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Chapter 184 - Reward And Punishment At The Same Time

After activating the next invasion portal, Liam, Luna, the five undead hounds, and the five demons were all once again teleported to a region on the Xion realm.

This time they found themselves in the vicinity of a huge cave, filled with poisonous spiders. 

This was the hundred-legged spider king ’s nest, one of the hidden dungeons in the Marlow Kingdom, another human kingdom.

However, unlike the Gresh Kingdom, this one was full of high-level zones, and players who start here typically migrate to the nearest Kingdom to progress faster in the game.

Of course, some choose to stay here and struggle as well. 

But what they become would only be determined by their own abilities.

While some metals exhibit their most magnificent luster under the fiercest of hammering, others simply break apart, unable to withstand the same.

So it was a gamble to stay in this Kingdom and not many players chose to do it. Because of this, not many players were present around these regions.

Liam also had personally never visited this Kingdom and was excited to raid the spider ’s nest with his group of motley demons.

”Be careful. These beasts have venom in their fangs. ” He warned his team, but the fighting abilities of his demon underlings were not that refined.

They slammed the smaller mobs of spiders left and right, but in the process ended up taking several ticks of poison damage.

”At this rate, I am going to spend a fortune just supplying these guys with health potions. Nope. ” Liam shook his head. ”Let ’s stop here and take a break. ”

He took out some herbs and started setting up a cauldron right in the middle of the spider ’s nest. He then took out a couple of recipe scrolls.

[Ding. You have learned the basic Anti-Venom potion recipe]

[Ding. You have learned the low-grade Anti-Venom potion recipe]

Liam had obtained these two from the auction house and even had to outbid by dropping a decent sum of gold coins, but anti-venoms were always useful so he invested in these recipes.

There was also another intermediate-grade Anti-venom recipe present but it was marked for a thousand gold coins.

The person who auctioned this was obviously not aware of the value of the recipe as he had simply put it up at the wrong time.

While thousand gold coins were a lot of money at this early stage of the game, when everyone ’s average level was around 50, these many gold coins were not too extravagant.

At that time, this pricing could even be considered cheap.

But right now, even Liam did not bother buying it because of one simple reason. It was just a waste of gold. 

He neither had the need for this strong dose nor the materials required for concocting this higher grade anti-venom.

Liam calmly took out the required herbs for these two recipes and started preparing the concoction. All the demons standing around him were stupified.

Their leader could even concoct potions using a cauldron?!

Their respect for Liam once again grew by leaps and bounds.

They silently watched him handling everything with ease. 

A few critters wandered towards them every now and then but the demons took care of that without ever letting them bother him.

After a few minutes and two batches of failed potions later…

Liam handed over five bottles of anti-venom to his five demon soldiers. 

Though a single sip of anti-venom was enough for taking care of these spider bites, drinking a full bottle gives an additional boost, so he asked them to gulp everything down.

All the five demons obediently listened to him and drank everything down to the last drop. The potion tasted absolutely horrible but they were not disappointed after seeing the end result.

[Ding. You have gained an immune status]

[Ding. You will not be affected by low-grade venom for the next 2 hours]

”Leader, we all got the immunity buff. ” Hiruyu, one of the demons informed Liam. 

”Okay. Now, you guys can continue attacking. Luna, you also support them. ” Liam wanted to train their combat abilities as best as he could so he did not intervene.

Instead, he observed the huge cave carefully, making sure not to miss anything in the darkness. Thanks to this, he managed to find a few patches of the rare herb, purple cave moss.

Liam scraped all the herb stalks from the cave ’s wall and carefully stored them in a glass bottle, placing them in his inventory.

He circled the cave and the different tunnels several times, collecting all the herbs. Along with these, there were a few veins of ores and these were also cleanly harvested by Liam.

Meanwhile, the demons slaughtered through the cave, clearing out all the spider mobs and collecting the loot.

Since they were empowered by the anti-venom buff, they were able to fight with more confidence and overpowered the dozens of spiders crawling in several places in the cave.

Luna did not lag behind these guys and did her fair share of blast damage.

She used her newly acquired skills and demonstrated all her abilities, competing with the demons for the damage numbers.

Within a few minutes, all the mobs were easily taken care of and they entered the end of the cave where a sharp tunnel led everyone to a huge clearing.

In the center of the clearing, there was a gigantic green spider and its entire body was covered with sharp dark green spikes.

There were also numerous eggs lying around everywhere. All the demons including Luna gaped at the sight of this humongous slumbering monster.

Faced with such a beast, their confidence waned a little. They had dealt with several elites together before this but now, they couldn ’t casually rush ahead.

Kyuuu. Luna shook her tail and sent a quick message to Liam. [Master, we are at the main lair.]

”I will be there. Don ’t approach it. ” Liam chuckled. He knew that Luna had better common sense but he was pleasantly surprised that the demons were also thinking better.

He stopped mining the ores and hurried over to the end of the cave where the main lair was located. 

Liam was not modest and directly jumped, landing right in front of the sleeping beast.

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