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Chapter 186 - Did Not Go As Planned

Now that the dungeon run was completed, Liam cleaned up the loot and placed everything into his inventory space along with the previously obtained items.

He also did not forget to collect the bloodlines of the two elites by drenching the old rusty Black Dragon sword in their respective blood one after the other.

The sword trembled as it greedily sucked in these elite monsters ’ fluids. However, after obtaining the required amount, it again went back to its silent and still state.

It was almost as if the sword itself was alive.

Liam ’s eyes dragged on the mysterious object, but he then hurriedly tossed it back into the inventory space as well. 

He would one day thoroughly analyze everything that this sword was when he had more time. Today was most definitely not that day.

He was already punished for exploiting this particular loophole he alone had and for running this dungeon, so he decided that he might as well fully exploit it!

He wanted to see if there was anything significant in the Marlow kingdom near this dungeon. Herbs, bosses, treasure chests…

He dashed out of the dungeon, exiting through the gate at the entrance and he hurriedly searched the vicinity, combing through every inch of the land.

Since this was a high-level region, he asked the others to stay back within the dungeon and run it again to improve themselves, only coming out by himself to search the area.

Not to mention the fact that the system had just publicly announced his location. This alone was enough to make this area famous and there could soon be several players lurking around.

Thinking about this, Liam paused and activated his stealth. He also took out a black mask covering his face with it. 

It was just a simple and plain pitch-black mask without any engravings but it made it look all the more creepy.

”This should be enough. ” Liam did not have any intention of putting more effort than this to hide his appearance. There was no point.

He then started looking around the areas surrounding the dungeon. This was definitely risky but he had to still go through with it.

The necromancy inheritance quest or item could be anywhere. He couldn ’t afford to be careless and miss out on even a single opportunity.

These invasion missions were all random and they were designed to be so. This helped the demons invade the opponents using the element of surprise.

However, this made his task several times more difficult. Because of the randomness, he had to search all the places, not leaving anything out.

It was the same as searching for a needle in a haystack, but the nature of the task was as such. After all, treasured invaluable inheritances were not wildflowers that could be found growing in all places.

They were unique items or quests that could be scattered anywhere throughout this world or even other worlds. 

For obtaining one, luck was a must, and for those whom seldom luck favored, brute forcing it was the only other option. This was also what Liam was doing.

He spent the next few hours searching everywhere. However, except for a couple of elite bosses that he came across, there wasn ’t anything else in the vicinity.

And these were not elite bosses that he could touch. 

One was Level 50 and the other was Level 55, so he quietly circled back to the dungeon.

Making things more interesting, this time the dungeon and the areas around the dungeon were not quite as deserted as before…

Several players were littered around the dungeon and a couple of groups were preparing to go in and try their hand at the dungeon.

”Stay inside and don ’t come out. ” Liam sent a warning to Luna. Along with her, the group was still tackling the mobs in the dungeon so that didn ’t seem to be an issue.

Liam then pondered for a bit before circling the area again and settling next to a graveyard nearby, still remaining in stealth mode.

He was wondering what he was going to do to kill time for the next several minutes and the answer was obvious and right in front of him.

Not long after Liam arrived, a couple of players resurrected in the graveyard spot.

”Fuck. I hate this stupid dungeon. This is why I didn ’t want to come here in the first place. ” The first player sighed tiredly.

”Why is this Level 25 dungeon located in a Level 50 area? The creators of this game were definitely dropped on their heads when they were children. Fucking idiots and morons. ” 

The second player also looked equally miserable.

However, neither of them noticed the presence of a third person in the same graveyard.

”Do you guys even know who you are cursing right now? ” 

A cold voice suddenly sounded behind them and when the two turned to look, Liam had already arrived in front of them, slashing at them mercilessly with his forged crimson blade.

He, in fact, had another sword with better stats but since he forged this personally, he was more attuned to it and he preferred to use this.

Besides, he had a difference of almost 20 levels with the two players in front of him. So he did not exactly need to rely on his weapon or on any fancy technique for that matter.

Liam ’s moves were clean and crisp as he rapidly slashed, his sword dancing in the air. The two were unable to even take a step back to avoid his range and fell down dead.

All they saw was only his pitch-black expressionless mask before losing their consciousness and resurrecting.

However, just as they resurfaced, the black-faced demon was once again waiting for them.

Slash. Slash. Slash.

In the span of just a few minutes, they had already died several times and more importantly lost all the hard-earned equipment pieces they had donned on.

Just when they were about to completely lose their minds from this horrendous bad luck of running into the black-masked expert, luckily a couple of other scapegoats resurrected along with them.

The newly arrived players looked at this duo with odd expressions that very quickly turned into looks of mockery. They did not bother to hide their amusement and loudly laughed.

”Eh? Why are you two naked? Are you both streaking here to get some attention? ” One of the players said. ”He He He. Why is your little brother so- ”

But before he could finish his sentence, someone had slashed him from behind. Not stopping there, a series of hits continuously landed on him and his health bar was plummeting.

”What the hell? ” His words only barely came out as he dropped dead. 

The other two naked players did not dare stick around even if it was to witness the misery of this person and hurriedly logged out, running for their lives.

They just wanted to escape this hell at all costs. At this point, they did not even care about their loss of equipments, they just wanted to stop dying again and again.

Liam as well did not bother hunting them down any longer as he was only after their equipments from the beginning.

Because of the flashy world announcements, a lot of flashy players with flashy gears had arrived in the area so how could he let go of such fat sheep so easily?

He had also promised to take care of the money problems of Derek. He still had not heard back from him but if and when he did, he would need the required funds.

So not wasting time, he decided to invest in some old school daylight robbery. 

There should only be a few minutes left before they were teleported back to the nether realm, and in the meantime, he did not have anything else to do.

The newly arrived fat sheep quickly fell as well, dropping all their equipments one after the other. 

However, he couldn ’t continue playing with them as after a few kills, a huge group of players resurrected, probably from being wiped out in the dungeon.

This effectively ended Liam ’s hunt and he had to retreat for the time being.

He silently stayed in the backdrop and observed the group of players to see if there was any interesting gossip. 

After that, he once again wandered around aimlessly, with the time finally running out.

The invasion portal ended and Liam, Luna, and the other demons were pulled back into the nether realm. 

The five undeads were unfortunately lost in the dungeon run, so they were not present any longer. 

”Do I need to log out? ” Liam looked around the city ’s central square as these undeads were his identity in this world, but the demons seemed to not care. 

”Hmmm. I guess with my rank, I no longer need the undeads. ”

”Alright. Shall we head out again? ” Liam grinned. 

His gaze settled on his party to make sure no one was injured, but they all seemed to be whole and healthy, energetically answering back in unison.. ”Yes, leader. ”

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