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Chapter 181 - Black Pearls

”Will not work? Why? ” Liam was surprised. The magic inscribed was intact and it hadn ’t been tampered with so technically it had to work.

”Raaaa! Are you stupid? Of course, it will work but you are not supposed to use these. Did you not hear anything about the war command? Go switch out for the new ones. ” The demon snorted in annoyance.

It looked like he was not interested in explaining things to Liam anymore and continued minding his own business.

”Hmm… ” Liam shrugged and looked at his underlings. ”What is this all about? Can someone fill me in on the details? ” He fished out a silver coin from his inventory.

Instantly, all five demons brightened up and became happy. This was their leader, a generous and kind soul, always showering silver coins on them!

Immediately, one of the demons stepped forward and explained. ”Leader, because of the war preparations, all invasion missions are currently ordered to be directed only to the Xion realm. ”

”The old scrolls can be exchanged for the new scrolls at no extra cost. ”

”Good job. ” Liam tossed the silver coin to the demon who was very proud to have satisfactorily answered him, while the other four in the group looked at the lucky guy enviously.

After that, Liam went to the war office to exchange the scrolls. He met the same condescending snarky demon who was stationed there last time as well.

”Ke Ke. How come I didn ’t see you for the past few days? Did you get injured? Ke Ke. No, wait, did you get S.C.A.R.E.D? ” The demon chortled viciously.

Liam shook his head ignored the idiot. He was about to take out the scrolls to exchange but at the last minute, he decided to save these for later.

Instead, he simply took out some gold coins and placed them on the counter. ”Can I buy some new invasion scrolls? ”

The demon ’s eyes widened in shock and envy as it saw the greenhorn bring out more gold coins. Just where the hell was this bastard getting such wealth?

The demon lands were all completely riddled with poverty. Even one silver coin was scarce and could supply food and rations for an entire family for a few months.

But this young inexperienced demon was taking out gold coins like candy. In all its years of service, it had never seen a squad leader treat invasion missions this casually.

A soldier had to struggle for months together to earn enough copper coins, convert them into silver coins and also obtain contribution points.

They had to risk their lives numerous times, get hardened by the woes of multiple battles to finally reach the point where they are able to personally lead a squad and command their own invasion.

However, this greenhorn without a single scar on his face had so much wealth. 

He spat out the bosco weed he was chewing in his mouth and begrudgingly took out about 10 of the new invasion scrolls.

”Here you go. Hmph. ” The demon slammed the scrolls on the counter. ”One of these days your luck is going to run out, pretty boy. ”

”We will see. ” Liam smiled and walked away, securing the scrolls in his inventory space.

The event could be triggered any day now so he did not have the time to argue with a random demon. Moreover, the beginning stage of the event was already here.

Their invasion portals which were previously designed to open up in myriad realms in random places were now only directed to one world, their main world.

If this was not a hint that the event was going to be triggered soon, then what else was?

Besides, the chances of things getting more complicated than necessary was also high right now. 

Since he will be doing these missions in the same world where everyone was there were high chances of running into other players.

Liam walked over to his squad and quickly activated the new scroll to start the invasion. The activation process was a bit different, with a blinding flash of light now covering them.

A second later, this light disappeared and the squad then found themselves in a dark forest with heavy winds blowing past them.

It looked like they were in the middle of some sort of village.

Before Liam and the five demons could figure out where exactly they were, the few cloaked figures walking past them realized the presence of strangers in their midst.

They all stopped to turn and look at the group of demons. ”AAAHHHHHH! ” One of the women loudly screeched. ”DEMONSSSS! ALERT EVERYONE! ”

”This is bad. Attack. ” Liam shouted as well and the group dashed towards the cloaked figures at full speed. They needed to clear at least a few before the reinforcement arrived.

Liam started with a big fireball and tossed it to the figure at his right, before bringing down his sword at the target.

Next to him, the five undead hounds also targeted the same person and started attacking.

In the midst of this rumble, Liam was able to see the person under the cloak. It was in fact another human being but there were dark black circles around the person ’s eyes.

And his entire body was covered with elaborate tattoos.

[Level 25, Dark Mage]

”Oh! ” Liam nodded in understanding as he swung around and slashed at his target a few more times. 

The man cried in agony as he was not able to retaliate to Liam ’s nimble and savage attacks, every single one of them targeting his vital points.

”Why? Why are you attacking me along with these demons? Aren ’t you a human too? ” The dark mage cried out in agony as he saw the last of his health bottom out.

”No, I am a demon. ” Liam muttered, answering the dying man ’s last question.

”Please. Stop this. Stop helping the demons. Show some mercy. Join us and… together… we can. ” The person was not able to finish his words and dropped dead lifelessly.

The dead eyes were still staring at Liam when his body dispersed into nothingness.

[Ding. You have gained 10 experience points]

However, Liam only chuckled.

Perhaps an inexperienced player might be fooled by these words, but this was Liam ’s second time around. 

Show some mercy? Dark Mages were humans who went astray from the path of a mage and cultivated by strengthening themselves with chaos and madness.

Now, these guys were teaching him right and wrong? How ridiculous!

Liam sneered and moved to his next target, slaughtering everyone in sight. At first, he was worried about a certain issue.

This was the level difference between himself and his underlings. Just because his level was almost double theirs, he was worried that they would find themselves in a high-leveled zone.

Thankfully, it looked like the scroll worked the opposite way and most of the dark mages around them were only around 20 to 25.

So it probably took into account some sort of average.

Liam did not dwell on it for long and quickly started clearing the human village. The entire settlement was full of dark mages.

”Luna stay with me. You all should go to the demons and help them. ”

He commanded the undeads to assist the others as they were fighting on the same level or sometimes slightly higher level and probably did not have it as easy as him.

But when Liam stopped and observed their progress, the other demons also seemed to be doing quite well.

The trick to defeating the dark mages was attacking them when they were fighting alone and dealing with them in close combat, thereby preventing them from casting anything.

This came naturally to the demons as they split themselves into two groups, one of two and the other of three, and started ganging up against the dark mages.

Within just a few minutes, the several human beings in the village were completely eliminated, not leaving a single one out.

”This is it? ” Liam kicked aside the last few corpses, collecting the loot.

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