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Chapter 188 - OOO! OOO! AHHH! AHHH!

Meanwhile… completely not bothered about the chaos he had created…

Liam and his minions once again arrived at Thol city.

They had run another couple more invasions back to back, and the five demons were finally tired and exhausted. They were not even standing straight and collapsed on the ground.

Nevertheless, they all had content expressions on their faces and a happy smile as the team had amassed a lot of loot.

They had obtained a lot of experience points, contribution points and leveled up several times.

But this was their limit. They were fully exhausted. Even if they badly desired, they wouldn ’t be able to fight for another second.

The past two invasions had not at all been easy. 

They had assaulted a band of goblins and a settlement of beast men who were well versed in battle prowess. Both fights took a lot of effort on their part.

And as they leveled up from these battles, their opponents were also similarly stronger, so they couldn ’t take any breaks in between. 

It was a constant struggle every minute of the past several hours. 

Sure they dunked in many bottles of health potion but their spirit and mental exhaustion were at an all time low.

They were now unable to move even a single limb, all the juices completely squeezed out.

But if their leader commanded them again… 

They all gulped looking at Liam as he loudly cleared his throat.

Fortunately for them, looking at their pitiful plight, Liam chuckled and decided to give them a break. 

”You guys should rest for the day and assemble again tomorrow morning. Hmmm? ”

”Yes, leader. ”

”Thank you, leader. ”

Everyone relaxed their tensed bodies and profusely thanked Liam. They then limped and crawled out of the square to take a break.

Though they looked fully worn out like an old flat tire, other demons could only look at them enviously as all the gear they were wearing was top-notch.

Not to mention, there wasn ’t a single injury on their body. Clearly, no one had lost a team member or even a limb. They were only tired with everything else remaining intact.

The others would kill for an outcome like this.

These invasion missions were extremely difficult ones that everyone had to accomplish with their lives on the line. They had to fight for their Lord. That was their duty and purpose.

But from the looks of it, this was just a training exercise for this particular group, albeit one that provided a lot of remuneration.

Just what the hell was happening?

Several demons also rushed behind them to talk to them and enquire what was happening.

At the other end, Liam, unfortunately, did not have the luxury of taking a break like the rest of his group so he looked at the crowd of gathered demons.

”If I upgrade my rank again, I should be able to take out more troops. So it is better to train a few more teams personally when I have the chance. ”

Liam looked around and walked over to stand near the squad leaders again. ”Recruiting for invasion quest! Need 5 soldiers! Paying 10 silver each! ”

If something works then why bother changing it?

Liam used the same strategy as before and shouted, inviting disdainful looks from the other demon squad leaders standing nearby.

However, a group of demons instantly assembled in front of him, obviously enticed by silver coins. One even boldly asked him if he was going to pay upfront.

Liam smiled and did not bother answering. He took his time and handpicked a few based on their features and levels. 

This time he couldn ’t afford to select complete newbies as their levels were too low and that would send him to beginner areas once again.

Though the inheritance could be anywhere, the chances of it being in high-level areas were considerably higher.

So based on a few calculations, he selected a group of demons. He then took out a portal scroll but instantly an unexpected notification popped out.

[Ding. Your war contributions are insufficient. You are unable to open a portal currently]

”Oh. That ’s right. I almost forgot. I need to submit something back at the counter. ” Liam walked back to the demon to pay the required contributions.

He was using these invasions for his own benefit but the core purpose of this was to prepare for the upcoming battle which was also the nether realm opening event.

”Eh? You are back here already? Ke Ke Ke. Did you hide somewhere and then show up? How many soldiers did you lose? Do you know that your rank can also be stripped in an instant? ”

Liam took out a gold coin and placed it on the counter, instantly shutting up the gloating demon.

The annoyed guy gritted his teeth and muttered as if he was harboring a lifetime grudge. ”What is this for? ”

”How much war contribution do I owe? ” Liam calmly asked.

”Eh? What sort of question is that? Are you trying to swindle some money on the side?! I will report you to the demon lord personally. I will- ”

”How about this? ” Liam took out another gold coin, once again slapping the demon ’s face. 

This time, however, the demon did not go on a rant and looked up something. ”You have run so far more than 10 invasion missions. You have not submitted any war contributions. ”

”So the amount you owe is 10 gold coins. T.E.N. Got it? ” The demon raised his hand, showing the number 10 with his thick stubby fingers. 

He taunted Liam, somehow very assured that he wouldn ’t be able to afford it. His eyes were already filled with anticipation.

If this happened, then he could immediately strip away the arrogant greenhorn ’s rank and put him in his place. So the demon rubbed his hands eagerly.

Liam, on the other hand, did not even both reacting to this. 

These demons were really not that bright. He had been taking out gold coins one after the other so far. So why would he run out now?

”Alright, here are 10 gold coins. ” He didn ’t have to wait for the response from the demon as another notification popped up.

[Ding. Your war contributions are sufficient. You are now able to continue with the war effort. Your current rank is 50356]

”Oh, there are currently these many squads raiding the realm? ” Liam was curious about this new stat and opened the list to randomly check his position and those who were near it.

He only did it out of sheer curiosity because right now everyone in the rank along with him was probably just demons who belonged to the nether realm.

However, as soon as he did Liam froze in his tracks. 

There it was… right under his name… written in clear bold letters… 

Rank 50357: Kouske Kasiwagi

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