this for you. I am doing this for me. Just like those guys, I also plan to exploit you. ”

”I want you to be my right hand. I want you to work for me and slave for me just like how you are working for them and slaving for them. ”

”But the difference is… I know what you are worth and I would never let your family ’s situation get worse. ”

Liam sighed and stood up. ”Alright. I have said everything that I wanted to say. Now the ball is in your court and the decision is up to you. ”

”Call me whenever you make a choice. There is no need to rush but the sooner you make a choice, the better it would be for the both of us. ”

”I don ’t have to remind you how the game is growing beyond its limits every single day. So even an hour counts. ”

”If you join me soon enough, then I won ’t have to loan you that money at all. You can make it yourself, but if you join later… I will still be able to help you but everything will be different. ”

”Think carefully and decide soon. ”

After saying what he intended, Liam gave the dumbfounded guy a look and nodded his head, before starting to leave.

He didn ’t believe that he would be able to sway this person so quickly. But there was no harm in trying.

After all, he only knew bits and pieces about this person ’s life because in the future he would become a very famous personality. 

He still had no idea about his current life and current circumstances.

From the way his teammates treated him and the little information he already had, he just vaguely guessed things and made a move.

Now, he could only patiently wait for the results. Although it would be nice to have an ally like that, he wasn ’t too concerned if it didn ’t pan out.

Liam silently walked back to his sister and Shen Yue who were both standing near the defense golem. 

He had now settled everything, well almost everything as there was still one another thing that bugged him.

”Both the guilds wanted to recruit me, but they both directly went for the stick and tried to strongarm me instead of trying the carrot approach? ”

”Heh… This is interesting… Hmmm… ”

”It is almost as if they were already informed that I am not an easy person to deal with. ” Liam rubbed his temples with his hand and chuckled.

Earlier he only had a hunch but now he was almost sure of it. A mosquito was buzzing around incessantly, trying to suck his blood.

A certain someone was purposely making things difficult for him in the background.

”I will deal with you later. ” Liam deactivated the defense golem as there was no longer anyone else in the surroundings.

Most of the people who came for them either died or fled far away from the spot.

”Brother, what were you talking about with that person for so long? Do you know that guy? He looks like a foreigner. ” Mei Mei tip-toed, trying to see if Derek was still sitting in the same place.

”Brother, he is still looking at us. ” She added.

Liam caught the little head with both his hands and turned it towards him. ”Leave that guy alone. Focus your curiosity here. We have other things to talk about. ”

He flicked the girl ’s forehead and opened the map in front of the two women. 

He then started pointing out a few remote locations in the Gresh kingdom that gave a lot of experience points, skill books, and rare material drops.

”I want you both to pay a visit to these spots and train by fighting with the elite beasts there, ” Liam explained.

As far as he could think, the best way to keep these two out of trouble was to give them a bunch of chores. 

In fact, it was only a short while ago that he got this idea while he was talking to Derek. 

This way, these two will have some goals that they need to accomplish and not simply run wild wherever it pleased them.

It could help them keep out of trouble and at the same time earn some money and gain experience while they were at it.

So he gave the duo detailed explanations and important things that they needed to keep in mind and basically gave them a full leveling map away from where most people would choose to grind.

”Remember, focus on your training and combat first. That is more important than leveling up other professions and practicing recipes. ”

”And don ’t try to fight something that is several levels above you by relying on the golems. That tactic would help you get things faster but your skills will not develop properly. ”

”You both need to know how to fight properly. Don ’t unnecessarily use the golems. Use them only if you are in danger. ”

”You can dismiss them and summon them when you want. ”

He patiently gave a bunch of instructions to the duo and then activated the nether portal to start his main business.

”Ah, what is this? ” 

Both Mei Mei and Shen Yue gasped in surprise to see a black swirl of energy materializing in front of them, but Liam was too tired to explain everything to them.

”Just remember what I said and here, keep Talon with you. This should make your travel a lot faster. I will check in on you both every now and then. ” 

”Behave alright and inform me in chat about each and every small thing? ” He felt like a mother sending out her kids to study in kindergarten. 

Unfortunately, this place was just that dangerous so he could only be overprotective like this.

Liam, then along with Luna disappeared into the portal, which also closed instantly after they left.

Shen Yue and Mei Mei were the only humans left standing in the spot amidst a bunch of corpses. 

They watched the two giant golems standing in front of them, waiting for their command, and gulped nervously. This was far too much power.

The bloody scene around them was proof of this power.

”Sis Yue, I think we need to work harder. ” Mei Mei slowly mumbled. She still couldn ’t believe that Liam actually left the giant golems with them.

Shen Yue nodded, completely agreeing with her. 

She now understood how this person had earned so much money to live in the apartment that they were currently living in.

This was just a pastime for her but for Liam, she could tell that this was his livelihood. So she did not dare to be careless any longer.

She wanted to help him grow bigger and not be a hindrance. ”Ok, we should leave then. ” 

”See this place should be close to our level and Liam mentioned that the beasts here were weak at night. We can try fighting with these guys first? ”

”Mmm. I think that is a good idea too, Sis Yue. ” Mei Mei replied. 

She then dismissed the two golems who rapidly shrunk to two small heavy black balls, that she placed carefully in her inventory.

The duo then hopped onto Talon ’s back. 

While Mei Mei was petite all over, Shen Yue was also quite thin with only flesh in her curves, so the bird was able to support both of them.

After they settled comfortably, it rose up into the skies and disappeared.

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